It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: January 2, 2021
Ch. 4Cynic


Arnav was hell panicked since morning. Khushi is going to come today, maybe in an hour. A few minutes ago Arvind called Ratna and said he had received them in the Airport. It won't take so long to reach here as today is Sunday. So there won't be traffic like weekdays.

Arnav heard the horn sound. He slightly slides the curtain from his room and peeped through the window. He saw Arvind getting down from the car. So did Shashi and Garima. They didn't change even a little. Shashi looked smart. After all, he is a Naval Officer. Garima looked so stylish than before. Arnav's heart ran uncontrolled when he saw Arvind opening the back door. A girl with open hair got down from the car. His heart stopped for a second forgetting to beat.

"KHUSHI" she was indeed beautiful. He heard Ratna calling him downstairs. He took a deep breath and went downstairs.

Ratna and Garima hugged each other. It was their unwritten custom. Khushi pulled Garima from the hug and she hugged Ratna tightly.

Ratna: How is my doll?

Khushi: Your doll was like without battery without seeing you. Now she regained her energy. She smiled.

NK: Hi Khushi...

Khushi: Hiiiiii, you look smart than snaps. She shook hands with NK.

NK(excitedly): ohhhh thank you.

Arnav stood there silently seeing their so good attachment. Somewhat he was disappointed. Khushi didn't even look at him for once.

Khushi searched here and there.

Ratna: What are you searching for Khushi?

Khushi: Ask me "whom you are searching".

Ratna: Ok... whom you are searching?

Khushi: who else other than Allav?

Everyone looked at Arnav who was looking at Khushi smiling inwardly. She didn't even like to change "Allav" yet? Damn.

NK: Khushi, can't you recognize Naanav?

Khushi: Recognize? Where is he? She asked without looking at Arnav.

Ratna and NK extended their index finger towards Arnav and Khushi widened her eyes.

Khushi: He? Is he Allav? ( she came close to him and hold his chin. She turned his face left and right. Arnav was like what the...) I can't believe this.

Ratna(gulping): But Why?

Khushi: Because he is silent unlike Allav and...

NK: And?

Khushi: He is looking handsome, unlike Allav. I thought he would be like that same mongoose. She laughed.

Arnav was looking at her while everyone chuckled. Khushi turned her face towards him pouting which made him gulp.

Arnav(plainly): How are you?

Khushi(keeping her hands on hip): "How are you"?????? you are asking me how are you now? Whaaaat are you man? Didn't you feel like talking to me at least for once? Now you are asking "how are you" after seeing me in front of you? Wait... don't stress yourself, ask this taking extra ten years.

Arvind.: Khushi beta, go and gets fresh. We will talk later.

Khushi(looking at Arnav): Don't think I will leave you easily. She left leaving Arnav Amazed.


After getting fresh, they gathered in the dining hall. Ratna prepared roti, sabji for everyone and Idly, sambar, chutney for Arnav.

{ Idly is a Tamilian's most favourite breakfast. Sambar and verity of chutneys are the best combinations for idly}

Ratna was about to serve roti for Khushi, she stopped her.

Khushi: Idly is not for me?

she asked shockingly.

Ratna: I prepared roties for you.

Khushi: Aunty how did you forget that I like your idly?

Ratna: I thought, your likes would have changed.

Khushi: My likes and change? no way. Khushi is Khushi. Always.

Arnav swallowed hard hearing that. This is what he feared. Ratna saw Arnav taking roties.

Ratna: Chinna, why are you taking Roties? Idlies are there for you.

Arnav: I will eat roties today. Give idlies to Khushi.

Khushi: There you are. He knows very well that I will snatch it from him, right? (Arnav smiled without saying yes or no) Still, you don't like roties? (Arnav' gaze rooted at her. "STILL"? that means she didn't forget it yet that he doesn't like roties. He nodded yes.) Thank god I was scared what if you have changed? Mom, give them Almond Halwa. I brought your favourite sweet.

Arnav looked at her expressionlessly.

NK: Khushi, he should not eat sweets.

Khushi(frowning): Why? Are you in diet control?

Ratna: Because he is diabetic.

Khushi(horrified): Whaaaat??? But he likes chocolate a lot. Hey Devi Maiya, why are you doing this to me? I thought I would get chocolates from him... She said pouting.

Arnav smiled seeing her cute pout. Yes, he likes chocolates. How he snatches chocolates from her hand and makes her cry? He remembered it.

Shashi (looking at Arvind): Do you know how happy I'm? Hooow many days????

Garima: Yes, it feels like I'm in mother's place.

Shashi: Yes. I never got such a friend like you.

Khushi: He is lying.

Arvind: What? He looked at Shashi who was smiling.

Khushi: Not that, he didn't get any friend. He was not ready to accept anyone in your place. She teased.

Garima: Like you do? As you are not accepting anyone in Arnav's place?

Khushi nodded yes making all of them stunned. Arnav was the one who was in extreme embarrassment. Seems like the situation is harder than he expected.

Arvind: Beta, what's your plan?

Khushi: I'm going to join M.sce. Computer science uncle.

NK: In which college?

Khushi: St. Bishop Leo collage.

Arnav stopped eating hearing the college name because he studied in that college.

Khushi: Yes. I'm joining in Allav's college. She said excitedly.

Shashi: Do you remember Commander Mr Anand?

Arvind: Of course yes.

Shashi: His brother is working in that college. He helped me to get the admission.

Arvind: That's great.

Khushi: Allav will you take me to our college? I'm your junior now. She said proudly.

Ratna(cutting her): NK will take you beta.

Khushi: But you studied in different college right?

NK: So what? Can't I do that?

Khushi: But why didn't you join in our college?

NK: I got admission in another college easily that's why.

NK looked at Ratna gesturing her to divert the topic. Ratna and Arvind also got tensed. They wanted to stop Khushi from asking further. Only they know where it will lead them to. Khushi was about to ask something. Arvind gestured Ratna.

Ratna(cutting her): Khushi beta, do you know Tamil(language)?

Khushi: Little bit aunty. I had many Tamil friends wherever I go. So it was not so hard to manage.

Arvind: That's so great Khushi. It's very tough to survive in Tamilnadu without knowing Tamil.

Khushi: Ohh really? But why?

Arvind: Very fewer people know Hindi here. So...

Khushi: Then everyone, start speaking with me in Tamil. Then I will learn easily.

NK(looking up): God... please save our Language.

Khushi hit him on his shoulder.

Khushi: When will we go to college?

NK: Whenever. I'm all for you Khushi.

Khushi: So sweet of you Nanne. I didn't expect you will be a sweetheart.

Arnav stopped and raised his face to see NK who was in so much of pride. But why it gives him a wired feeling?

Khushi: At least you are giving me company here unlike some cynic. She looked at Arnav angrily.

It was not so hard for Arnav to understand, who that "cynic" was. It was him. He lifted his head towards her and she was looking at him gritting her jaws. She gestured like "go" making face. Arnav couldn't stop himself from admiring her cutest childish antics. He went to his room finishing his breakfast. Khushi silently followed him.

To be continued.......

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