It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: February 17, 2021
Ch. 25Tintin's Allav

Part 25

Ratna was in the kitchen preparing breakfast and also lunch for Arnav because they were going to buy Marriage Saree and Mangal sutra for Khushi as that was an auspicious day. She sensed someone standing behind her. She looked turning around. Arnav smiled at her.

Ratna: Chinna, do you want something?

Arnav: Ohh...Mom, you guys are going to buy Marriage Saree and Mangal Sutra, right?

Ratna: Yes, except you, every one of us is going. But you can also join if you wish.

Arnav: No Mom I have some work (he removed his debit card from his pocket and forwarded it to Ratna). Use my card to buy Khushi's saree and Mangal Sutra.

Ratna (smiling inwardly): But what's the necessary Chinna? Do you think that we are lacking money? (she asked to dig his heart)

Arnav (hesitating): This is not a matter of money. You are spending much more. At least my contribution should also be there in my Marriage right?

Ratna(seriously): Then do one thing, go and pay the provision bill. It will give you more satisfaction.

Arnav was tongue tied
Arnav was tongue-tied. He couldn't lie to Ratna anymore.

Arnav: you can use it for whatever you want but...

Ratna: But?

Arnav: I want Khushi to be in the saree which I brought when I own her as mine.

Ratna smiled at him.

Ratna: Why are you hesitating to open your heart up? You have all the rights, in fact, it's only your right to buy those for your WIFE. Please don't hide things inside your heart. It will do nothing but give you a name as "egoistic".

Arnav: It doesn't matter to me.

Ratna: What about Khushi? Doesn't she matter to you? Won't you care about her? If yes, then just stop the marriage. (Arnav looked at her shockingly) Because there is no meaning for this marriage if you don't care about her. She is the one who is going to share her life with you. A girl needs nothing but her husband's love and care than anything. Nothing can make her happier. That's what holds the sacred relationship called "Marriage". (she touched his chin)please don't disappoint her. She is longing to get her Allav. And I know how much you love your Tintin. Enough of hide and seek Chinna. Come out of the shell forgetting your past. It may ruin your future which I don't like because it's not only about you but also about Khushi who is going to be everything to you. Think about it.

Arnav nodded yes and left the kitchen. Ratna smiled seeing Arnav's debit card.

Ratna(in mind): you want Khushi to be in "your saree" when she becomes your's... How possessive my child is. She smiled.

Though Arnav didn't go with them to buy Saree and Thali (Mangal Sutra) his mind was totally thinking about that alone. He was happy that his mother accepted his Card to buy a saree and Thali. He dialed Ratna's number and she attended it right away.

Arnav: Have you finished shopping?

Ratna: Not yet.

Arnav: Where are you Ma?

Ratna: Hanifa Textiles.

Arnav: Bought Thali?

Ratna: No. After buying the Wedding saree only we will buy Thali because we shouldn't roam with Thali.

Arnav: Ohh.

Ratna: Do you know what I'm doing?

Arnav(controlling his curiosity): What?

Ratna: I'm admiring my Bahu. She looks so beautiful with our traditional Silk Saree.

Arnav: Is she wearing a saree?

Ratna: Yes. Do you want to see it? Wait I will send you her pic.

She disconnected the call not waiting for his reply. Arnav was waiting for Khushi's pic. But he didn't get any from Ratna. Ratna purposely did that. She wanted to see how Arnav would react on this matter.


Ratna saw Arnav coming from the office. She asked coolly.

Ratna: Chinna, do you want coffee?

Arnav: Yah. when did you come?

Ratna: We came at 3o' clock.

Arnav: Who chooses Khushi's saree?

Ratna: Of course Khushi. Because she is the one who is going to wear it.

Arnav: Which color?

Ratna: Red. Wait I will show you.

Arnav: You have forgotten something too.

Ratna (pretending): What?

Arnav: You said, you will send Khushi's pic.

Ratna: Didn't you receive it?

Arnav shrugged his shoulders off. Ratna took her mobile out and checked it.

