Light To Her Darkness
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 4, 2021
Ch. 3Episode 2

After his lunch meeting, Hridhaan immediately left for his meeting for new music album with Sharmas’ Music Company.This tym he was going without his guards as it always irks him when he don’t get personal space with his friends and which is why guards never follow him when he is going out with any member of “Fascinating 5”.

Currently he was sitting on back seat on his car and was talking to one of the client on call when car stopped with jerk.

“What happen!?”, Hridhaan asked frowning.

“Sir, I guess there is some problem in the car.You wait here for a minute meanwhile I will check that what is the problem.”, Driver replied stuttering, afraid of Hridhaan’s anger.

“Check it fast.I don’t have tym.I have to reach there before four o’clock.”, Hridhaan said curtly and driver immediately nodded in understanding.

Driver came out of car and opened the bonet of the car before started checking the wires whereas Hridhaan was again talking to his client still sitting in the car.

Hridhaan was busy in talking when his gaze fall on a little girl on opposite road but what caught his attention was the another elder girl with that young little girl, who was none other than Aavya.

“Mr.Saxena, I will just call u later.”, Hridhaam said hastily before disconneting the call, but not for once he shifted his focus from Aavya.

He immediately came out of car and was going towards Aavya when the driver called him from behind, “Sir, the car is ready.”

Hridhaan turned to the driver on his call but then immediately turned around again to look for Aavya but may be destiny was not in his favour this time as well because he again lost the sight of her’s.

“Was she really here or am I just her everywhere!?Oh god, what is happening with me!!i have to control my feeling or I will surely go mad.”, Hridhaan murmured to himself, but all this while there was a beautiful smile on his lips.

His trance was broken by driver who called him, “Sir, what happen!?”

“Huh!?”, Hridhaan asked frowning at the driver who again asked, “Sir, don’t you want to go!?”

“Yeah, let’s go!”, Straightening his aura, Hridhaan curtly nodded at driver before sitting back into the car.

Hridhaan looked out of window for one last time in hope of getting a glimpse of Aavya, but to his dismay he couldn’t see her again and soon his car was again running on the busy roads of Mumbai.

At sharma’s music company:

It was first tym in the history that Hridhaan Mehra was late for the meeting and that too by twenty minutes which is definetly eigth wonder of the world.He entered the waiting room to see all his friends sitting there impatiently.Hridhaan entered and greeted them normally, but was counter questioned by impatient Kritika.

“Hridhaan, where were you!?You never get late for the meetings, then what happen today!?I mean I are late by whole twenty minutes.”, Kritika exclaimed over dramatically, while Hridhaan only rolled his eyes at her drama.

“Yeah, where were you lost, or should I say in whose thoughts were you lost!?”, Nishant asked innocently earning a glare from later one.

“what are you talking about Nishant??”, Ananya asked frowning, not understanding the tease behind Nishant’s words.

“Nothing Ananya.You already know that he is crazy, right!?And yes guys, don’t blame me rather blame my car which is the reason I am late.I mean my car broke down om my way here so I got late.”, Hridhaan first glared at Nishany and then replied them.

“Its ok, it happens sometimes.”, Ishaan, said saving Hridhaan from further inquiry.

“So, now if your introduction and all is done, can we go for meeting!?”, Hridhaan asked sarcastically with a tight-lip smile.

“Yup, let’s go guys!”, Kritika said getting up followed by others.

All headed towards the meeting room and started their meeting for their new album with the owner of sharmas’ music company…

Hridhaan was trying his best to keep his focus in the meeting, but still his mind was again and again going back to both the beautiful encounter he had with this unknown girl since morning.

It was clearly visible that today Hridhaam Mehra was physically present in the meeting but his mind and heart was not at all with him, which did surprised “Fascinating 5” as well, but they thought of inquiring him once they get over with this meeting.

With most difficulty, obviously for Hridhaan, meeting got over and they signed the deal before leaving the place.Hridhaan even mesaaged armaan in between and asked him to cancel his dinner meeting as he was tired for the day.

