Light To Her Darkness
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 19, 2021
Ch. 11Chapter 10

It was already Friday and today Hridhaan did not visit the orphanage at lunchtime because of an urgent meeting which did upset Aavya a little as now it has become routine for her to serve lunch to Hridhaan and to sit with them listening to Hridhaan and Muskan's cute talks.

After lunch, Aavya took the girls to the garden and she was as usual sitting on bench monitoring girls when a man in his late thirties came.

"Ma'am, can you tell me who is Aavya here?", The man asked and Aavya frowned but replied, "I am Aavya. But who are you?"

"Ma'am, I am Hridhaan sir's driver and he has sent me here to give this box to you.", The man said forwarding a box wrapped with a peachy pink-colored gift wrapper.

"What is this?", Aavya asked frowning while taking the box and the driver replied apologetically, "Sorry ma'am but I don't know what is there in the box. I was just told to give this box to you."

"See, I can't take this gift so you please give this back to him.", Aavya said passing the box back to the driver who immediately nodded in no replying, "I am sorry ma'am but sir has strictly told me not to take this gift back even if you return the gift. Thank you."

The driver left from there not giving Aavya any time to say something. Aavya looked at the box keenly and sighed before taking the girls back into the orphanage.

Aavya's room:-

Aavya was sitting on the bed looking at the box in her hand with hesitation. She was in a dilemma whether to open the box and see what is inside it or not.

Finally agreeing to her heart, she took a deep breath and opened the box to see a beautiful Anarkali suit.

She took out the dress and opened it to have a look and she was just mesmerized by its beauty. She was looking at the beauty of the dress when felt something falling from inside the dress.

Keeping the dress carefully on her left, she picked up a pink note from the floor, which might have fallen from the middle of the dress.

~First of all I am so sorry that today I was not able to come for lunch as I was stuck in an urgent meeting. Now coming to this gift, then this is a small token of thank you from my side for accepting my invitation for coming to the party as it made my all friends very happy, including me. I would love it if you will wear this dress for today's party but only if you are comfortable! I hope you loved this gift. I will be there today at sharp six in the evening to pick you.~

And for the first time in this whole year, a smile came on Aavya's face after reading the note, and the reason was unknown to her.

~Aavya's POV~

Oh god, what is happening to me!? All of a sudden this unknown person comes into my life and makes me experience many things at the same time. That day I feel secure in his arms. Then it hurt me seeing him sad. Then today also when he did not come for lunch, I felt bad. And now this--this dress, this gift, and this note is making me smile even when I want to ignore all these! Why do I feel relieved and safe with him around me!? Why my heart always wants to be with him, around him!? Oh God, please this time don't let him break my trust and don't let him hurt me. Till now, everyone whom I trusted and loved, had betrayed me and my trust. Everyone killed me alive. But this time when I am trusting him, my faith should not be broken.

~End of Aavya's POV~

Signing at her thoughts, she packed the dress back into the box and also kept the note in there safely, before keeping the box into the small cupboard in the right corner of her room.


It was five in the evening when Aavya was watering the flowers in the garden of the orphanage, yet her mind was full of only one person.

--Hridhaan Mehra!

She went into her room and sat on the bed when her eyes fall on the box he gifted her today afternoon and though her mind was still confused about whether to go with him to the party or not. But her heart was contradictory to her mind and her hands automatically went to that beautiful dress before she slowly picked it up from the bed and looked at it to get lost into its beauty.

She was lost in her thought when mother Michiel came there and saw her sitting with a beautiful dress in her hands.

"What are you thinking, my child?", mother Michiel asked caressing Aavya's hair, and this bought her out of her thoughts.

"Mother, it is Hridhaan's friend's wife's birthday and he wants me to accompany him to the birthday party. But I am unable to decide that whether I should go or not.", Aavya put forward her worries, and mother Michiel smiled sadly at how broken she is that she is afraid of trusting anyone.

"You know, many a time we meet many wrong people in our life so that we can identify that one right person who is our happiness. I know the past you carry is not that easy to forget, my child. But trust me my this time you are not making any mistake by trusting Mr.Mehra. Hridhaan is a very caring person and I can see that through his actions. Just give him one chance, and maybe this time you are trusting the right person, right?", mother Michiel lovingly made her understand, as she knew that in Aavya's case patience is the must.

"I understand, mother. And I am ready to give him one chance. But--", Aavya trailed the sentence again getting lost in her thoughts and Mother Michiel frowned before asking, "But what, my child?"

"Mother, I hope this time I am trusting the right person. Because if not, then I won't be able to take one more betrayal. I won't be able to survive anymore treachery.", Aavya said as a drop of tear rolled down her eyes.

"Trust him and I am sure he won't hurt you ever. Do you know why? Because I can see in his eyes that how much he cares for you.", Mother said and Aavya gave her a small smile.

Mother Michiel excused herself and went away from there not before pushing Aavya more to trust Hridhaan and accompany him to the party today.

It was 6 when Aavya finally decide to go with her heart for once, and got ready into a beautiful off-white Anarkali suit with pale pink colored dupatta (stole scarf), giving her an authentic look. She matched it with beautiful green crystal-studded jhumkas (small earrings). Applying kohl and nude pink lipstick, she slipped into a baby pink mirror glazed juttis (belly shoes), looking eternally beautiful.

The one thing about Hridhaan that Aavya loved was how he thought of her comfort. And this is why he instead of some party dress, send her a decent dress in which she would be comfortable. And this is where Aavya could really feel his genuine care.

It was still time for Hridhaan to come and so Aavya started arranging her room to make it look presentable to Hridhaan.

Somewhere, Hridhaan's each and every opinion on herself was affecting her. She wanted to look perfect and flawless in front of Hridhaan.

Aavya turn around adjusting the side table only to meet Hridhaan's passionate gaze, who by now was standing at the threshold of her bedroom, with legs crossed and hands folded, looking at her without blinking.

Wearing an off-white shirt with blue ripped jeans, Hridhaan was looking sinfully handsome. He was perfectly complimenting Aavya's dress.

He came around five minutes back and peeped inside her room through the open door only to get stunned by how beautiful she was looking into the dress which he chose for her after spending hours.

Feeling his intense gaze on herself, Aavya looked down blushingly while biting her lips and this bought Hridhaan out of the admiring session.

"Ready?", Hridhaan asked entering the room, and Aavya slowly raised her lashes to look at him and nodded in yes.

"Let's go!", Hridhaan said and forward his right hand in front of her gently, while Aavya looked up at him before sliding her left palm hesitatingly in his right one.

Hridhaan's ears turn pink as a small blushy smile made its way on his lips.


Hridhaan open the door of the passenger seat for Aavya and carefully made her sit inside, by shielding the door frame with his hand in order to avoid her getting hurt. He was closing the door when he noticed her dupatta (stole scarf) hanging out and he immediately bent a little and took it before keeping it properly in her lap.

His this small small caring steps were unknowingly making house in her heart!

A small smile adorned her lips as she followed his figure as he jogged towards driver seat after closing the door of her side properly.

Sensing her gaze on himself, he looked at her before saying, "Aavya, your seat belt."

His words broke her staring session and she looked down blushingly in her lap, before turning around to tie seat belt, but failed miserably due to nervously fumbling hands.

"May I help?", Hridhaan asked, unsure if she would like it or not.

Aavya nodded meekly and Hridhaan couldn't stop the smile forming on his lips looking at how nervous yet cute she was.

He came forward and tied the seat belt for her, maintaining a decent distance not to make her uncomfortable.


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