It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: January 1, 2021
Ch. 3Cute proposal



Arvind nudged Arnav to look at Ratna who was rushing from the kitchen to the hall and the hall to the storeroom.

Arnav(chuckled): what happened to her Dad?

Arvind: Do you remember what she said?

Arnav raised his eyebrows while folding his lips and nodded no.

Arvind: she asked you to utilize my time but looks like we are not going to get your mom's time once Garima arrived here. Mark my word.

NK: After all their friendship also not less than your's Dad.

Arnav: NK is right Dad.

Arvind: Obviously. Ratna was the only one who supported them when they were married against their family.

NK(surprised): Really Dad?

Arvind: Yah. Shashi eloped with Garima and he had brought her to our quarters in Mumbai. We carried out their marriage. Garima had stayed in our place until they finished all the military formalities and got their quarters.

NK: Ohhhh they were also LOVE marriage? ( he asked teasingly)

Arvind: yah they are also like us. But we got married with parent's acceptance. They have not got it yet.

NK: Not yet?

Arvind: Yah they almost forgot about their families. Garima was not allowed to take part in her mother's funeral too. I and Shashi fought with her brother and made it possible.

NK: That's why they are so close to you?

Arvind: Not only that. Shashi is a gem of a person. Our companionship is something that cannot be explained by words. It's something beyond friendship. (he smiled) A friend is a gift of God. That's what my Shashi is.

NK: You guys are very lucky Dad.

Arvind nodded yes. He looked at Arnav and he understood his present state. NK looked at him with remorse Arvind closed his fist in frustration for the blunder mistake he did. He was so much engrossed in Shashi so he forgot about Arnav. He touched Arnav's hand and he could see his teary eyes.

Arvind: Chotte I'm sorry. I should not have talked in front of you.

Arnav(calming himself): it's OK Dad.

But his wrecked tone told them that he was not OK. Ratna who watched it from the kitchen took lead in getting her son out of the trauma. She shouted from the kitchen as everyone felt like she got slipped. Everyone from the living room rushed to the kitchen and saw her sitting on the floor and was trying to get up.

Arnav(panicking): Mom, What happen to you?

Arnav and NK helped her to get up from both sides and brought her to the living room.

Arnav: Mom, can't you do anything slowly? What so hurry?

Arvind: Yah Ratna. You are not a teenage girl. Mind it.

NK(chuckled): Dad why not you remember that while romancing with Mom? (He teased)

Arvind( hitting him on his head playfully): Don't open our secrets.

NK: Then you shouldn't do it in open dad.

Arvind: There is no age limit for loving my wife. You will get to know when you will get a partner like my Ratna.

Ratna: Stop your nonsense. Are you guys father and son?

Arnav: Mom they are doing this often. Why are you reacting as if this is the first time?

Ratna: It looks too awkward Chinna but they both never mind.

Arnav: Is it paining Mom?

Ratna: No, I'm ok.

Arnav: what do you want to do? Tell me I will help you.

Ratna: No Chotte. I'm already finished everything.

NK: Mom, reduce your curiosity. Your Khushi is so easy going. You no need to make anything special to attract her.

Arnav was surprised. How NK knew about Khushi?

Arvind: Seems like you guys are in touch?

NK: Yes dad, we are chatting more often. She didn't change a bit. She is the same Khushi whom we left in Port Blair.

Arnav was stunned. Everyone from his family is in touch with Khushi but him? What the... he didn't even know about it. But what's the use even if they would have told about it? His stance broke.

Ratna: yes. She is still same but more beautiful than before. (she said dreamingly)

NK: Mom, I know what you are feeling. Don't worry. I know making Khushi as your BAHU is your wish. I will try to fulfil it. But she looks out of the ordinary. (he said feeling sad)

Arvind: Well done my boy. At last, you are our only hope.

He gave hi-fi to NK and Ratna laughed at them. They didn't observe that someone was consuming his uneasiness. Arnav was suffocating about their talks. It was obvious because he is the HERO of that "BAHU" issue. He excused himself and went to his room. He sat on the bed closing his eyes bowing down drowning into the past.



Garima: I never thought my family will show extreme hatred towards me like this. I do not understand what their problem is. Why can't they understand, it's rare to get a man like Shashiji?

Ratna: Relax Garima. Please don't think about that. We are here for you.

Garima: I have no idea, what would have I done if you were not with us Ratna.

Ratna: How many times will you repeat the same, Garima? This is what called friendship, right?

Garima: We should always be together. I want our friendship to continue for the next generation too. Do you understand what I mean?

Ratna: Yes... but.

Garima: Please don't deny Ratna. Why don't we get Arnav and Khushi married?

Ratna: If that happens, I will be the happiest person in this world. But how can we determine it? It's their life. They have the right to choose their life partner. right? (Garima nodded yes) let them decide. I'm ready if Arnav and Khushi are ready to get married.

They heard... "NOOOOOOO". It was Khushi who was coming towards them by running. She was being chased by Arnav. She came and hid behind Ratna. They were suffocating. Did their children hear their "BIG" talks?

Ratna: what happened Khushi?

Khushi: I won't marry Allav. She said pouting.

Garima and Ratna were looking at each other embarrassingly.

Khushi: He will drag my hair all the time. (she complains)

Arnav chuckled hearing that and he knelt in front of her.

Arnav: Hey Tintin, please please marry me. I won't drag your hair. Trust me.

Khushi: promise?

Arnav: Pinky promise. But you shouldn't fight with me then I won't fight with you.

Khushi: Will you give me chocolate?

Arnav: sure.

Khushi: okkkiii then I will marry you.

She hugged him making their parents chuckle on the cutest proposal. Arnav lifted her.

Ratna: Where are you taking her?

Arnav: where else? To buy chocolate.

Garima and Ratna looked at each other and laughed wholeheartedly.

Flash back ends.

Arnav opened his eyes gulping. He can't believe that his mother is fine if NK will fulfil her wish. But what's her fault? He was the one who made her think so. He knew how much Ratna likes Khushi.

He recalled his mother's words "She is more beautiful than before". He took out his mobile and opened FaceBook. He clicked NK's account and searched his friend's list. There she was. "KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA". He clicked and her profile opened. Arnav forgot to breathe for some seconds.

Yes, She has not changed much, same communicative eyes, same smile, but no doubt, more beautiful than before with the elegance of youthfulness. Her smile had done something in his stomach. What will be her reaction when she sees him? but why the hell he is thinking of these effects?

If his present situation is like this then what will happen after she comes? He leaned on the bed headboard feeling drained.

To be continued...

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