It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: January 9, 2021
Ch. 9He has changed

Part 9

Dinner was over. Arvind called Khushi and asked her to come home. Khushi knew why she was being called. They will praise her cooking skills. She was not in the mood to receive those praiseful words. What is the use if the one for whom she cooked doesn't even touch it then? She couldn't ignore it as well.

Her face brightened when she saw Arnav in his casuals. A pair of eyes also borrowed the brightness from her face. Ratna, who was the owner of those eyes. Khushi is facing a tough time to control her smile. She felt blessed as her effort reached the right person. She looked at Ratna and pouted who smiled at her.

Khushi: Did you lie?
Khushi: Did you lie?

Ratna nodded yes while laughing.

Khushi: You are too much aunty.

Arvind: What are you guys talking about?

Ratna: I just teased her saying that Chinna was out for dinner.

Khushi nodded yes while pouting. Arnav heart hopped inside him feeling elated knowing that. He smiled at Khushi making her happy.

Arvind(chuckled): Ratna you became naughtier these days.

Khushi: Especially with my uncle.

Arvind: Khushi beta, we don't know you can cook very well.

NK: Khushi, you just nailed it. Excellent. No chance at all.

Arnav(in Hindi): Bahut acha tha. (it was too good)

Khushi(overwhelmed): Nandri(Thanks) She replied in Tamil.

Ratna appreciated their act inwardly. It doesn't matter how many languages we are skilled in. But our mother tongue always remains special and no other language can touch our heart as our mother tongue does. These two are doing the same with one another's language. Khushi was damn happy that Arnav also ate and praised her too. That's what she wanted. She was smiling like a crazy girl without getting sleep.

Next day
Next day

Arnav came downstairs fully ready to office. He saw Arvind arranging the table.

Arnav: Dad, is mom alright?

Arvind: (Illai Chinna) No Chinna. Low BP.

Arnav(shocked): (marupadiyuma) Again?

He rushed to Ratna's room and saw Ratna resting.

Arnav: Mom, how are you feeling now?

Ratna: Everything around me is rotating Chinna. She chuckled drowsily.

Arnav: Why not you take care of yourself Mom? I told you not to use less salt. But you never listen to me.

Ratna: Even though I'm taking pickles regularly don't know why my BP is lowering

Arnav: (Naan ungakooda irukkattuma) Do you want me to be at home?

Arvind: Not necessary Chinna. I already got permission. You carry on. I will be at home.

Arnav nodded ok and left for the office.

Two hours later.

Arvind got a call from his office. He has to go to the office immediately. He was restless. How could he go leaving Ratna alone in this condition? That's when he saw Arnav entering inside the home.

Arvind: Chinna.... (Nee vandhutiya?) you came? (ran) Why?

Arnav: yah dad... there is no task which should be done from the office. So I came. I will do my work from home today.

Arvind: So... you will be here right?

Arnav: Amaam Pa (Yes dad...)

Arvind: But why are you looking uneasy? ( he thought something) Relax Chotte. Ratna will be alright. She had her medicine. Nothing to worry about. ok?

Arnav nodded yes.

Arvind(frowning): Chinna wait. Today morning were you not wearing another shirt to the office? When did you change it and why?

Arnav was about to reply... At the same time, they heard "Uncle..." It's Khushi.

Khushi(surprised): Allav you are also here? How is Aunty?

Arnav: She is resting.

Khushi: Mamma will be with aunty and she prepared lunch for everyone.

Arvind: Khushi... Didn't you go to college?

Khushi: yes I went Uncle. But I forgot my Record Notebook which should be submitted today. So I came to take it. Mamma told me you are on leave. Will you please drop me? I'm getting late. Please.

Arvind: Ohh I'm sorry Baby. I have to go to the office very urgently. (Looking at Arnav) Chotte... you go and drop her. We don't have to be worried as Garima will be here.

Arnav looked at Khushi who seemed happy.

Khushi: That's great. Chalo Allav.

Arnav nodded and came out. Khushi waited until he started his bike. She was about to sit...

Arnav: Khushi sit in distance....

Which made Khushi shock. Before he completes the sentence,

Khushi: What??? What did you say?

Khushi's eyes got, tear up instantly.

Arnav: I said...

Khushi: Enough... I'm watching you since I came here. What do you think of me? haan? Do you think am I that cheap who will stick with guys if I get the chance? Thank you so much that very soon I got to know what you are thinking about me.

Arnav: Khushi please listen...

Khushi: Baas. I don't want you to drop me. I can manage.

Saying she ran away from there wiping her tears without giving ears to his shout.

Arnav: Khushi wait.... Khushiiiiii...

