It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: January 7, 2021
Ch. 7True Love

Part 7

The next morning what Arnav did first after waking up was searching Ratna's mobile to see Khushi's status. He saw it on the dining table as usual. He opened it and checked Khushi's status. He could not hold his smile. He again kept it in the previous place and left to his room.

Lovely times of life

will not return back


the lovely relation


missing memories

of lovely people

will stay in the heart


Khushi's entry has created some vibration in between their area girls
Khushi's entry has created some vibration in between their area girls. Why not? After all, she was the only girl who enters Lion's den casually. At first, Khushi got puzzled about their gesture. His behavior with girls cleared her doubt. She felt so special. And adding to it, Ashwin and Shruthi made their campaign better about Arnav and Khushi's relationship. It made them Jealous. They can't believe what Ashwin and Shruthi said could be true.

As planned, NK arranged everything to watch Infinitive War. When Khushi came out of her home, she saw the area people standing outside of their respective house and murmuring looking at her. She saw Ashwin and Shruthi coming with a gang of children.

Shruthi: Khushi Akka, these are all our friends. Can we take them with us?

Khushi raised her eyebrows. She removed her mobile and called NK.

Khushi: Please come out... now.

NK came out and saw her with the children. Somewhat NK understood.

NK: No problem Khushi, I have arranged everything in the living room only.

He went inside followed by Khushi and the children. They got stuck seeing Arnav in the living room doing something on his laptop. Even Khushi got surprised.

Khushi: Hi Allav...

Arnav smiled at her.

NK: Naanav... you here?

Arnav: Why? Do you have any problems?

NK: No. not at all. Once we start, it will be a problem for you. That's what I want to say.

Arnav concentration went back to the laptop screen. Hold on... not his "concentration" only his eyes.

Nk gestured to the children and they occupied the entire space. Khushi and NK looked at each other widening their eyes.

NK: Naanav can't you do your work from your room?

Khushi: Nanne we will take dining chairs.

NK: Good idea.

He brought two chairs from dining. Khushi put her chair next to Arnav's coach and leaned on it comfortably. Nk sat beside her.

Ratna served popcorn, chips, and biscuits to children. She also wondered seeing Arnav here in between the cacophony. He didn't even react like he was irritated. Definitely, it makes difference.

Children were amazed seeing Khushi was sitting close to Arnav.

Children were amazed seeing Khushi was sitting close to Arnav
As the movie started, Khushi enjoyed it more than children. She tapped Arnav's back for some time in excitement. He didn't react to that other than giving simple looks.

Children watched them with open mouths more than the movie.

Next evening.

Khushi was sitting on the balcony relishing the tea looking at the sea which was somewhat two kilometers from their home. She knew the next balcony was Arnav's but she never saw him there at least for once. What kind of man he is? How pleasant this view is? She lived almost in all the coastal areas of India but she never gets tired of the sea view.

She saw a guy stopping his bike in front of Arnav's home. He looked so ultra-modern. He called NK from outside and NK came out. He must be NK's friend. The guy left the place after chitchatting with NK. She wondered, why NK didn't call him inside? She shrugged off the thought and got back to her tea.

Next day

Khushi got a friend request from the same guy who came to see NK the previous day. She thought something and didn't accept the request.

Khushi was returning back from college. When she entered their lane, she saw the same guy sitting on the bike talking on the phone. He smiled seeing her. Khushi nodded her head and was about to go,

Guy: Hi...

Khushi(hesitatingly): Hi...

Guy: I'm Vignesh, NK's friend.

Khushi: Ohhh.

Vignesh: You are from Mumbai right?

Khushi: Mmm.

Vignesh: I had seen in your FB account. That's why I sent a friend request.

Khushi: Ok Vignesh, excuse me.

She left the place.

Vignesh(shouting from behind): Accept my request...

Khushi turned back and smiled at him.



Ratna came out of the kitchen with a big tray in her hand. There was "Sambarvada" in that tray.

Ratna: Did you call Khushi?

Arvind: Yes I called her. (They saw Khushi coming inside hurriedly. ) Here she came.

Khushi: Why did you call... (She stopped seeing "Sambarvada") this why you called me?

She took a bowl and tasted it.

Khushi: Aunty...I'm getting addicted to your cooking day by day.

Arvind: Haha... Yeah no one can escape from her dexterity.

Ratna: Khushi take one more.

Khushi: Just one?

Ratna(chuckled): Eat how much ever you want and take some for Garima when you go home.

Khushi: Do you know how much work I have to do? Seems like I can't do it after eating this.

NK: Then don't eat Khushi.

Khushi(hitting him): Noooo waaay.

She looked at Arnav who was eating silently.

