It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: January 8, 2021
Ch. 8For someone special

Part 7

One fine weekend

Khushi: Hi Nanne.

NK: Hi Khushi.

Khushi: Why are you sounding low?

NK: because mom promised me that she would cook chicken today, but she didn't.

Khushi: why aunty?

Ratna: we eat only country chicken. I mean home-grown. I asked someone to bring it but he wasn't able to make it.

Khushi: Allav likes chicken so much right?

Ratna: Yes. He is very conscious of his health. He prefers eating "country" chicken. But it's very rare to get these days in Chennai. Sometimes uncle buys it from some out strikes of Chennai.

Something struck in Khushi's mind. She excused herself from them and called her friend Archana who belonged to some village and now she was there on her weekend.

Khushi: Archu, this is Khushi.

Archana: Hi, what a pleasant surprise. Did you call me?

Khushi: ohh I need some help from you.

Archana: Anything for you baby.

Khushi: I want homegrown chicken. Tomorrow evening, when you return back to college.

Archana(hesitatingly): But Khushi, my mother is very concerned about the money she will not give it for free.

Khushi(sighed): Idiot, who asked you to give it in free? Tell me how much?

Archana: 300Rs per hen.

Khushi: Done. I will give it to you tomorrow. You just bring it in the evening and I will receive it from the bus stand. ok?

Archana: ok. But Khushi I don't know that you like chicken very much. You didn't even say that when I said about my village and our locality?

Khushi: ohh this is not for me but for my friend.

Archana: oh ok then I will call you when I'm nearing Chennai.

Khushi: Thank you, baby. Love you.

She cuts the call with full of satisfaction.

Next day evening.

When Khushi entered to bus terminus she saw Lavanya standing with Archana.

Khushi: La, what are you doing here?

La: Actually I should ask that question, madam. I'm the one who always picks Archu up whenever she comes from home. It's you who is new to this place. ( she shared a hi-fi with Archana)

Khushi: Oh yeah you told me once. I forgot about it.

La: what's the matter darling? This chicken and all?

Khuhsi: yah this is for Arnav.

La: I expected that. Ok, tell me do you know how to prepare it?

Khushi: I cooked chicken many times.

La: But you can't cook homegrown chicken in the same way. You should follow some important notes, otherwise, it will taste worst.

Khushi(worriedly): Really? Hey Devi Maiya. What can I do now?

La: Don't worry. Archu is an expert in preparation. She will help you.

Khushi: No no you just teach me. I will prepare it by myself.

La and Archu spared a content glance between them.

La: ok let's go to your home. We will leave after teaching you the recipe, ok?

Khushi: Thank you so much, dude.

Archana took lead in teaching Khushi. Garima was delightful seeing these girls' cooking interests. Khushi keenly noted all the tips from Archu and started preparing it.

La: Khushi can I ask you something?

Khushi: Don't worry I will give it to you too once I finished preparation.

La hit her playfully and received a chuckle from Khushi.

La: You like Arnav right?

Khushi: A lot.

La: Do you think it's just a friendship?

Khushi stopped cutting onions and looked at La.

Khushi(a little panicking): Why are you asking this suddenly?

La: I know you are friends since childhood. I can see something sparkling in your eyes whenever you are taking his name even though he is not on talking terms with you. What is this Khushi? Don't mistake me if I'm wrong. The whole world knows how Arnav is when it comes to the matter of LOVE. I don't want you to get hurt Khushi.

Khushi: I don't know La. I know I'm behaving a little weirdly. I could also say it's beyond friendship. But I'm not sure it's what you are thinking. LOVE is a heavenly feel. It needs some "state" to feel it either is it really LOVE or not. I didn't cross such a "state" till now. Until that, I can't say anything decisive.

La: Let it be. Who knows what is stored in the future? Now you finish your cooking.

Khushi finished cooking, totally in village style. It invited her neighbors by its aroma. Ratna came to GH in no time La got nervous which made Khushi a little confused. La hides behind Khushi which was noticed by Khushi.

Ratna: Garima... what a smell? you are rocking.

Garima: Thank you Ratna. First taste it and then say.

Khushi's jaw was dropped by Garima's reply.

Khushi: Mom this is not done. Aunty, it's me who prepared this chicken. (she pouted)

Ratna and Garima laughed at her. They were doing it purposely to tease Khushi.

