It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: January 4, 2021
Ch. 5Tintin


Without knocking on the door she entered Arnav's room. Arnav stood like a statue said nothing. Khushi started examining his room without hesitation.

Khushi: I can't believe you are maintaining your room so clean. Why did you transform into a good boy? It doesn't suit you. (She tapped his nose and Arnav flinched back.)Whaaat? I won't eat you up. (pause) at the same time, I can't say I won't eat you up. (Arnav's eyes went wide open. She laughed at his reaction) Damn you Allav. I thought you would be the same Allav who frightened my class boys for calling me TINTIN.

She started laughing whole heartedly
She started laughing wholeheartedly. Arnav faced a tough time to stay firm controlling his smile.

How could he forget those moments? They heard Ratna calling Khushi
How could he forget those moments? They heard Ratna calling Khushi. She left from there while continuing her laugh. Arnav smiled sitting on the bed thinking about that day when he went to her class to threaten her class boys.


Port Blair.

Arnav saw Khushi crying. Ratna and Garima were trying to convince her.

Khushi (screaming): Because of this Allav everyone is calling me TINTIN. He called me in front of my class boys and they are also calling me teasingly.

Ratna: she is a small girl Chinna. Why did you call her such nick names in school?

Arnav: Who started it?

Khushi: Rohit.

Arnav: Who the hell is he?

Khushi: Go, it's everything because of you. I won't talk to you.

She went from there running. The next day Arnav went to her class with his gang of boys to threaten, kitten-like a small guy.

Arnav: Who is Rohit?

Khushi class boys started shivering to see his gang. No one said who Rohit was. Arnav looked at Khushi who showed her index finger towards Rohit.

Arnav: You are the one who called Khushi TINTIN?

Rohit(almost crying): I called her because I saw her smiling when you called her.

Arnav: I and you are the same or what? I can call her anything doesn't mean you can also do the same. Understood?

Rohit nodded ok.

Arnav(looking at her class boys): if I get to know anyone teasing her then I will show you a real picture. Mind it.

Arnav went to Khushi who was feeling like a "heroine".

Arnav: Are you happy?

Khushi hugged his neck and kissed his cheek happily.

After that incident no one called Khushi TINTIN. But Arnav got a new name in his gang. "TINTIN ki KISSY". Still, Arnav's Navy school friends who are in FB call him in that name teasingly.

Arnav smiled thinking about that mafia moment. How unforgettable days they are. If she remembers everything then, she remembers his proposal too? A wired thought hit on his mind. But why he is thinking that now? He has no answer.


Guptas got settled down in Chennai. Shashi reported in the Southern fleet office. They were so happy that they were near Arvind's family.

Khushi's admission process was over. She joined in college and also she got friends in her class. Lavanya and Archana. They looked so cool. Khushi felt so relaxed. The only problem was transportation. She wished to have a two-wheeler which Shashi was never fine with. Khushi saw NK was smiling at Lavanya before leaving the college.

Khushi: La, do you know Nanne?

La: Yes. He was in the same college when I studied B.Sc. He is my senior.

Khushi: Ohhh. You didn't do your B.Sc here?

La: No. I completed in STM College. NK is your childhood friend right?

Khushi: No no. he is not. His brother is my childhood friend. Allav I mean Arnav.

La: ohh. I heard he is also an old student of this college.

Khushi: Yes he is. Where are you from?

LA: I and Archana are Hostellers.

Khushi(worriedly): It's so hard to be away from family na?

La: I lost my parents years ago. I'm under my uncle's supervision.

Khushi: I'm really sorry La...

La: Hey relax. You don't have to feel bad. Let's go to class.

Khushi nodded and followed her.



Khushi saw Arnav having his coffee sitting in the living room. He smiled at her formally.

Khushi rushed to him and snatched the cup from his hand
Khushi rushed to him and snatched the cup from his hand. Arnav was dumbfounded. She was about to drink,

Arnav: It's sugarless.

Khushi(tasting it): I don't think so
Khushi(tasting it): I don't think so.

She winked at him and laughed seeing his awkward reaction. She gave the cup back to him and went to Ratna who was coming out of the kitchen and hugged her. Arnav was looking at the coffee which was tasted by Khushi. He was puzzled that should he drink the coffee or not? But why should he leave the coffee? What will she feel if he would not drink? Finally, he drank.

Khushi: I joined in the college aunty. Thank you so much for sending NK with me.

Ratna: No thanks for us. Ok?

NK: Mom actually it's me who should say that.

Khushi: Nanne, does it even matter between us?

NK (giving hi-fi ): Never. I never expect "thanks" from beautiful girls.

