A Heart Trilogy
By mheixccc
Date: June 5, 2021
Ch. 1The CEO

General Point Of View

CURRENTLY all the employees are agile because an important guest will visit their company. Even their CEO Macky himself was also restless and didn’t know what to do. There is no denying that this is one of his long -awaited ones.

The very successful person visited all over the world and he would be honored if they could love to invest in Esguerra Company. Because it will contribute a lot to make the said company even higher.

"Guys! Hurry up, those who will meet them are already stationed here. I want you to have a nice greeting." Macky's careful report.

The three friends looked at each other and stopped to arrange things.

"What if three of us could meet them, what do you think?" Angel's suggestion.

"Nah." Macky couldn't shake his head.

"I'll go with you inside, I might stutter there. You know that when I'm not comfortable with those around me- I'm very nervous. So when I'm with you inside I might be encouraged because I know you're just around me." He added.

"Aww, so sweet of you! Let me 'hug you sis!"

Diane said and would have hugged him when Macky walked away from her.

"You're should be terrified of what you want to happen! I didn't say that because I want to receive a hug from you and any of you!" Makcy stared at what Diane said.

He sat in his swivel chair and looked at us in tears because of nervousness.

"I'm so nervous, I feel like I’m gonna puke.” She said over acting.
"You're nervous because?"

Kyla asked without hesitation, imitating the tone of speech of a famous actress, Kris Aquino. The three's evil looks immediately flew at Kyla when her madness started again.

Despite Macky's heart pounding on twitter he was still able to joke.

"H-hehe ... W-what are you!? I know you can do that. Fighting!"

Kyla suddenly recovered, shaking as the three of them just grinned.

"Then ... you've lost a lot of investors before, remember? So nothing is impossible if you lose something again. That's your talent!"

Kyla added and laughed out loud. Angel and Diane also laughed but Macky pretended to catch something close to him and was about to throw it at Kyla. Kyla immediately ran closer to Diane to hide behind her.

"You're really crazy!"

Macky pretended to sigh at Kyla as he peeked slightly from behind Diane to sign peace with her.

"Let go of my clothes!"

Diane complained to Kyla because her hand had already creased the fabric of her dress on the back. Kyla was about to turn around when suddenly there was a knock on Macky's office at the same time as one of his employees opened the door and peeked out.

"Sir Macky, Mr. Dela Cruz is already here."

Those assigned to their respective tasks immediately took their places. The four friends had already entered Macky’s office and waited for their visitor to enter.

Macky's delegates greeted the guests warmly but the person in front just folded his arms and had no reaction on his face. Those behind the man smiled at those who greeted them. But the man with no expression on his face began to walk into the company owner's office.

"Good afternoon Mr. Klyn Dela Cruz." Macky greeted with a smile.

"Good afternoon."

The man's cold response. And he started looking at the people in the room. His gaze stopped at one of the women behind the man who had greeted earlier who was currently smiling at him. He looked away but returned immediately later. And for some inexplicable reason he was still stunned. And stared at the woman who had grabbed his attention in no time.

The man's forehead just furrowed as both of the woman's eyebrows rose while still smiling. He did not realize that he had been able to study the face of the woman who was grabbing his attention. It was only a few minutes but for the man it seemed like his eyes had been fixed on it for a long time.

"... and she's my secretary, Ms. Kyla Agpalza."

Macky introduces the woman who is still staring at Mr. Dela Cruz.

"Nice to meet you sir!"

Kyla greeted the man warmly. Whether Mr. Dela Cruz who also smiled at the woman he did not. Yet he smiled in his mind because of the fact that he now knew the name of the woman who had stirred his interest and attention. He accepted the hand of a woman named Kyla.

The man was even more depressed when he felt something like electricity when their hands came together.

"N-nice to meet you too, Kyla?" Kyla smiled barely seeing her eyes.

"Yes Sir, please take a seat."

He even gestured to the chair opposite Macky's table. He was still staring at Kyla as and after he sat down. The man felt his companions sitting next to him but he couldn't look back at them because he couldn't really take his eyes off Kyla. Their meeting has already begun.

"Mr. Esguerra ... Mr. Dela Cruz is known for not just giving trust, especially when it comes to business."

Introduction by a companion of Mr. Dela Cruz.

"So, if you would let us, 1 week observation will happen to your company first to figure out if you are really doing well here." It adds more.

The CEO nodded and let the person in front of him continue speaking. "No problem." Macky replied.

Despite the discussion. Not Klyn Dela Cruz was really able to take her eyes off the woman in front of her who was also listening to what the person next to her was saying. What the hell is happening to me?

Why can't I take my eyes off you? Dammit! Mr. Anas Dela Cruz in his mind while still staring at the woman. Mr. was just shaken. Dela Cruz when Kyla met her gaze, the woman's face showed the wonder why the man was staring at her. The woman immediately turned to the friend next to her and touched him, who turned to her.

"Do I have dirt on my face?" Its a weak whisper.

"Nothing." Angel also whispered back.

"Any dirt? Nothing?" Kyla asked.

Just shake Angel's answer to him and refocus on listening to the speaker. Kyla nodded and looked again at the man staring at her, she smiled a few times at him because the man still didn't react but he was able to stare straight ahead.

"There's someone who will stay here for 1 week. He will observe your company and--"

The person next to him interrupted when Mr. Dela Cruz.

"And that's me."

Everyone's attention was focused on Mr. Dela Cruz. His companions were shocked.

"W-what Sir?"

Asked the person next to him. He glared at the questioner.

"Are you deaf? I said I insist. I will observe this company. After all, I will really invest in it. So, I want to see personally with my two eyes if this company can really be trusted. 'to. I will start my observation by tomorrow. "

Direct report by Mr. Dela Cruz and immediately stood up.

"The meeting is end here."

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