In parking lot of Music Company:

“Guys, lets celebrate on this deal at my place, what say”, Kritika asked suddenly.

“I am free and may b even Aditi is also free soo we are coming.”, Nishant replied to which even Ananya replied, “Even I am also free.”

“I have some work in academy so I will joint u all after an hour or soo.”, Ishaan said earning an understanding nod from others.

They waited for Hridhaan to reply but seems like he is in other world only.

“Hridhaan, you are coming, right!?”, Kritika asked bringing him back to the world.

“Yeah??Uhh—umm guys I am a little tired so I guess I should end the day and take a rest soo I am going home.But you guys enjoy, ok!”, Hridhaan said with a small smile.

“Come on Hridhaan don’t be a spoil sport.please joint us for party, please!?”, Kritika asked with puppy face and Ananya also supported her saying, “ Yes Hridhaan, please come for the party.Even Rudra was missing you.”,

“Ok fine, I am coming.Do what time we are meeting at!?”, Hridhaan asked with a sigh as he knew that now there is no escape.

“It is six right now, so we can meet around seven o’clock.Even Mishkat will be home by then”, Kritika said looking at her watch and everyone nodded in agreement.

At Mehra Mansion:

Hridhaan enter the mansion and saw his mother sitting there on the sofa in living room, going through a magazine.He went to her before sitting on the floor keeping his head in her lap alongwith closing his eyes in peace.

This was one habit Hridhaan had since his childhood that whenever he is happy or sad or tired or confused, he would immediately come to his mother and lay down with his head on her lap and would always find his peace.

But today even this was not helping him to remove his restlessness which he was feeling since the moment he has seen that beautiful face.

Frowns on Hridhaan’s face immediately caught Mihika’s attention and she gently started roaming her hand in his soft hair trying to ease the frowns.But little did she know that now as his heart has found its partner, this worries will be eased now by it only.

“Hridhaan, my baby, what happen!? Aren’t you feeling well today!?”, Mihika asked lovingly caressing his hairs.

“Don’t know mom what is happening with me.”, Hridhaan said with a sigh and eyes still closed.

Hridhaan has this habit of sharing anything to everything with his mother without any hesitstiion and that was second reason why he cancelled his meeting as he wanted to come to his mother’s lap and to share his restlessness with her as soon as possible.

“Why what happened?? Is there any problem in business son or any issue with “Fascinating 5”??”, Mihika asked frowning and saw Hridhaan sighing tiredly as he replied, “No mom everything is fine and at its right place but—”

“But what!?”, Mihika asked now a little tensed to which Hridhaan asked, “I don’t know mom what is this feeling.Mom, can you ever fall in love by seeing someone just for once or twice??”

Listening Hridhaan, Mihika’s eyes twinkled with excitement as she immediately asked, “Oh god Hridhu, tell me honestly what happened today!?”

Hridhaan told her everything from starting about his two encounters with Aavya while Mihika heard it with soo much interest as she thought that now finally she can have her daughter-in-law.

“Hridhu, Nishant is saying true.You are really in love, my son!”, Mihika said with her eyes tearing a bit but Hridhaan frowned at his mother before asking innocently, “But mom, I don’t know anything about her Then how can I fall in love with her!?”

Mihika nodding her head in disbeleif at her son before she explained him very calmly and lovingly, “See, it isn’t necessary to know everything about that person for loving that person.And it is not in our hands whether to fall in love or not.This, our heart, it finds its partner for itself and we have to just follow our heart.And I am sure you are in love my son.”,

“you sure mom that this is not some infactuation or attraction??”, Hridhaan asked again while Mihika rolled her eyes at her son’s innocence before saying, “Ok, do one thing.Close your eyes.”

“what?”, Hridhaan asked not knowing exactly what his mother is doing, while Mihika whined with a pout and said, “Tch!?Do what I am asking you to do.”

Hridhaan nodded his head at his dramatic mother but then smiled at her and closed his eyes.

