Light To Her Darkness
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 4, 2021
Ch. 2Episode 1


Mumbai- The city of dreams.Many dreams get their destination here while many break and crumble like a pieces of glass....

It was nine in the morning and a black mercedeswas running on the busy road of mumbai followed by one car at back and one at front.Driver was driving the car while the person at the back seat was sitting fully decked-up in three piece suit while talking, wait! Not talking rather shouting at the person on other side of call.poor person!!

And the person was famous businessman HRIDHAAN MEHRA...

"Armaan, were you sleeping when i told you that i need this meeting scheduled today itself by anyhow.If you don't know how to work then leave the work and don't waste my money.I don't know anything, i just want this meeting scheduled by next week or leave the work if you can't manage because there are many out there who just want to be even a mere employee in Mehra Industries soo better u check your work this time.Do you understand!?", Hridhaan shouted at the person on the other side of call.

And without listening to the reply of poor person on other side, Hridhaan cut the call and looked outside the window only to get his eyes landed on most beautiful creation of God.

--Aavya Reddy!!

Actually Hridhaan's car was in the traffic and driver was waiting for the signal to turn green when Hridhaan saw a beautiful sight or rather a person who caught his eyes and he just got mermerized with her beauty.

He immediately tried to come out of the car to go where Aavya was standing but the signal turned green and soo he sat back into the car, but in this process he jst lost the sight of that beauty.

The car ran with speed on the busy roads while Hridhaan was just lost in the memory of the beautiful face he show few minute back.He click open his cell and immediately looked at the beautiful picture which he captured as soon as he saw Aavya, and smiled a little.

After around half-an-hour he reached office and strightening his suit, he just enter the building of thirty-four floors own by Mehras' itself. The sound of boot clicked the glass tile and immediately all employees straighten themselves wishing Good Morning to their boss who didn't gave a damn to their wishes and headed straight towards his office.

The lift open with ping on thirty-fourth floor and Hridhaan coming out enter his cabin M.D. Hridhaan Mehra.He settled himself on his huge chair and took the sip of black-coffee while opening his laptop alongwith calling someone on the intercom.

"Armaan, come to my cabin with singhania's project file.", Hridhaan ordered as soon as the call was received from other side.

After few minutes, Armaan(Hridhaan's p.a.) enter the cabin with required file.

"Give me that file and what is my schedule for today!?", Hridhaan asked forwarding his hand for file, still looking into the laptop.

"Sir, you have business lunch meeting with guptas' at one in the afternoon and then meeting with Sharmas' music company for your new album at four in evening.Then you have a business dinner meeting with our new clients abujas' at sharp eight in evening.Then you are totally free for the rest sir.", Armaan replied, as always stuttering with fear of Hridhaan's anger.

"ohk! And what is the status for that new production?", Manik asked, not for once looking up from the file.

"Sir it is being handle by Nishant Sir directly.", Armaan replied professionally.

"ohh yes thats reminds me where is Nishant??", Hridhaan asked looking up at Armaan.

"He is in his cabin sir.", Replied Armaan.

"ok you can go and next time no ounce of sugar in my coffee.remember this!!", Hridhaan said taking a sip of coffee while looking back into the file.

Listening him armaan just gulp his saliva as he very well know that Hridhaan likes pure black coffee or sometimes, earl green tea that too without a single trace of sugar.He immediately appologized and excuse from there, while Hridhaan connected call to Nishant's through intercom and asked him to come to his cabin.

Hridhaan then pick up his cell to call someone but immediately his eyes twinkle as soon as he saw the wallpaper of the lock-screen on his cellphone where Aavya's photo was set, which he captured a while back and set it as the screen wallpaper.He immediately got lost in the beauty of the girl in the photo that he did not even heard the knock on his cabin door.

While here Nishant knocked for two-three times but getting no response, he slightly open the door and peep in the cabin only to get amaze because the ever strict Hridhaan Mehra was smiling like a fool looking something in his phone, which did nothing but just increased Nishant's curiosity.

