It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: February 23, 2021
Ch. 30Unknown Arnav


Facing naughty Arnav was not that easy. Khushi was suffocating to handle him. She and LA accompanied Ratna in cooking. Should mention, La had been missing from the Kitchen often. After all, there was no hindrance between her and NK. La came to Kitchen taking vegetables from the fridge as nothing happened. Khushi moved towards her slowly.

Khushi (whispering): Done?

LA: What?

Khushi: For what you went...

LA: I just went to wake NK up. He was sleeping you know?

Khushi (teasingly): Ohhh seems like you guys didn't sleep last night...

LA: Why? Did you sleep tight?

Khushi: Of course yes.

LA: Maybe... but I'm sure your Allav would not have.

but I'm sure your Allav would not have
Khushi (panicking): He also slept well.

LA: Hugging you tight?

Khushi: Do you think, would I let him touch me that easily?

LA(teasingly): Not easily but definitely after little effort.

Khushi: Shut up.

Ratna: Guys, call everyone for lunch.

LA rushed to her room to call NK. Arvind already was present. Before Khushi went to call Arnav, he himself came to the dining. Arvind smirked seeing him. Ratna frowned at him.

Ratna: Why are you smiling?

Everyone's gaze turned towards Arvind. Arvind gestured to Ratna to look at Arnav. Ratna chuckled seeing his face. Khushi's bindi was sticking on his jaw. Khushi's jaw dropped seeing that. Arnav was sitting there getting nothing.

NK (chuckled): Naanav meri Bhai, Check your face before leaving your room.

Arnav raised his plate and looked at his face.

Arnav raised his plate and looked his face
He looked at Khushi with a naughty smirk. Khushi gritted her teeth because she knew he was doing that purposely.

LA(whispering in Khushi's ear): Seems like he touched you without putting effort...

Khushi glared at her who giggled at her. Khushi was about to sit beside LA but Arvind stopped her.

Arvind: Khushi, take your seat beside Chinna...always.

Arnav dragged the chair for her which was beside him. She sat there and started eating without looking at anyone. Khushi followed Arnav to their room after lunch.

Khushi(with anger): Why are you playing this dirty game?

Arnav: Dirty game? Which game are you talking about?

Khushi: Why did you stick my bindi on your cheek?

Arnav: Because I'm not a girl to stick it on my forehead. simple.

He said smirking.

Khushi: Don't think yourself smart ok?

Arnav: Am I smart? I don't know that.

Khushi: Stop irritating me. Or else...

Arnav: Or else?

Khushi: I warn you. I don't like this game.

She supposed to leave; Arnav clutched her wrist and pulled her towards him. Khushi fell on his chest, without wasting time; Arnav locked her in between his arm ring.

Arnav: Hope you like this game
Arnav: Hope you like this game.

Every cell of Khushi's body shivered like hell. She couldn't understand what was happening to her. The proximity of her husband created some unknown havoc in her body.

Khushi(stammering): Leave me.....

Arnav: Don't you like this game? Let me try something then.

Khushi: Ar..Ar..nav... leave me.

Arnav: I will.... after you paid back.

Khushi: Payback? She swallowed.

Arnav: Which I gave you on Mehandi day.

Khushi gulped thinking his KISS.

Khushi: I don't know what you are talking about.

Arnav: Ohh really? I'm talking about my KISSSSS. He murmured in her ear fanning his breath on her cheek.

Khushi: I... I won't.

Arnav: Ok fine. I will go to the next level then. He whispered.

Khushi: Shut up...

Arnav: sure... I will shut you up...

He leaned towards her lips. Khushi struggled to come out of his arms. Poor girl, she couldn't even move an inch. She closed her eyes tightly. He ran his index finger on her jawline making her panting hard. Her tightened muscles became relaxed by his touch slowly. Arnav could feel that. His effect on her stunned him. The smirk on his face faded. Arnav's grip got loosened. Still, Khushi didn't move a bit. She stood there closing her eyes, expecting something from him.

Arnav composed himself. He banged his forehead on her's loving which brought her out from the alien world. She realized her position and perplexed. How could she give up that easily? She raised her eyelids towards him slowly to read his expression. But to her surprise, he took his mobile and went outside leaving her all tensed.

What kind he is? He teases her when she runs but behaves coolly when she really gives up. Why? What does he want? She falls on the bed getting nothing.


Khushi prepared tasteful Kheer and La prepared Bajji with coconut chutney. they served it to everyone.

Ratna: This is awesome. I'm so lucky to have such talented daughters-in-law. Khushi, go and give some for Garima and Shashi Bhai also.

Khushi: Ok Aunty. This is for Arnav. Sugarless Kheer. I will come giving it to them.

She took a bowl of Kheer and went to GH.


Garima(excitedly): Khushi... Come...

Khushi stood there pouting.

Garima: What happened?

Khushi: Did you ever welcome me like this before? Why today? Did I become a guest?

Garima became emotional. She hugged her.

Khushi: Our relationship status got changed in a day?

