By Levi
Date: September 29, 2021
Ch. 2Still


I turned to the person who greeted me. It’s leaning against an expensive looking car, it’s shades and long coat colored dark blue. He was wearing a tucked-in shirt and black jeans with a perforated design on the knees.

He was wearing white shoes. I hugged the tray as I glanced at him from head to toe before greeting him back.


"You're Diane right?" Question it.

"Yeah." He smiled.

"You're more beautiful up close."

"I know." I saw him laugh slightly without sound. He arranged for us and made a mess.

"By the way, I got your number from your friend." My forehead furrowed.

"Who--" I was deliberately stunned and annoyed to look at Kyla inside the coffee shop.

It looked at us with one arm leaning on the counter, when our eyes met it smiled at me and winked. I was shaken and turned back to the front. I already remember him.

He was the man that Kyla talked to the other day, he was a regular costumer here and it just so happened that Kyla served him. Kyla mentioned that to us because this creature knew Klyn. I pretended to smile at the man.

"I have no time to flirt, sorry."

I turned my back on him and was about to go inside when someone opened the door so I backed away, I even lost my balance so my heartbeat immediately quickened with nervousness. But before I could hit the door and fall down, someone joined me.

I was wide -eyed and the face of the man I was talking to earlier opened up to me. He does not move and his hands remain on my waist and back. I patted his shoulder when I felt nausea. He understood and immediately set me up properly.

"You almost got hurt." He insisted while still holding my waist so I looked down at his hand.

"It's almost over, it's over." I insisted on him.

"What?" He asked so I realized.

"It was just almost, now hands off." When I repeat in English, I complain. He slowly released me and raised both hands to me. "

Okay, okay. Don't get mad, you're turning me on." He still smiled. My eyebrows met.

"Stop disturbing me. Find someone else." I shot before I could finally get inside.

"I'll call you later okay?" I heard him shout.

"I'm not gonna answer it!" I shouted back too. There aren't many costumers because it's going to be noon, I just delivered an order to the flower shop opposite us so I was out earlier.

My eyes searched for Kyla but I couldn't find her. I was about to enter the staff room when I saw him come out of the kitchen, there he went through the counter so I met him.

"Kyla, come on." I even motioned for him to come closer to me.

"Why?" "Pinch me, at least once." I would have grabbed him when he averted his arm from me.

"W-why?" He stammered when he saw that I was holding back my annoyance.

"Why did you give that man my number?" I still point outside.

"He gave me a tip. I shouldn't hate him."

"Will you screw me with the tip ?!" "He looks nice, doesn't he? He's more sober than Dextar."

"How did you say that? Dextar was like that to me before. Flirt."

"Give me a chance. You know what? There's a race for you." I was shaken.

"I don't have time for that. I'm content with you and my baby."

"We won't be with you for life, Diane. The day will come when you will find the one who is really for you, what you don't want and what you want." Kyla has a streak of seriousness. But eventually I saw him turn behind me before I gently approached him.

"Just like that, so that we can prove that Xian is sober, admit to her that you are pregnant. When she stops approaching you, it means she doesn't matter either. But when she doesn't stop you even if you admit it to her. .. give him a chance. Because not all men have a wide understanding. " I thought about what he said.

"It's also hard to find now someone who will accept your whole being, even if it's your mistake. So when you meet, don't release.

"He added. I winced.

"Psh! You should have said that to Dextar." Kyla smiled.

"Let him repent." He said and held my arm.

"Are you hungry? I'll order you." My mood changed and I smiled.

"Like desserts."

Kyla nodded and helped me sit in the high chair lined up on the counter. He ordered desserts and drinks for me and Ms. Elaine. While waiting, Kyla took care of the new costumer, I was about to stand up when she stopped me and said she would take care of it.

I didn't push anymore because I was already feeling drowsy and hungry. The baby is hungry inside my stomach. I grabbed my stomach and smiled.

When Kyla's order was served, I ate immediately, Ms. also stepped aside. Elaine and Kyla were with me when they finished taking care of the costumer.

"Dianne, someone is looking for you."

Kisha told me as she handed me her phone. We got home and also finished eating dinner, Tristhan and Angel and I were watching in the living room while Kyla presented to wash our dishes. I stood up and picked up his phone.

"Who is it?" I asked Kisha without a voice. I can't think of anyone who can look for me and he actually called Kisha. Kisha smiled.

"Your friend, Macky." He answered so I took a deep breath and quickly put the cellphone to my ear. We haven’t talked to Macky in a long time since we came here, so I know he’s worried for us.

"Macks." I called Macky and walked slightly away from Kisha. He leaned over Angel and also looked into the living room.

"Girl, how are you there? Why didn't you tell me? I'm so worried about you!" It was obvious from Macky's loud voice that he was worried.

"I-I'm sorry, I'm in such a hurry to get out of there. W-we're okay here. We already have a job."

"You're a jerk and you're still working! Why did they let you Kyla?"

"T-they don't want to either but I insisted. I can still do it."

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