Khushi(chuckled): you are so mean Nanne. I like you, so much.

NK: I'm honored. He said bowing making Arnav stiffened.

Why the hell this NK always buttering her? It irritates Arnav like anything.

Khushi: Aunty I got two sweethearts as my friends and a super cool "professor couple".

Ratna: Professor Couple?

Khushi: Shyam sir and his wife.

Arnav stiffened hearing Shyam's name and he looked at Ratna.

Ratna: You mean, Shyam sir got married?

Khushi: oh yes. Anjali Mam, his wife. They looked so friendly with the students. I'm really so glad to get such professors. She smiled.

Ratna glanced at Arnav who was swallowing his discomfit
Ratna glanced at Arnav who was swallowing his discomfit. He looked lost. Ratna sighed and went to bring coffee.

Ratna: Khushi, take your coffee Nandhu you too.

Khushi tasted the coffee and she was flat.

Khushi: Wow....what a coffee aunty??? I need some more. She said inhaling its flavor. I'm really sorry about you, Allav. You are missing a very precious taste. Seriously. How much difference is there between coffee with sugar and without sugar? She said sadly.

NK: It's a special DEGREE coffee Khushi.

Khushi: My God.... whatever... It's damn tastier. If you continue like this then I won't go to my house and I will stay here itself.

Ratna: you are most welcome.

NK: It's our pleasure Khushi.

Khushi(looking at Arnav): What about you Sir? At least you can open your mouth now. I'm sure there are no pearls in your mouth that can spill if you talk. She gritted her teeth.

Arnav: what can I say? you and your aunty...

Khushi(cutting him): I'm asking you.

Arnav: It's your wish.

Khushi: I said, I'm asking you.

Arnav: you can stay here if you want.

Khushi (looking at Ratna): If he would have said again "it's your wish" then I will never come here, aunty. She said furiously.

Ratna: Khushi beta, don't make him wrong. Won't you come here to me?

NK: And I'm also here for you.

Khushi looked at Arnav like "you?" He gulped and turned his gaze somewhere. She stood and slammed her feet.

Khushi: I'm going. She left after giving a sharp glare to Arnav.

Ratna and NK shared a glance helplessly.

Khushi came to her room and sat on the bed. She was so disturbed by his behavior. This is not what she expected from him. She didn't think, Arnav could have changed to this extend. How sweetly he spoke to her when he was in college. He stopped talking since he completed his UG and completely got disconnected when he went to Howard. Khushi asked many times to Ratna and Arvind about him but they changed the topic giving various excuses. Actually what happened to him? Or what has happened in his life that he got changed wholly? Is it even possible for a man to change to this extent? But he talks to Shashi and Garima casually then why not with her? Something must be there but how to know that? Will Ratna or Nk say if she asks them?

Khushi felt some kind of tug in her heart. She had been to many cities in India. She had met many fellows. Many of them were still maintaining their friendship with her no matter where she goes. But this is the first time a guy is refusing to even talk to her, the guy who was her first-ever best. She couldn't take it easy. Because Arnav was the only one who stayed with her for five long years in one place and shared a very deep bond with her even after their separation.

She came with a lot of expectations for Arnav. She thought he will start talking like before if he sees her. But now she couldn't believe he really is her Allav who did "atrocity" with her once. She saw a photo album on the table. She took it and started flipping it which made her drowning in the past.


Havelock, Andaman Island.

Arvind and Shashi got "off" from their work. It was so hard to get such a chance together. They planned an outing to Havelock Island which is a little away from Port Blair. They traveled to that Island by Boat. Khushi enjoyed sailing so much because she saw many "Dolphins" in the sea.

But she got horrified when Arnav called her to play on the beach because of the huge waves. She would drown in it for sure.

Arnav: Tintin come on.

Khushi: Noooo Allav, I won't come. Waves are so big.

Arnav: I'm here na?

Khushi: Nooooooo... I won't

She denied. Arnav lifted her from the ground and started walking towards the sea. Khushi screamed like hell while gripping his neck. But in a few minutes, she started enjoying the waves circling his neck. Arnav didn't leave her even for a second. He didn't want to frighten her as it would ruin the entire trip.

After that Arvind and Shashi faced though time to bring them out of the sea. They refused to come out and the whole beach got filled with their giggles and laughs.

Flash back ends.

Khushi removed her mobile and dialed Arnav's number. Arnav frowned seeing a new number. He attended the call in the last ring.

Arnav: Who is this?

Khushi was silent. She couldn't digest the truth that he didn't have her number. As he didn't get any reply, Arnav thought, it was from some girl because it was common for him to receive those anonymous calls. He was ready to shout as usual.

To be continued..........

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