Mysterious Feeling
By mheixccc
Date: June 5, 2021
Ch. 1SPO3

Kayriel POV

"SPO3 Malliao", an office mate called me.

"Someone reported to us as a concerned citizen in their town in Saint Agnes. According to the call, last week many men were missing. They said they could not see their bodies or shadows of them."

He drank his coffee before he opened the other folder he was holding.

"And just this morning a young man named Diego went missing. His mother took him to the spring at the foot of the mountain, it would be late in the afternoon when his son was not there, so his mother followed. And there his son disappeared. , and now he is asking for our help ", explained SPO1 Luisito.

"All right, tell SPO3 Elisha Diwa and Alyssa Mayo because they will come with me because I will handle this case. Tell them to get ready because tomorrow at twelve we will go to the town of Saint Agnes."

I replied he saluted first before he handed me the folder then left me. I walked to my office and entered. When I entered my office I immediately opened the folder, and saw pictures of the bodies of the men missing.

Nearly thirty men are missing in the town of Saint Agnes but I cannot explain in my feelings why I seem so nervous about this mission that has only just made my life nervous.

I closed the folder I was holding and went to my seat. I sat down and thought about where the men were being taken, It's impossible that it's kidnap, in the spring it's still happening unless there are robbers but there have been no robbers in the town of Saint Agnes for a long time because the police have maintained order and peace in that area.

Just now again there was an incident and most of all men are still missing.

I have gone home to prepare the things I will use.

I opened the main door and went straight inside. I first removed my shoes and placed them in the shoe rack section on the side of the door. I first went into the kitchen to have a drink. I'm thirsty.

After I drank, I decided to go upstairs to prepare the ones I would use. When I opened the door of my room, I was greeted by the face of Kesha Vicente, my best friend who I have considered a sister since my parents died from car accidents.

She was always with me whenever I’m sad and grieving. And now she's a certified doctor but still single, she doesn't want to date because I don't have a boyfriend yet.

Of course I'm Kayriel Malliao, 29 years old, still single because I don't need a man in my life, it's just a burden in my life, it's just that someone might get angry.

I am an orphan, a police officer at the famous station in our area. And of course I also have beauty so many try to woo me, but before they meet me I answer them with,

‘I'm sorry, I'm not available’ and according to them they will stop their intentions towards me. They tell me that I am a lesbian because I want a woman and not a man. Judgmental people really.

They don't know what they're saying. A huge lie.

"Hey, Key, can you hear me or are you in the cloud again? You're always like that, are there any problems?"

Kesha was telling me something, what is this self, always an idiot. But wait, why didn't I notice that the door wasn't locked. I just felt a palm touch my cheek and suddenly I sat on the floor

"What the! Who are you to slap me huh?"

I said in disgust. And I rubbed my cheek which was probably already red from the force of Kesha's slap.

"Thank you and come back to your senses" and she sat down on the floor in front of me.

"Ah, I have a case to handle again and I would like to ask for your help"

When I said that, she stared at me as if surprised

"Feels like something important huh?" She said sarcastically.

"Yes, This one’s really important."

"What's that, tell me maybe I can help you"

Kesha asked bored I fell silent and stared at him

"Oh what !!"

Annoyed she said because I had not yet spoken

"I wish you'd always clean this house while there's no a-"

I didn't finish what I was about to say when he threw a slipper at me.

"Ouch!, What now!" shout I said.

But her only answer to me was her eyes screaming in anger. Because I was scared, my face turned into a gentle sheep.

Kesha was just as angry, her mouth seemed to whirl.

"Ah, your question? I mean I'm just in a case so I'll be lost again."

The expression in her eyes changed and he just sighed because he knew in himself that I was not joking whenever I asked him a favor.

"You have another case to handle, can't you rest first, don't you feel tired!?, Because even though I'm a doctor, I feel very tired, especially since I don't have a masseuse, I hope you appear in your house in case you sink. "

She said at length as if she had a guilty conscience. I just looked at her then stood up to the cabinet to take out my big backpack and even my clothes when Kesha suddenly shouted,

"Why are you leaving me again?!" because I was startled by her scream, I threw the underwear I was holding at her and hit him right in the face.

"Stop shouting, it's about the case I'm going to handle so I'm preparing the ones I'm going to use. Maybe I'll be gone again in a week, I'll be back after this case."

After I said that I also finished packing. I looked at her but I immediately withdrew my gaze because I didn't want to keep up with her crying. I am strong I am not the soft one.

I just came over and hugged him for at least 10 seconds before I said "goodbye" and left.

I went straight out of my room. I got out of the house without looking at Kesha because I was sure she was crying inside again. It doesn't matter that he will take care of my house temporarily. I headed to my car because I was going to pick up Elisha and Alyssa at their respective houses. 

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