By Levi
Date: September 29, 2021
Ch. 1Talk

Diane's Point Of View

"KISHA, can we talk?"

I asked Kisha when I met her entering the dining area. Kisha turned to Kyla so I imitated her, they were also looking at us while eating breakfast.


Smiling, Kisha agreed when she turned to me again. I smiled at him too and walked back to the living room. When I stopped to face him Kisha stopped as well.

"A-are you in today?" I asked him first. "

None. We're off every Sunday." Kisha replied.

Still smiling. At a Clothing Company Kisha enters Manhattan. Kisha noticed that I seemed embarrassed to speak so she preceded me.

"If you need anything Diane, don't be shy to tell me."

Kisha said still touching my shoulder. I forced a smile and shook my head.

"A-ah, nothing. It's enough for us to let you stay here. Thank you." I said and nodded slightly.

"I-I'll just tell you something. Uhmm ... y-I told you the reason before ... why I want to go on vacation here. I told you what happened to Dextar and me, didn't I? That because of what he did to me, I want to-- "

"That you want to get rid of him. I know that part." Cut to Kisha.

I swallowed and looked up at him.

"T-there's ... there's another reason besides that." Concern posted on her face. "Is it about our relatives again?"

"It's another one but ... K-kisha ... because ..." I can't say directly. I was nervous about how he would react. I took a deep breath to take courage.

"I'm pregnant."

"Oh my god ..." Kisha covered her mouth and was obviously surprised by what she heard.

"I'm one month pregnant." I clarified further and looked down.

"I-is Dextar--" I knew what he was going to ask so I nodded immediately.

"Did he know?" My mouth tightened.

"No. And I have no intention of letting you know."

"B-but Diane ... don't get me wrong but ... he's the father ..." Kisha insisted.

"And he deserves to know--"

"He doesn't." Kisha sighed.

"I really do respect your decision Diane but ... I know you still have a plan to tell this to Dextar in the future right? You won't keep it from him for life, will you? Because if you're going to ask me , the child also has the right to know his father. And it is also not impossible for him to ask you when he has a mind. "

I was shaken because it never entered my mind. I hate Dextar, that's all I have in mind. He is the reason why I also have to hide our son from him, he has no girlfriend so he also has no father. I sighed to get rid of the anger building in my heart.

"I-I don't know yet. Right now my friend and I's plans are what I'm thinking, and I also plan to start saving for my baby and me." I reply to Kisha.

"The truth is Kisha, I can raise my child on my own, add that I'm not literally alone because I'm with my friends-you. So I don't care about Dextar anymore. She's a woman in the Philippines until ' He doesn't want to, but he won't get anything out of me. As much as I can hide, I'll do it. My son is also far from his stupid father. "

For a long time, I was swallowed up by anger because of Dextar. Every time I really think of him, what I saw and watched comes back to my mind, and to this day I still can't accept that he can do that to me.

The thickness of his face indulge in the body of others, the shameless is not yet satisfied with me.

"I understand." Kisha replied.

"But I remember you said before that Selena was involved in what happened to you, isn't that one of her plans?" He suddenly asked.

"Maybe, because I know they want Dextar and me to separate. So they're also one of the reasons why I have to stay away. Because they might also affect my son when it happens. We're really going to die." I said angrily.

Kisha suddenly hugged me so I was stunned.

"I'll always have your back Diane." He even caressed my back. I smiled slightly because I felt comfortable.

"Thank you."

THREE MONTHS later our life here in Bronxville went smoothly. We work well as waitresses at Caffe Classico and so do Angel and Tristhan at Mini Mart. I can say that there are days when we feel nostalgia, especially when our tongues are searching for Filipino food.

Fortunately, there is a Filipino food restaurant near where Angel and I work, so he often buys and goes home for all of us. Over the past three months there has also been a chance that sadness and pain have engulfed me, especially at night. It makes me wonder how much I am involved in experiencing this kind of pain and suffering.

From my relatives, as well as the people who tortured my friends, and the person I loved so much but cheated and just hurt me. I feel like I caught all the trouble.

Yes, I can face you with courage but not all the time. I'm still human, I have a feeling. And I also couldn’t help but feel discouraged, especially for my baby. I grabbed my stomach, he was a bit bigger. I caress it while silently crying.

Even though I don't want to, Dextar enters my mind. Especially the last time we met before we left. It was obvious and I could feel that he was hurting, but my anger was dictating to me that I shouldn’t believe it. He has no right to feel that because he cheated on me and hurt me.

And he really did that with the baby in my stomach, what a wonderful opportunity. The next day I acted naturally as if I hadn’t cried a cry last night. I am able to do my job properly with due care because of my situation.

We also told the manager and the owner that I was pregnant, they said there was no case against them but they recommended to me that it would be better if I stopped working, but I insisted that I could still do it. my job, and will just stop when I can no longer. They agreed and said I would support them, I thanked them very much.

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