By Levi
Date: September 29, 2021
Ch. 5Deserve

"I'm not telling you because I want to make you feel guilty, or because I'm defending him. I just understand the part that he's just a human being, he's also wrong. But if you think about it, if he really wants to cheat or hurt you, he should first he just did that. " Angel insisted.

I know that, I was even able to accept and love him. Because I also saw his change myself, but that can't be covered that he still hurt me. You don't need good timing to do that, if you get hurt, you get hurt.

At the beginning, middle, or end of your relationship. Angel turned me to him and held me with one hand. He looked me straight in the eye.

"I believe Selena. Selena had the plan, not the one I'm accusing but because I witnessed her plan on Dextar's birthday so I think it's not impossible that she had anything to do with it. That she planned it. And I'm hurt for you and Dextar, especially for the baby. Because even though he hasn't come out yet, he was immediately touched. "

My mouth tightened. It's true what she said, I also know that Selena really planned this to happen. Because it was obvious that he still had feelings for Dextar, so I knew he was in favor of what his mother and uncle wanted.

That was to separate Dextar and me, and most likely, he even helped with that plan and I don’t like the idea that he succeeded.

"GOOD MORNING." Kyla stopped us to walk a few feet away before we could enter the coffee shop where we worked.

It's only seven in the morning and the coffee shop is about to open, but here's Xian, he came here earlier. He is already in business attire and looks ready to enter his work.

I will admit the strength of his dating and good looks. But because of his posture leaning on the car while squatting I suddenly remembered Dextar.

I still remember the one time he called me early so I could eat breakfast with him, he was just flirting.

"Good morning too Xian." Kyla also smiled at Xian. So Xian smiled at him too. I was secretly shaken to remove the running onI think.

Kyla signaled that she was about to go inside, she even tapped Xian on the shoulder before finally walking away. I, in turn, approached him.

"It's too early for you to be here." Casually I say.

"I'm actually waiting for you." She replied smiling.

"I want to have breakfast with you."

"We're here for work." I insisted and looked at the coffee shop next to us.

"Yeah, I know. And I'm your costumer." He also insisted and held out a hand to me. I looked at it for a long time, wondering if I would accept it.

But since I didn’t move it was Xian himself who voluntarily grabbed one of my hands and gently pulled me into the shop. I didn't struggle anymore because there might be another accident.

I just looked at my co-workers who were following us with a teasing look, and there was Kyla with us with a beautiful smile. When Xian helped me sit down and he sat down in front of me. Kyla automatically approached us.

"Good morning ma'm, sir. Here's our menu."

Smiling, Kyla handed us the menu. I looked down on Kyla as she just glanced at me while smiling.

"Good morning Kyla. Come on, join us." Xian invited and took the menu from Kyla.

"I can't sir. I have to do my work first, but thanks." Xian nodded and smiled at him.

"You can order breakfast for you and for your workmate also, my treat."

"We're not going to refuse that sir. Thank you so much, you're so kind." Kyla was restless.

"You always have a high energy huh?" Xian scolded him. I just let them talk because I was already busy looking at the menu.

It's free so ... I won't miss it.

"Of course sir. Especially that you're going to treat all of us."

"No prob."

"Can I take your order now sir, ma'am?"

"Oh, yeah. What do you want to have Diane?" I looked up at Xian but it immediately turned to Kyla.

"Pumpkin Bread and White Chocolate Mocha."

"That's all?" Xian asked. Do I have more?

"'Don't be shy Diane. Order more. You won't be the one to pay." Kyla was dictating to me, but she had a point.

We will add even more consistency when it comes to leisure abuse. The word shame is not fashionable with us. I smiled and pointed to the menu again.

"I still like this Cinnamon Morning Bun and then this Turkey Pesto." After Kyla listed, she turned to Xian.

"How about you sir?"

"Danish Breakfast and Cafe Americano."

"Alright. I'll serve it in a couple of minutes sir, ma'm. I'll excuse myself now." Kyla smiled goodbye but before she turned around she had something more to say.

"Oh, by the way ... you look good together."

"Thanks Kyla." Xian was happy while I just frowned. When I felt Xian look at me I also looked at him.

"So ... how are you and the baby in your tummy?"

"We're fine." I answered bored and just looked at Kyla who was sitting in the high chair in front of the counter talking to our other co-workers.

"If you need anything, just tell me. I will help you." I looked at him seriously.

"Are you really serious for what you've said last night?"

"Yeah." He barely looked at me. "I'm willing to be the father of your child." "No."


"No." I looked him straight in the eye.

"This is not yours."

"But you will be mine soon ..." He replied. I’m just looking at him and not blink.

"And that includes your child because the baby will become your half too."

"I want to love you unconditionally, I want to love you with the best that I can ... I want to love exactly who you are ... even your past." Xian continued.

The truth is that it is so sweet to hear his flowery words. Add more melody and you can see his sincerity. She was really serious to accept and love me as well as my baby. But I'm still hesitant because he might get better at first.

"I don't deserve--"

"You do." He cut me off immediately. He smiled at me and held my hand that was on the table. I can't take my eyes off him.

"You deserve better, so I will be better for you and for your baby. Please let me take good care either of you."

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