Light To Her Darkness
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 28, 2021
Ch. 12Chapter 11

Aavya was gazing out at the busy roads of Mumbai through the window, while Hridhaan would now and then take glances of the beautiful girl sitting beside him.

In no time they reached the hotel where the party was organized. He hurriedly came out and before Aavya can open the door of her side, Hridhaan jogged to her side and like a gentleman open the door for her.

Aavya was surprised and looked up at him to see him already smiling widely at her. His left stretched out for her to hold and she couldn’t hold back her smile.

Holding his hand, she came out as he shield her head from getting hurt by the door.

Hridhaan passed the car keys to valet for parking, while Aavya glanced at the huge building in front of her and was stunned looking at the beauty of the hotel, which she had saw only in movies.

“Aavya!”, Hridhaan’s soft voice reached Aavya’s ears breaking her trance and she looked at him, who was already looking at her as he said, “You don’t need to feel nervous.I am there with you.”

Aavya was surprised at how easily he can see through her and read her mind just with one look, where once her own family did not understood her innocence and blame her for everything she was not at fault.

“Still nervous?”, Hridhaan asked after a pause when he saw her lost somewhere in her own thoughts. Aavya took a deep breath before smiling lightly at him, the smile which reflected doubled on his face as well.

Huge door of the banquet hall opened into two, as Hridhaan along with Aavya walked inside side by side.

All the eyes turned towards the entrance as the most eligible bachelor of the country entered with a unknown yet a beautiful girl.

Every guest present in the hall was now looking at them and Hridhaan immediately felt Aavya go stiff beside him. Hridhaan immediately held her hand in his’ and she looked at him with innocent eyes.

Giving her a small smile and blinking at her in assurance, Hridhaan led her to the “Fascinating 5”.

“Don’t tell me this is the girl he fall in love with her.”, Ananya whispered in Kritika’s ear, who replied, “I—think so!”

“Gosh she is just like what Hridhaan had described. Just like a fragile doll.”, Ananya gushed loudly and even Hridhaan and Aavya heard her.

Aavya looked down shyly while Hridhaan smiled widely understanding that his friends had already approved his choice.

Hridhaan came and engulfed Aditi in a brotherly hug to wish her Happy Birthday. Aavya looked at him and frowned when she felt a bit jealous looking at him hugging some other girl.

“Wait, let me introduce my new friend to you guys.”, Hridhaan said as he again stood beside Aavya and she felt a little nervous under his friends' gaze.

“Guys she is Aavya, my new friend.”, Hridhaan said looking at Aavya with loving smile before looking back to his friends and said, “And Aavya, this are my friends. More like a family.”

Aavya passed them a small smile and Hridhaan one after the other introduced everyone to her.

“You know, when Hridhaan told us about you, we had to meet you since then and really we are very happy to meet you today”, Aditi said excitedly while engulfing Aavya into a bear hug and Aavya went a little stiff for few moments, before relaxing a little and hug her back.

“You are just like what Hridhaan had described you ~ Simple yet Beautiful.”, Ananya said as she engulfed her in a hug and Aavya smiled and whispered, “Thank you.”

“This is a small gift for you. Happy birthday.”, Aavya said as she passed a small gift wrapped box to Aditi.

“But it was not needed Aavya.”, Nishant said as he came and side hugged his wife.

“My mom had once said that we should never go to anyone’s house empty handed on our first meeting. And today is your birthday as well. I hope you like it.”, Aavya said, nervous about whether she would like the gift or not.

Aditi took the gift with a huge smile and started opening it and others waited to see what is inside the box.

Hridhaan understood her nervousness and craning his head a little whispered in her ears, “Don’t worry. She would love your gift.”

“Wow Aavya, this is so beautiful. This chime ball is really good looking.”, Aditi said and others also liked the gift.

“This harmony chime ball pendant. It will keep you and your baby away from evil eyes.”, Aavya said with a small smile but pain was clearly evident in her eyes.

“Thank you so much Aavya for thinking so much for me and my baby. You know you are really beautiful not only outside but inside too.”, Aditi said and Aavya smiled gently while others started adorning the pendant.

Since Nishant was C.F.O of Mehra Industries and drummer of world famous band “Fascinating 5”, many big shot businessman and other famous people from music industries were also invited in the party.

