It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: February 21, 2021
Ch. 28Marriage


Anjali got emotional seeing Arnav in her house. She rushed to him and dragged him inside.

Anjali(shouting): Shyam.... see, who is here...

Shyam peeped from Kitchen who was helping Anjali in cooking. His face brightened. He hugged Arnav with the same emotion.

Shyam: I'm glad that you remembered us at least now.

Arnav: I never forgot you guys.

Anjali: Come and take a seat first. Have something.

Arnav: I'm here to.....

Anjali (cutting him): Invite us to your Marriage.

Arnav nodded yes.

Anjali: Finally you are going to get your Khushi.....

Shyam: Really? What we thought is true then?

Arnav (smilingly): What you thought?

Shyam: That you were in love with Khushi...

Arnav smiled without answering.

Shyam: Open your heart up at least now.

Anjali: No need. His smile is an answer. Right?

Arnav nodded yes.

Arnav: I want you to perform those rituals which should be done by my Sister and Uncle.

Anjali (overwhelmed): But your relatives may oppose Arnav.

Arnav: I have spoken to Mom about it and she is fine with that. So don't worry.

Shyam: Are you sure? (Arnav nodded yes) Ok. we will be there on time.

Arnav had a good time with Anjali and Shyam after a long time. Arnav took a leave.

Five days to Marriage

Garima was getting ready for the "Pandhakaal" ritual. (That means; a long wooden post being placed at the entrance of the house. Women do pooja to it by applying turmeric and vermillion. It's a symbolic hint to people that, "This is a marriage house. Please don't say any bad news to us")

Garima came there and Ratna started the pooja
Garima came there and Ratna started the pooja. After that, all the women who did pooja started "NALANGU" for Arnav. (Applying sandal paste on his cheeks, sprays rose water on him, keeping vermilion on his forehead, and lastly taking all the bad vibrations by circling camphor.) Garima applied sandal paste on his cheek, Saying...

Garima: Damadjiiii...

It was an authentic declaration of his mother-in-law about their relationship which brought a cute blush on his face.

Arnav: you can call me Arnav as always
Arnav: you can call me Arnav as always. He said smilingly.

Garima: I'm giving my daughter's hand to you. You are very special to us here on. We are entering into a strong relationship Damadji... How can I be without flaunting? After all, our dream came true finally. I will call you Damadji only. do you have any problems?

Arnav nodded no smilingly.

Ratna: Garima, you can talk to your Damad for your whole life. Finish it fast. My Bahu is alone at home.

Garima: You are worrying like, someone will kidnap your Bahu.

Ratna: It will never happen. My chotte will kill that someone if he dares to put his hand on her. Hai na Chotte?

Arnav nodded yes firmly raising his head. They finished the ritual. That same set of women started the same to Khushi. Ratna applied Sandal paste on her cheeks.

Ratna applied Sandal paste on her cheeks
Ratna: See, how beautiful my Bahu is.

La: That's why she trapped Arnav anna easily.

Khushi(dropping her jaw): I didn't trap him.

Ratna(chuckled): Relax. He trapped you. ok?

Khushi: No one can trap me.

Garima (teasingly): Yha... we knew that. You didn't get spellbound on him.

Ratna and La chuckled at her.

Khushi: What!! Spellbound and me? Mom, don't forget that you are my mother. She said pouting.

Garima: So what? No one can change the truth.

Ratna: Shut up. It's my Chinna who is being spellbound on Khushi.

La: Amma. These two equally love each other, spellbound on each other but won't accept.

Ratna: Let's see, how long they will play hide and seek.

Khushi(inwardly): Until that Kadoos accepts that he loves me.

First day of Marriage.

Khushi got ready to go to the Temple. She got surprised to see Anjali and Shyam.

Khushi: Good evening Ma'am. Good evening Sir.

Anjali: Excuse me. We are not here as your Professors but in the role of sister-in-law and brother.

Khushi was dumbfounded. Shyam smiled at her.

Shyam: Arnav wants us to perform the ritual. So we are here to take you to the temple.

