It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: January 5, 2021
Ch. 6Are you a misogynist?

Part 6

Arnav frowned seeing a new number. He attended it in the last ring.

Arnav: Who is this?

Khushi was silent. She couldn't digest the truth that he didn't have her number. But Arnav thought, it was from some girl because it was common for him to receive those anonymous calls. He was getting ready to shout as usual.

Arnav(gritting his teeth): Who are you?

He didn't get any reply.

Arnav: Listen, If I find who you are then the consequences will be worst. He said with extreme anger.

Khushi was perplexed by his behavior. What he is up to?

Arnav: Do you think it's hard to find your address? I can do it in few minutes. Expect to me tomorrow at your home and I will deal with your father. As he should know what kind of daughter he is having.

Khushi(calmly): I'm waiting Allav. Come and say it to my father what kind of daughter I'm. I'm also curious to know what you are thinking about me.

Arnav closed his eyes tightening his jaws. What the hell he had done?

What the hell he had done?
Arnav: Khushi... I thought...

Khushi: I too thought something about our past. I remembered about Havlock Island, that's what made me call you. Do you remember those moments or it's only me who is still remembering it like a mad person?

Arnav was silent. What could he say? He too remembers it often? Or should he lie?

Khushi: you amazed me. You talked a lot after a long time in an unexpected way.

Arnav: I thought it was someone.

Khushi: I understood that, but what if it was someone? Is this the way to talk? (Arnav gritted his teeth) And unfortunately I understood something also that you don't have my number
Khushi: I understood that but what if it was someone? Is this the way to talk? (Arnav gritted his teeth) And unfortunately, I understood something also that you don't have my number. Why are you looking rigid? What made you change to this extend? Is it really you? I'm sorry you disappointed me.

She cut the call. Arnav was damn frustrated. This is what he was afraid of. But what's her mistake? How could he even say what he is going through? He gulped. No, he couldn't believe anyone. Doesn't he know what girls will do?

Khushi was in confusion. She couldn't come to any conclusion on Arnav's rude behavior towards girls. What if any girl calls him? Why he shows too much hatred? What so wrong with him? She wanted to know about him. Whatever it is, she is not going to let him be like this.

A week later

Khushi came out to visit Arnav's house. That's when she saw a little girl pleaded for a boy.

Girl: Ashwin please talk to me.

Ashwin: I already told you that I don't want any girl as my friend.

Girl: But we are friends from our childhood.

Ashwin: We are not children now. He said with attitude

Khushi raised her eyebrows hearing that statement. What's more surprising for her is he went inside Arnav's house leaving that girl all sad. Khushi approached her.

Khushi: Hi...

The girl looked at her like who are you.

Khushi: I'm Khushi. She extended her hand for a shake.

Girl: I'm Shruthi. She clutched Khushi's hand and they shook hands.

Khushi: Is he your friend? (girl nodded yes) Have you both fought? (She nodded no) then what happened to him?

Shruthi: He is not talking to me because he likes Arnav Anna (big brother) so much.

Khushi (frowning): So?

Shruthi: He wants to be like Arnav Anna. So he broke our friendship.

Khushi: I can't understand.

Shruthi: Arnav Anna does not like girls and does not like to talk to them. So he does the same as Arnav Anna. She said sadly.

Khushi gritted her teeth. Allav ki bachiii... he not only is spoiling himself but also spoiling the next generation?

Khushi: Who said Arnav won't speak to girls?

Shruthi: Everyone knows. In fact, girls are afraid of him.

Khushi wondered. Is it true? Why does he hate girls? Is this issue can be related to his behavior towards her?

Khushi: Ok fine. Let's go to Arnav's home.

Shruthi: No Akka (Big sister) she said fearfully.

Khushi: I'm here right? (she nodded yes) Come on.

Khushi dragged her inside. They saw Arnav having breakfast and Ashwin was sitting beside him. Arnav looked at Khushi and smiled.

She rushed to the dining table and saw idly and Mint Chutney
She rushed to the dining table and saw idly and Mint Chutney.

Khushi: Wow my favorite breakfast.

Before Arnav put idly in his mouth, Khushi stopped him by clutching his wrist and ate it from his hand making Arnav speechless. That gesture made Ashwin and Shruthi awwww. Khushi smiled inwardly.

Khushi: What a taste...

She ate relishing taking a seat beside Arnav.

Ashwin(secretly): Who is she?

Arnav: My friend.

Ashwin: But you don't like girls...

Arnav: She is my childhood friend.

Ashwin: Do you like her?

Arnav didn't say anything and continued eating. Ashwin looked at Shruthi who raised her eyebrows like "see".

Khushi: Allav, she is Shruthi.

Arnav(smiling): Hi, Shruthi.

Shruthi: Hi Anna... ( looking at Ashwin proudly) see Arnav Anna is talking to me.

Arnav looked at her confusingly.

Khushi: He is your follower. He stopped talking with her because he wants to be like you.

Arnav looked at Ashwin shockingly and Ashwin nodded yes.

Arnav: I have my own reason. Do you? (He nodded no) Be yourself. Don't follow anyone blindly. He nodded yes.

Arnav saw Khushi who was looking at him dropping her jaw. "Own reason"? What was that?

Khushi: Is it true that you don't like girls?
Khushi: Is it true that you don't like girls?

Arnav continued eating without answering.

Khushi: But why? Are you a misogynist? Don't you like me?

Ratna came there hearing their convo.

Ratna: Arrey Khushi, Why are you asking him like that? How won't he like you? After all, you are his friend.