“Now tell me what are you seeing behind those closes eyes!?”, Mihika asked curiously in whispered while Hridhaan frowned but replied, “Her beautiful face.”

“Now put your hand on your heart and ask yourself whether it is only your attraction or love!?”, Mihika asked again, this time taking his hand in herd’ and put it on his heart.

Hridhaan did the same and after 2 minutes he opened his eyes with beautiful smile adoring before looking at Mihika with twinkling eyes who was already looking back at him with utter curiosity.

“I m in love.Oh god mom, I am in love.Yes, I love her mom, I love her.”, Hridhaan first whispered but the shouted happily looking at Mihika with excitement.

Nyonika who was expecting this answer,when listened this just smilled widely and chirpeded excitedly, “Oh god, finally I will have my daughter-in-law.”

“Daughter-in-law!?Mom I know I love her but we don’t know anything about her.Who is she and what is her family background.Oh god, I even saw a little girl with her, what if she is married and that girl was her daughter!?”, Hridhaan said the last part with a horrified face.

“Yeah, that is possible.But then you have so many contacts, then you search for some information about her.Leave it, if I will ask you to get information then you will waste one more year.I will ask Nishant only to get all the information about that girl.”, Mihika said the last part with disbelief and saw Hridhaan making faces.

Mihika pick her cellphone to call Nishant but Hridhaan immediately snatched it from her and said with widen eyes, “No mom, don’t tell him.He will tease me mom!”

“Its ok, he is your friend and he has right to tease you.Give me my cellphone and I will ask him to get the information.”, Mihika said forwarding her hand towards Hridhaan asking him to give back her cell phone.

“Ok fine, I will ask him myself to get her informations, happy!?”, Hridhaan convinced in return.

Oh by the way there is a party at Kritika’s place as we signed our new album deal.So I am going there and I might stay back there only for tonight.”, Hridhaan said getting up and Mihika replied him with with tease, “Ok, but be careful and don’t get too much lost in the thoughts of your newly found love or you will meet with an accident.”

Hridhaan blushed and whined at same time saying, “Mom, please don’t tease me naa!”

Mihika laughed at her son’s cuteness but then warned him seriously saying, “Don’t forget to remind Nishant about getting information about that girl or else if I will ask him in my way then he will tease you.”

Hridhaan nooded in understanding making faces and then went up to his room to get ready.Around half past six, he left for Kritika’s place.

At Kritika’s house:

Everyone except Ishaan was already there.Hridhaan greeted all and passed chocolates to rudra and mishit who immediately kissed him back on his cheeks.Mukti then send rudra and mishit to mishit’s room alongwith a butler and asked them to play with their toys…

“Guys lets toss on our new album deal.”, Kritika said passing the bottle of champagne to Hridhaan.

Hridhaan tossed the champagne bottle and everyone except Aditi took sip from it, and at the same time even Ishaan joined them.

“Hey, lets play truth and dare guys!”, Ananya chirpes and others also agreed with excitement.

Kritika got the bottle and all sat on floor forming a round.Kritika twist the bottle and it landed on Ishaan.

“soo Ishaan truth or dare??”, Kritika asked rubbing her palms in excitement.

“Uhh—Dare!”, Ishaan choosed a little consciously knowing the mischief Kritika can pull on anyone.

“oh-kay!soo—yeah give a hickey to Ananya.”, Kritika said with excited face and mischief shining in her eyes, while Ishaan’s eyes widen and he alongwith Ananya at the same time asked in high pitch voice, “What!?”

“Common Ananya and Ishaan, you already have a baby of almost three years so please stop freaking out like a newly wedded and complete the dare.”, Nishant said teasingly while others hooted making the couple go all red with embarrassment.

Not knowing any way out, Ishaan gave hickey to Ananya on her collorbone and others just hooted more for them.

Ishaan then twisted the bottle and this time it land on Hridhaan.

“Guys this will be my turn please.So Hridhaan truth or dare!?”, Nishant asked mischievously, Hridhaan immediately understood his intentions.

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