Many guest did come to meet Hridhaan and he also talked with them, but he never for once let Aavya go away from him. He would now and then look at her and ask if she is comfortable or not.

In between when Hridhaan had to go with some investors he immediately instructed Ananya, Aditi and Kritika to be with Aavya all the time and care of her. He also asked them to make her eat properly since he knows that she eats very little.

Aavya was now more comfortable with the girls and was genuinely happy after almost one and a half year. But the fear of getting betrayed hurt was not leaving her mind. And due to her insecurity her eyes would look for Hridhaan now and then in the party.

It was around ten when party got over and Hridhaan said, “Guys, I guess me and Aavya should leave. I have to drop her to the orphanage before eleven.”

“I hope you enjoyed the party, Aavya.”, Nishant asked and Aavya nodded slightly with smile making others also smile.

“Aavya you need to promise us that you will come soon to meet us.”, Aditi said and Aavya whispered “Ok”.


“Want to have an ice-cream?”, Hridhaan asked as drive his car on the empty roads of Mumbai with sitting beside her, lost in her own thoughts.

Aavya thought for a minute before nodding in affirmation and Hridhaam immediately turned the wheels towards ice-cream parlour which remains open till late nights.

“Which flavour?”, Hridhaan asked Passing her the menu and Aavya replied, “Mango.

The waiter serve their respective orders and Aavya smiled a little when saw him eating chocolate flavored ice-cream. She find it cute.

“So, you liked my friends?”, Hridhaan asked out of no where, breaking her trance of admiring him.

“They are good. I like their company.”, Aavya replied genuinely and Hridhaan can not be more happy than this.

“Aavya?”, Hridhaan suddenly turned serious and Aavya frowned at hid sudden change of tone, but didn’t said anything and waited for him to speak more.

“I know something has happened in your life that has made you so much introvert and reserved. But I just want you to know one thing that whenever you need a friend, I will always be there for you, listen to you and solve your problems and I mean.”, Hridhaan said sincerely that for once Aavya’s heart flipped looking at the care and love in his eyes.

But, her mind would not let her trust anyone!

“Why do you care for a girl like me who has nothing left in her life?”, Aavya asked and Hridhaan sighed looking at how much she is broken.

“Who said you don’t have anything. You have the beautiful thing, which is your heart which has place for everyone, which loves everyone. And this smile of yours is so enchanting that it can heal anyone.”, Hridhaan replied looking Directly in her eyes that her own eyes got misty.

“I don’t know that what has happened in your past but Trust me just one last time. I promise that I will never let your trust break.”, Hridhaan said as he forward his hand to hold her.

But even before he can touch her, Aavya got up abruptly and said, “Please drop me back to the orphanage.”

Hridhaan knowing that forcing her more will worsen the situation more so he did not argue more. He paid the bill for the ice-cream and soon left from there, with lots of things to ask and say in their hearts.

Halting the car in front of orphanage, he helped her coming out of the car. He was about to follow her in the orphanage when Aavya said, “I will go from here on my own.”

“You had came with me and you are my responsibility. I will leave only after dropping you till your room.”, Hridhaan said in a final tone and Aavya had nothing to argue.

Dropping her till her room, Hridhaan was about to go but halted when Aavya said, “You want to know about my past. But it is so dreadful that you will never be able to listen about it. And if you will even get to know about it then you will never come back here for me.”

And without waiting for his reply, Aavya closed the door leaving him standing there with lots of questions in his mind.

Aavya laid down on her bed and slowly her heart started pouring its pain through tears in her eyes. All from her horrible past flashed in front of her and she dig her face more into the pillow to muffle her cries.

~No, I can’t let him know about my dreadful past. I am sure that after knowing my past he will also leave me like others. It is better that I only stay away from him. I can’t let him affect me. I will stay away from him. Daadi ( grandmother) was saying right that I don’t deserve happiness. No one will be happy around me because I am a curse. And I can’t let him enter my life and get hurt because I am nothing but a curse for him.~ Aavya thought as she went to the window and saw him leaving the orphanage.

Whereas Here, while driving his car, the only thought Hridhaan had was about Aavya and her past.

~I don’t know what has happened in your past Aavya and even if you will not say anything to me, I will surely find out the reason behind your this sadness.~ Hridhaan thought with a new determination in his eyes.

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