Nishant slowly with conscious steps entered the cabin and stand exactly behind Hridhaan's chair to peep in his cell only to see a beautiful face on the lock screen.

"Beautiful, Right?", Nishant asked in whisper, leaning a little towards Hridhaan's right ear.

"Very beautiful!", Hridhaan replied in a daze.

"Who is she?", Nishant again asked in whisper and chuckled at Hridhaan's reply, "Don't know."

"If you say, i will ask someone to get her information.", Nishant yelled in Hridhaan's ear breaking his trance who looked at him with wide eyes.

"Nishant, you here!?", Hridhaan asked without realising.

"Yes i am, here.Why, shouldn't i be here??", Nishant asked wriggling his brows in teasing manner.

"Uhh, no-no, nothing like that.Come sit, anyways i have to talk something important with you.", Hridhaan said immediately changing the topic.

"What do you want to talk? Possibly you want me to get information about this beautiful girl, right!?", Nishant asked teasingly, as he sat on the chair on the other side of Hridhaan's office table.

"Please, shut up, Nishant!!It is not like what you are thinking.", Hridhaan glared at Nishant who nodded head in sarcasm.

"Then tell me what that Unknown girl's picture doing in your cellphone, that too set as your screen wallpaper!?", Nishant asked with smirk, while Hridhaan looked here and there as he had no come back to Nishant's comment.

"Admit it Hridhaan that you like her.Right!?", Nishant asked smirking.

Knowing that now there is no point of hiding it,Hridhaan sighed and said, "I don't know Nishant, i mean i-i have never felt like this what i felt at that moment when my eyes land on her.I mean she was looking soo beautiful in her own simplicity that i could not control myself.It was like i myself was getting attracted to her without my notice.i-i dont know--"

He sighed and looked at Nishant who was looking at him with wide-open eyes and mouth.Hridhaan called him twice but he didn't reacted and soo Hridhaan slap him on his hand lightly and this did break his trance.

"huh-huh??", Nishant asked still in shock.

"What huh-huh!??Say something!", Hridhaan asked with irritation.

"What can i say!?I mean i never thought that i will have a chance to hear something like this from you in this lifetime.", Nishant exclaimed dramatically, while listening him, Hridhaan just rolled his eyes at his dramatic friend.

"Will you just cut the crap, Nishant!", Hridhaan waa highly irritated by now.

"Are you crazy or what, you still don't understand this??You are in love, bro, Love at first sight!!", Nishant said excitedly leaning on the table.

"Wow, like you will say anything and i will beleive it, right!?And u know that i dont beleive in love and all because--", Hridhaan said making bad face, but Nishant interrupted saying, "Love is not at all my type!I already know that so no need of repeating again and again.But whether you believe me or not, you are in love that too Love at First Sight!"

"Will you stop your nonsense??And now concentrate on the work for which i have called you here.Tell me the current status of new production line.Armaan told me you are handling that project personally.", Hridhaan once again smartly diverted the topic.

"Ohh, yes!It is going good but I guess we have to raise the quota margin from five to seven percent!", Nishant replied getting all serious.

"Then simply increase it.", Hridhaan replied casually, as he never for once need to cross-check Nishant's words in the matters of business.

"ok will do it.By the way, will meet you afterwards as i am having meeting at eleven o'clock and also have to go for lunch with Aditi at one in the afternoon.", Nishant said getting up from the chair.

"Ok.Say hi to Aditi from my side, and we have a meeting with sharmas' music company for our new album so be there on time.", Hridhaan reminded Nishant.

"Dont worry, i will be there on time, but you don't get lost in the beauty of the picture of that 'love at first sight' girl.", Nishant said with a wiink and immediately ran from there before Hridhaan can beat him black nd blue.

whereas listening Nishant's words, Hridhaan at first glared him but when he was out of the cabin, Hridhaan blushed a little biting his lips.

"ohh girl!!!what you are doing to me"!, Hridhaan exclaimed with sigh again looking at Aavya's photo on his screen.


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