Khushi(happily): Really?

Anjali: Yeah. Let's go.

They started to the temple and both relations of Arnav and Khushi waited for her. After finishing pooja, Khushi was asked to sit in the open car and people followed the car until the marriage hall. Ashwin and Shruthi took place beside Khushi in the car. Khushi saw the marriage hall was decorated with serial lights. In between the lights, a handsome guy was standing on the first floor of the marriage hall and looking at his bride through a huge window.

Ashwin(excitedly): Shruthi anga paru Arnav Anna. (Shruthi, look... Arnav anna is there)

Khushi looked in the direction where Ashwin pointed out. Reflection of serial lights fell on his face and doesn't need to say that he was smiling at her.

Shruthi: He is looking at Khushi Akka.

LA: Khushi you should be bowing down baby. You can look at your Allav for your whole life.

Khushi rolled her eyes high. They reached the marriage hall and Ratna circled the thali and welcomed her bahu to the marriage hall.

Arnav and Khushi were sitting on the VIP chair. The engagement was performed formally. Arvind and Shashi exchanged the sacred plate and got emotional. Ratna fed sweets to Garima, NK, and La.

This is time for Photography. Arnav and Khushi were asked to give POSE. It was really embarrassing situation. Khushi was suffocating like hell by the commands of the photographer whereas Arnav was spilling a teasing smile.

Photographer asked Arnav to give a ROSE to Khushi. He gave an orange color rose to Arnav. Arnav silently went to the flower bouquet and replaced it with a red flower. Khushi's lips curved into an attractive smile. Red rose was her favorite. Arnav extended it towards Khushi. The photographer clicked a snap before she took it from his hand.

Photographer: Come close to each other. Smile brightly... He requested.

Arnav came close to Khushi taking a step ahead. Khushi faced a tough time not smiling. And this Arnav... why does he looking at her intensely? At last, she turned her face opposite Arnav and smiled. Photographer clicked a beautiful pic.

Thank you Arnav Barunpr for this edit
Thank you Arnav Barunpr for this edit.

Marriage day.

Panditji called the Groom and Bride one by one on the stage and handed over their traditional marriage outfit. Arnav got changed and got ready for the ritual "Kasi yatra".

(As per the ritual, Groom gets fed up as he is not able to find a suitable Bride for him. So he decides to go to KASI leaving everything behind and becoming ANCORITE. That's when a guy comes there and asks the Groom, " Hey man, don't go to Kasi, come and marry my sister". Groom agrees to the boy and returns back. The boy does PADHA POOJA( washes Groom's feet and puts turmeric and vermillion to marry his sister.)

Here, Ashwin was ready to perform "Kasi yatra" for Arnav.

Panditji (looking at Ashwin): Say, my sister looks very beautiful. Don't go to Kasi, come and marry my sister.

Ashwin: Oh ho Panditji, Arnav anna already knew that. In fact, he loves Khushi Akka so much. He was behind her all the time. (looking at Shruthi) Am I right Shruthi?

Shruthi: He is right Panditji. If you have any doubt, stop this ritual and ask Arnav anna to go to Kasi. I can bet he won't go. (They shared hi-fi giggling.)

People who were standing around them burst out laughing while Arnav got embarrassed. He didn't expect that these two little pieces would break his secret like this.

Panditji (laughing): Everyone knows that Arnav likes Khushi. That's why they are getting married. This is a ritual. That's all.

Ashwin washed Arnav's feet and Arnav inserted a gold ring into Ashwin's finger. Ashwin was damn happy. He opened the umbrella for Arnav and brought him to the stage. (It's a ritual) Khushi was called Panditji. She came with Anjali and La. Arnav forgot himself seeing her in TAMIL traditional Red Silk Saree. She came and sat beside Arnav. Arnav and Khushi did "PADHA POOJA" for their respective parents to thank them for bringing them up as good children.


Shashi handed over his daughter to Arnav for eternity. And Arnav gave assurance to Khushi's parents that he will take care of the bride always.