Khushi: Hello, look here, I won't snatch your bowl if you look at me. (Arnav stopped eating and looked at her) He is the only one who is overreacting. (looking at Arvind) You shouldn't have chosen the name Arnav for his uncle. He really has turned like a deep ocean.

Arvind: There is a reason for beta.

Khushi: Haan haan... I know. You were sailing in the deep sea when he was born. So you selected that name. Arrrnaaav. She said wearily.

Arnav went speechless. This girl knows everything about him. Somewhat it makes him delighted.

NK: Is not there any such story for my name?

Khushi: Yes Nanne.

Everyone looked at her surprisingly because there was not any story like that.

Khushi: Your Dhadhi was attending a Satsang when you were born. So she had chosen Nand Kishore.

Everyone burst out laughing while NK glared at her.

Khushi: Ok ok cool. Do you know? Today a guy requested me to accept his "friend request" when I came back from college.

Arnav looked at her questioningly.

NK(chuckled): who is he?

Khushi: Your friend.

NK(frowning): My friend?

Khushi: Yah. The one, who came to meet you on Sunday.

NK(shocked): You mean Vignesh?

Khushi nodded yes.

Arnav stood from the coach frustrated. Khushi jerked seeing his sudden action.

Arnav(gritting his teeth): Did you accept his request?

He asked with his tightened nerves and Khushi nodded yes frightfully
He asked with his tightened nerves and Khushi nodded yes frightfully.

Arnav: Won't you ask us once before doing that? (looking at NK angrily) Is he your friend?

NK(Looking at Khushi fearfully): When did I say that he is my friend?

Khushi: Allav, please. It's my mistake. I thought seeing him talking with NK that he is his friend.

Arnav: What if he is his friend? Is it necessary to accept his request or what?

Khushi was horrified seeing his rage. Arvind and Ratna were speechless. They didn't expect Arnav would show his anger with her.

Arnav: Look. You are not in Naval quarters that you know everyone. This is different. it's not necessary to entertain everyone here. Be careful. This is not what you are thinking. It may lead you to trouble. Understood?

He went to his room with the same frustration. Khushi smiled sitting on the couch beside Ratna.

Ratna: Don't take him wrong Khushi...

Khushi(cutting her): Wrong? No, my darling. I'm so happy seeing him care for me.

She hugged Ratna and kissed her cheek as strong as possible making Ratna's eyes wide open.

Arvind: Khushi still you are a kid.

Khushi: But why Allav became furious?

NK: Because Vignesh is not a good guy Khushi. He is such a nasty guy. Especially with girls.

Khushi(biting her nail): Ohhh. I will unfriend him then.

NK: No. Don't do it right away. But don't forget to do it later. Ok?

Khushi nodded yes and continued her "Sambarvada". She came to Arnav's room after finishing it and saw him in deep thought. She went to him and flicked her finger making him a jerk.

Khushi: What are you thinking seriously that you didn't even see me coming?

Arnav: Unfriend him.

Khushi(frowning): Unfriend? Whom?

Arnav (gritting his teeth): Vignesh.

Khushi: But why?

Arnav: He is not a good guy who deserves to be a good girl's friend.

Khushi(widening her eyes happily): Am I that good?

Arnav gulped and tried to go from there Khushi blocked his way coming in front of him. He again tried to leave from the left side she again blocked. They played this game two more times.

Khushi: I won't let you go until you say I'm a good girl.

Arnav: Is it necessary to say?

Khushi: If it is someone then not necessary but if it is you then absolutely yes. She smiled raising her eyebrows.

Arnav: You are behaving like a child.

Khushi: Don't you know that the child within us will come in front of our loved ones? She tapped his nose.

Arnav was dumbfounded by her reply. He doesn't want to drag the conversation as he understood Khushi was up to something.

Arnav: ok fine. you are a good girl. Bass?

Khushi: You don't want me to talk to Vignesh because he is a bad guy. You are also not talking to me then with whom I will talk? She asked making face.

Arnav: Already you are enjoying with many people without age difference. Carry on with them.

She knew he was talking about Ratna, NK, Ashwin, Shruthi, etc., etc.,


Khushi( suddenly getting emotional): Everyone can't become Allav who made me smile, who made me cry just to make me happy by giving chocolates in the pretext of soothing. (he gulped seeing her getting vulnerable) Won't I get him back? I don't know what stops you. I wish I can make you forget all the bitter memories which are hunting you. (Arnav turned opposite to her couldn't see her so vulnerable) Don't forget, if you ignore true love once then you will never get it back.

(Arnav turned opposite to her couldn't see her so vulnerable) Don't forget, if you ignore a true love once then you will never get it back

Saying she rushed out of his room while Arnav turned towards her dumbfounded. "True love"? What does she mean? He was standing like a statue looking at her retreating figure.

To be continued........

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