Lavanya and Arnchana were worried seeing Khushi's pale face
Lavanya and Archana were worried, seeing Khushi's pale face. Though she didn't cry in front of them doesn't mean she didn't cry. She couldn't stay in college. She left the college after submitting the Record Notebook which made her friends more confused.


Garima saw Khushi coming.

Garima: Khushi... you came so earlier?

Khushi: There is no class today other than Record submission. I have to complete some more work so I came earlier. She lied.

Garima: Do you want anything to eat?

Khushi: Not now.

She left to her room. Garima looked at her suspiciously. What happened to her? She is not a girl who misses the chance to roam with friends. Today she said something opposite to her personality.

Garima(self-talk): She might have fought with her friend.

She didn't take it seriously.

Khushi was crying which she herself didn't like to do. But she was unable to stop. It irritated her to the core. How could she be calm? Arnav said something she never dreamt of. How could he? How could he say that? What really is he thinking of her?

How could he? How could he say like that? What really is he thinking of her?
Khushi(to herself): Stop crying, idiot. Why the hell are you crying like this? What's necessary to cry for the person who doesn't care for you? You should have understood that he is no more your Allav. He changed. He changed damn it. Make your heart accept the truth. Nothing is in your hand. Water is flowing above your head. You can do anything. Leave him. Just leave him....(she shouted) She fell on the bed and punched the pillow while crying.

"Misunderstanding is the worst thing. It makes us forget all the beautiful moments we spent with the person which we cherish". That's what happening with Khushi now. The disappointment which she got from Arnav didn't let her think in a good way.

Arnav thought about Khushi who cried taking his word wrong. He didn't expect she would react like that. But what was his mistake? She didn't even give him a chance to say what he meant. He felt bad thinking of her teary eyes. He had seen some girls crying in front of him because of his rude behavior. He never got affected by those. But why Khushi's are tears hurting him more than anything? After all, she is Khushi, his Tintin. Don't know what she is feeling right now? Will she think wrong about him? Arnav wanted her to keep a distance from him. But now the same thought scares him like a ghost.

Just yesterday he thought to be with her like before. but everything went upside down just by his one incomplete word. Before completing his words Khushi misunderstood him in haste.

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction"- Newton's third law. He reaps the reaction of his own action.

Life can take directions never imagined. It's amazing how everything can change in an instant. No one is excused from anything.

What killed him the most was her status...

After two days.

Khushi didn't come to RM which made Arnav restless. He thought she won't stop coming to RM. Unfortunately, she took his words so severely. Arvind and Ratna were also got confused.


Arvind: Ratna, why Khushi is not coming here? I didn't see her for two days. Did she come after I left to the office?

Arnav stopped eating, without seeing anyone he listened to their talks.

Ratna: No. I'm also thinking the same. She did not even come at least for once in the last three days.

Arvind: Is she fine? What happened to her all of a sudden?

NK: But she was never like that right?

Arnav felt guilty. He knew because of him she is avoiding coming here.

Arvind: And Shashi told me that she is demanding for Scooter and she is adamant in her decision. Let me call her. He took his phone and dialed her number.

Ratna: Turn on the speaker.

He nodded and turned the speaker on. In just two rings she attended the call.

Khushi: Hello uncle how are you.

Arvind: I'm not fine.

Khushi(panicking): What happened uncle? Are you alright?

Arvind: How can I be fine without seeing you? Why are you not been seen here at our home? Did anyone say anything to you? (Arnav was looking at him nervously)

Khushi (hesitatingly): I'm busy with my project and final exams uncle. That's why I'm not able to come home.

Arvind: Final exams? My God... you are going to complete your first year?

Khushi: Actually I just joined two months late uncle.

Arvind: Ohh yah. Ok then. All the best.

Khushi: Thank you, uncle. Where is aunty?

Ratna: Don't talk to me Khushi. Being next to our home you are conveying your regards through phone? It's not fair. I'm expecting you to come here tomorrow.

Khushi (in a very low tone): Sorry aunty, I don't know either I will get time to come there or not. I have loads of work to do. I will talk to you later.

She disconnected the call. Now it makes sense. Ratna looked at Arvind worriedly.

Ratna: What's wrong with this girl?

Arvind: Did anyone hurt her? Or maybe whatever she told was true. Give her some time. Don't hurry.

Ratna nodded ok.

Arnav's mind was not helping him to be normal
Arnav's mind was not helping him to be normal. Being a reason for the scenario, how can he be normal? He broke her heart. So what if it was unintentional? He didn't know that a "single word" can create a huge difference in a girl's mind. Just because of him, his parents are also worried. They love Khushi very much like their own daughter. They can't tolerate her suffering and they will feel bad if they come to know about his words towards her. But he didn't do it to hurt her. It's his bad time. Whatever it is, he should apologize. No matter what...

To be continued..............

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