Khushi(looking at Arnav): Say yes... or else...
Ratna: sollen da. (tell her yaar)

Arnav sighed and nodded yes.

Khushi: Thank god you said. Or else I would have wrung your neck. Damn you. (looking at Ratna and said in Tamil) Aunty sappida ethavadhu idly thappichiyirukka? (is there any idly "escaping" to eat?)

Ratna(confused): Thappichiyirukkava?(Escaping?)

Ratna couldn't understand what Khushi was saying. Arnav chuckled getting her point. Ratna asked him "what" by a gesture.

Arnav(smilingly): In Hindi, escaping and remaining are representing by same word "Bhacha hua"
Arnav(smilingly): In Hindi, escaping and remaining are representing by the same word "Bhacha hua". She is applying the same in Tamil.

Ratna burst out laughing so did Ashwin and Shruthi. NK who came there also joined them.

NK: Khushi that's why I prayed to God to protect our language. Khushi dropped her jaw.

Khushi: It's your duty to teach me damn it.

Ratna: She is correct Nandhu. We have to teach her.

NK: Mom, seems like we will forget Tamil if we teach her.

Khushi about to hit him, but NK started running from there saying,

NK: This is what THAPPIKKIRADHU (ESCAPING) Khushi...

Khushi chased him. he got slipped by the carpet. Khushi punched his bicep kneeling down beside him.

Khushi: I'll kill you if you dare to tease me.

Everyone laughed at them except one. Is it hard to guess who he is? "Arnav" he stopped eating and looked at them. He misses those happy moments with Khushi completely. He couldn't take it easy how effortlessly NK has replaced him...

Ratna looked at Arnav
Ratna looked at Arnav. His slowed-down action told her what he is feeling right now. But who stops him? It's him who keeps himself in between a circle. He should come out of it. Or else he may lose many sweet moments of his life. Khushi's entry into his life may help him to come out of his grief. She smiled inwardly.

Khushi sat beside NK and they laughed looking at each other like mad
Khushi sat beside NK and they laughed looking at each other like mad. Shruthi rushed to Khushi and gave hi-fi.

Khushi(dragging her): Nanne, meet Shruthi. My new friend.

NK(extending hand): Hi beautiful...

Shruthi's face brightened hearing "beautiful" from NK. She shook hand with NK couldn't control her smile.

Shruthi: Hello... she said blushingly.

Khushi: Let's make a team...

Khushi: Let's make a team
NK: Why not?

She turned her face and looked at Ashwin who is looking at their new gala gang. She gestured to NK to call him.

NK: Ashwin, would you like to join us?

Ashwin nodded yes readily and came to them. If Arnav thinks so much about this moment then it's not necessary to say about Ashwin. After all, he was a small boy. He indeed likes to join them. They shared a hi-fi which was the starting point of their friendship. A poor soul who left alone on the dining table felt bad. He felt segregation in his heart. But why?

Khushi: Tell me what do you guys likes a lot?

Ashwin: Avengers: Infinitive war.

NK: Wow me too.

Shruthi: Me too.

Khushi: Wow. Me too. Our team seems to be a great one. Tomorrow evening we will watch a movie. Nanne is it Ok?

NK: Sure... we will watch the movie on youtube with the theater set up.

Ratna: Ok

Khushi(excitedly): You too??? really darling?

Ratna: Of course yes.

Khushi rushed to Ratna and kissed her cheek.

Khushi: So sweet of you honey.

Arnav amazed seeing his mother also joined them. He expected that Khushi would ask him to join them once. But nothing happened like that. He was disappointed.

Ashwin: Ok Akka we will come tomorrow
Ashwin: Ok Akka we will come tomorrow. Let's go Shruthi, we will say about it to our friends.

Shruthi nodded happily. They ran from Arnav's house to do propaganda about their new team.

NK: Thank god you didn't ask about your favorite movie Khushi. He teased.

Khushi and Ratna chuckled so did Arnav.

NK: My god... how many times did you make us watch that movie Khushi..... He laughed.

Khushi: How many times did you guys hide the remote from me whenever that movie was being telecasted?

Arnav smiled hearing that. It's always him who hides the remote after keeping his favorite channel. MAINE PYAR KIYA. That's the movie which holds a special place. Khushi became Salman's fan by that movie.

NK: Mom do you remember the movie dialogue which made Naanav run from Khushi?

Arnav looked at him. Actually, he was also thinking the same. Does she remember that?

Ratna: Of course. She chased him asking "Tell me Allav, "why a boy and a girl couldn't be friends?" She laughed and Khushi joined with them.

NK: But finally he escaped giving DAMAKIDHAR an answer right?

Arnav looked at Khushi who nodded yes. So she remembers that. Arnav couldn't hold himself from thinking that.

(Khushi: Allav, Tell me, why a girl and a boy couldn't be friends?

Arnav: because they will get separated when they get married to someone. So they cannot be friends forever.

Khushi(sadly): Really?

Arnav: But we don't need to be worried.

Khushi: Why?

Arnav: Because it's me who is going to marry you. )

Arnav smiled inwardly.

Ratna: I forgot to say. I saw your Whatsapp status. It says who really you are.

Khushi chuckled at her. It urged Arnav to see her status but what if she got to know that he is following her status from the "seen people list?" He saw Ratna's mobile on the table. He took it secretly and opened it keeping it under the table. His lips curved into a cute smile.

Friends come and go,

like the waves of the ocean...

But the true ones stay,

like an octopus on your face.

To be continued.....

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