Garima(nodded no with teary eyes): Pagal. You shouldn't think that way. You have to think like; you got a very precious one than your parents in your life (pause) ARNAV. Our relationship status will always remain the same. No one can change that. but Arnav is your life now. Don't forget that.

Khushi nodded yes handing over the kheer bowl.

Khushi: My preparation. Taste it.

Garima(tasting it): Wow... My daughter rocks... Usually, your mother-in-law flaunts a lot... I think she must have fainted tasting it.

Khushi(chuckled): Don't put your bad eyes on us. (pause) I'm taking my books.

Garima: Do you think you can study in RM without disturbance? She teased.

Khushi rolled her eyes and went to her room. After a while, Garima heard a horrible scream from upstairs. It was obviously from Khushi. Garima rushed towards her room. She saw Khushi sitting on the bed caressing her ankle.

Garima: What happened beta?

Khushi: My leg got twisted.

She hissed when Garima touched her ankle.

Garima: Wait I will apply the balm. (Khushi didn't let her touch as it pained a lot.) My God, don't know what to do.

Garima called Ratna and told her the matter which made Ratna panicked. Arnav; who was having sugarless kheer relishing looked at her.

Arnav: Enna achi Ma? (What happened Ma?)

Ratna: Khushi got a sprain in her ankle chinna.

She rushed towards GH followed by Lavanya. They saw Khushi lying on the bed. Ratna examined her ankle. Khushi screamed when Garima pressed it slightly.

Ratna: Arrey, why are you pressing when she is already suffering from pain?

Garima: Then how could it be treated?

Ratna: You don't need to treat it. I will call the doctor.

Ratna dialed their family doctor's number and got to know he was out of the station.

Ratna: What will we do now?

Garima: We will take her to some other hospital. Challo Khushi.

Khushi slowly kept her leg on the floor and again she screamed. Her eyes got to tear up.

Ratna: Wait Khushi. You don't need to get down. Relax. The doctor will come here tomorrow and treat you. Until then you can be resting here.

Garima: Arrey Pagal, what are you talking about? Just yesterday they got married.

Ratna(cutting her): so what? Can't you see how she is suffering?

Garima supposed to defy her, she stopped hearing Arnav.

Arnav: What happened Ma?

Ratna: See chinna, Khushi couldn't even put her leg on the floor. How can she come home?

Arnav(raising his brows): So?

Ratna: Let her be here tonight.

Arnav sensed something wrong here. He switched his gaze to Khushi who was sitting on the bed bowing. He smirked. So Khushi Gupta was activating her mission of "staying at her Mayka?" He reached the bed slowly.

Arnav: Can't you walk Khushi? (she nodded no) Ok. You don't need to walk.

As no one expected, he lifted her in a jiffy making her eyes wide open and other ladies' mouth open.

Arnav: I'm taking my wife home.

He started walking stylishly like he was just carrying a cotton bundle. Khushi couldn't take her eyes off of his handsome face. She remembered their childhood. This is the same way he always carried her. How she enjoyed it that time? That doesn't mean she didn't enjoy it now. She enjoyed it more than ever before. Only one thing was missing. She couldn't bite his cheek which she did before. She saw him smirking. He slightly leaned towards her and showed his cheek.

Arnav: You can bite if you want.

Khushi was dumbfounded. How could he read her mind so acutely? If he could read, then why not he says that he loves her? Why damn it?

Arnav came to RM picking Khushi in his arms. Arvind and NK stood there couldn't believe their own eyes. Arnav winked at them and went to their room. He put her on the bed.

Arnav: I like your dirty game. He winked.

Khushi(confused): What?

Arnav: No one is here in our room. You can walk now. He mocked.

Khushi gritted her teeth. Arnav saw her swelled up ankle. He became panic.

Arnav: Hey, are you really hurt?

He asked touching her cheek. Khushi shrugged his hands off and turned her face pouting.

Arnav: I thought you are implementing our "bet".

Khushi looked at him bewildered as she almost forgot about it. Arnav rushed to the table and removed the balm. He tried to touch her leg. Khushi pulled her leg off.

Khushi: No need. She said wearily.

Arnav: I'm sorry
Arnav: I'm sorry. (Khushi got stuck.) Let me treat.

Khushi: No. It really pains me.

Arnav nodded yes and gently pulled her leg again. He kept her leg on his thigh and massaged it softly after applying balm on it. A touch of a rude man could be this spongy? Was not his touch in the morning powerful when he tried to kiss her?

Is it necessary to say, that Khushi was melting in his feathery touch? Why won't she? She expected a naughty flirty man
Is it necessary to say, that Khushi was melting in his feathery touch? Why won't she? She expected a naughty flirty man. This soft side of Arnav made her speechless. Neither was he her Allav nor well-known Arnav. The man who was sitting before her was unknown to her. Don't know how many avatars he was hiding inside him. She really felt relaxed after he massaged.

Arnav: How do you feel now?

Khushi: Better.

Arnav: Take rest. Don't get down from the bed unnecessarily. Call me if you want anything. Don't hesitate.

She nodded yes admiring him. All the men on the earth are beautiful when they show care and concern for their women. In accordance with, Arnav was the most beautiful man in the world now. Wasn't he?

To be continued............

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