Ratna: Garima, at first I can't believe our Princess can cook deliciously when you told about it on call.

Khushi was looking at them with her mouth wide open.

Khushi: you two are teasing me?

Ratna: Then who else will do it?

They laughed again. Khushi looked at La who was watching this drama smilingly. Khushi went to her and dragged her in front of Ratna.

Khushi: Aunty she is Lavanya and she is Archana, my friends. Close to my heart just like you. (then she turned to La) La she is my favorite Aunty from my childhood. Don't estimate her by her age. ( pointing towards Ratna and Garima) these two will make us mad if they get a chance as you witnessed just now. ( she hugged Ratna from behind) She is an evergreen friend of mine.

Ratna: La and Archana, Khushi is always like this. Exaggeration queen. She will never get tired of praising if she likes someone very much. Such a sweetheart. ( she touched Khushi's cheek who was putting her chin on her shoulder pouting.)

La nodded yes to her statement without saying anything. La liked Ratna very much. Really she is a down to earth person. Khushi started suspecting La's weird behavior after the arrival of Ratna. She thought to talk about it later. She went inside and packed it in a box and handed it to Ratna.

Khushi: Homegrown chicken.

That's all she told. Ratna can't resist smirking. She decided to pull her leg.

Ratna: thank you, Uncle and Nandu will relish it.

Khushi( with sad tone): What about Allav? He also likes it very much right?

Ratna: Yeah, but he is not lucky enough to have this. He went out for dinner. ( she said making face)

Khushi: So what? You can give him when he comes back.

Ratna: Don't you know how much he cares about his health? He won't eat more if once he finishes.

Khushi( disappointed): This Allav... He makes his own rules only to irritate people.

Ratna: Ok baby, thank you for your chicken. Bye.

La and Archu really felt bad for Khushi who was struggling to control her tears.


Everyone gathered in dining. When Ratna opened a box of chicken everyone got dragged by its flavor.

Arvind: wow Ratna. I didn't know that you cooked chicken today.

NK: Mom it makes my mouth watering.

Arnav: Mom why did you cook it for dinner? Don't you know I don't prefer non-veg at night?

NK: cool Naanav. (Nee sapidadhe) You just don't eat.

Arnav: Yah (enakku onno rendo podhum) just one or two pieces are enough for me.

Arvind: He is correct Ratna. But you never prefer heavy food at night. What happens, tonight?

Ratna: Do you guys think that I prepared it? It's not me who cooked it.

Everyone stopped and looked at Ratna to know who the chef was off that relishing dish is.

Ratna: Any guess? ( she chuckled) It's Khushi.

Arnav who was supposed to push the dish after taking two pieces was stopped and took more pieces even before tasting it.

NK: Naanav this is cheating. You said that you won't eat much then what is this?

Arnav: Nothing will harm in one day. And I'm taking my share not your's.( he said calmly)

Ratna was not surprised. Arnav is not talking to Khushi doesn't mean he doesn't like her. He really enjoyed it taking his own time. Arvind and Nk are searching for words to praise Khushi while Arnav didn't bother about anything, other than eating. He doesn't want to praise though. The amount of food he ate says how much he liked it.

Arvind: Ratna, from where she brought it?

Ratna: She had brought it through her friend who resides out of Chennai.

Arvind: I don't know she likes chicken so much.

Ratna: She cooked, not that she likes it. She prepared it for someone special. She said teasingly.

Arnav couldn't stop himself from smiling.

Ratna: She likes you so much Chinna. Can't you understand that she didn't change? Why are you reluctant with her? I just said that you like homegrown chicken. She called her friend to bring it and she herself cooked it without taking anyone's help wholeheartedly.

Arvind: Yes Chinna, She is the same Khushi what she was before. Please try to be friendly with her. She will be happy.

Arnav nodded yes. He was really happy seeing Khushi doing things for him and more than happy for she was still the same. He was reluctant because he was afraid. He was not ready to take a risk of trusting a girl. But after knowing that she never thought of replacing anyone in his place chilled him.

At the same time, he was a little reluctant too. He knew if he takes a step ahead towards her then she will take ten steps towards him. He can never stop her after that. Is really he ready for that? Such a crazy girl she is.

What will she do if he started behaving like before, dragging her hair, pinching her cheek, snatching her chocolate, chasing her to irritate? He got surprised by his own thought. A cute smile expanded his lips pleasantly.

To be continued.....

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