Finally... The nuptial thread called THALI which was being kept on the coconut was forwarded towards Arnav. Panditji started chanting hymns. To the beat of the Thavil(drum) and the music of Nadhaswaram(classic pipe music), Arnav tied the Thaali around Khushi's neck signifying long-lasting love. He tied it with "three knots" as, the first knot was for a couple, the second was for family and the third knot was for society. Khushi was so ecstatic. Her Allav became her husband. she got horrified when she heard...

Arnav (whispering in her ear while tying the final knot): YOU GOT TRAPPED.

She looked at him shockingly whereas Arnav seemed COOL. Guests showered the couple with Atchadhai

(flowers and rice grains coated by turmeric) as a blessing.

Panditji forwarded a vermillion bowl towards Arnav and he took a pinch and kept it on Khushi's forehead circling her head. (that means he will be her protector forever)

Thank you Arnav Barunpr for this amazing edit
Thank you Arnav Barunpr for this amazing edit.

The bride and the groom exchange flower grand lands three times to begin their holy union. They circled the holy fire three times joining the little fingers.

Ratna handed over the "toe ring" to Arnav which he had to put it in Khushi's toe
Ratna handed over the "toe ring" to Arnav which he had to put in Khushi's toe. (Groom takes bride's leg and keeps it on the "AMMI KAL" (roller stone which is used to grind things) near the holy fire. This symbolizes their holy union, which will be as solid as rock. The grindstone is compared to the entrance of her new home and every time she steps out, it will remind her of her responsibilities towards her new family.

Arvind: Khushi beta, keep your legs firm on the ground. This is the biggest task. Don't let Chinna take it easily. He should work hard to get it.

Arnav smiled at his comment and touched her toe bending down. His one mere touch was enough for Khushi to lose her firmness. Arnav sensed that and he smiled raising his head. Khushi jerked and pressed her leg as much as firm on the ground. Arnav scratched her leg and she lost her strength. Arnav lifted her leg from the ground and kept it on the grinding stone. He inserted the "toe ring" lovingly.

Final ritual on the stage, Ratna put a ring into the metal pot which had full of water
The final ritual on the stage, Ratna put a ring into the metal pot which had full of water. Groom and Bride had to find the ring. Time started and they started searching for it.

Arnav held Khushi's hand and didn't let her search
Arnav held Khushi's hand and didn't let her search. Khushi widened her eyes and gestured him to leave. Arnav nodded no.

Arvind: Chinna, leave her hand...

Arnav didn't expect this "turning point" and left her hand. He handed over the ring to Khushi which he already found. She raised her hand out of the pot confusingly. Ratna appreciated her.

Ratna: See, my Bahu won the game. She will rule Chinna for her whole life. She said with pride.

Khushi looked at him sarcastically. Arnav touched his cheek remembering her about his kiss. Khushi turned her face pouting angrily.

NK: Dad, how do you know that Naanav was clutching Khushi's hand?

Arvind (smilingly): We too played the same game, my dear son.

NK(chuckled): Like father like son...

LA: Who won the game Appa (dad)?

Arvind: Of course Ratna... We men are generous you know? I too intentionally lost the game like Chinna.

LA: You mean, Arnav anna lost the game knowingly?

Arvind: Obviously. He won't make Khushi feel low.

Khushi heard it. Did he give it to her to make her feel better? She looked at him who was getting wishes from his friends. Everything was fine but why didn't he confront his love? One minute... Did she ever confront her love for him? Verbally? No right? Then how could she expect that from him?

Couples got blessings from their parents.

Arvind: Life is just like a balance sheet guys. Both sides should be balanced. So keep it balanced.

Ratna: See, even his way of blessings is associated with the BANK.

Garima (looking at Shashi): What about you?

Shashi: Life is just like a ship, balance it together withstanding against all the storms.

Everyone chuckled while Arnav and Khushi looked at each other. LIFE...... They have to face it together. But here, they themselves were against each other. Will they face it with joining hands?

To be continued.....

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