Ratna: Oh my God. My phone is offline.

She said casually while turning it on. Arnav received Khushi's pic. Arnav forgot that the most dangerous lady was standing in front of him observing his every expression. He gulped hard slowly blinking his eyes. No need to say he couldn't take his eyes off. Ratna stood there giving him time to admire her bahu. Seems like, he won't finish it soon. Ratna came beside him and looked at the pic keeping her hand on his shoulder. Arnav came to his sense and composed.

Ratna: What's there in that pic that you are admiring like this? (Arnav kept the mobile in his pocket) Ohhh. Khushi... sorry sorry... your Tintin is there......

Arnav was about to leave, she stopped him by clutching his wrist

Ratna: There is nothing wrong. She will be your wife in a few days. She ought to know what you really feel for her. Don't do this Chinna. The first problem which leads relationships into the trouble is "communication gap". I know there is a misunderstanding between you two. Clear it as soon as possible. Give her peace of mind. She will take you to an amazing world.

Arnav nodded yes firmly and went to his room.

Arnav was thinking about what his mother said. She was not wrong. Why should he hide his feelings for Khushi? If he didn't open his heart up then what's the use of his love. It's not necessary to say it openly but why not clears the misunderstanding which made them distant? Why not? He should do that before marriage. Then she will start behaving like before.

Next day

Arnav was getting ready for the office. He saw Khushi coming.

Ratna: Khushi beta, here your breakfast is. Please have. I have to go to invite people to your marriage. Ok?

Khushi: No problem aunty. I will eat. You carry on.

Ratna took her handbag and left with Arvind. Khushi started having her favorite Idly with mint chutney. Arnav waited until she ate. What if she leaves without eating? Khushi finished eating breakfast. She washed her plate and kept it on the stand. She saw Arnav standing when she came out of the Kitchen. As usual, she didn't give heed to him and walked towards the door. She jerked hearing his voice.

Arnav: Khushi...

She stopped for a second and again started walking.

Arnav: Khushi, don't walk away when I'm calling you.

Khushi thought for a while and hurried her steps. But Arnav was faster than her. He closed the door and stood keeping his hand on the door blocking her from moving. Khushi was shocked by his sudden act.

Arnav: Do you think you can run away from me that easily?
Arnav: Do you think you can run away from me that easily?

He said in her ear letting his hot breath fanning on her neck. Khushi heard her own heartbeat which was thudding erotically.

Khushi: Let me go
Khushi: Let me go.

Arnav: Not until you listen to me.

Khushi: I don't want to listen to anything from you.

Arnav: You have to.

Khushi: I said NO.

Arnav: you will repent.

Khushi: I won't because I know you.

Arnav: You don't know me.

She turned towards him.

Khushi: No one other than me knows you.

She said frustrated.

Arnav: There can be an unknown side to every known problem.

Khushi: But there is nothing to know from you.

Arnav: Are you sure?

Khushi: Yes.

she said firmly.

Arnav: I thought you are wiser.

Khushi: especially in your matter.

Arnav: You are wrong.

Khushi: Don't try to manipulate me.

Arnav: As if you are getting manipulated...

Khushi: Then why are you trying?

Arnav: Didn't I say that I thought you are wiser?

Khushi: of course I'm.

Arnav: You, yourself will feel bad for missing this chance one day.

Khushi: I will, if I give you a chance to speak
Khushi: I will if I give you a chance to speak.

Arnav: Do you think I can't make you listen to me forcefully?

Khushi: Don't you ever dare do that. Do you think I can't do anything against you?

Arnav(chuckled): Really? What will you do? Will you beat me? Come on do it.

He caught hold of her hand and made her hit on his cheek. Khushi was struggling to get out of his clutch. Poor girl, she couldn't even loosen his grip.

Khushi: Leave my hand...

Arnav: You showed so much attitude a few minutes ago? Then come out of my grip.

He released her hand slowly.

Arnav: search some useful ways to handle me after our marriage
Arnav: search for some useful ways to handle me after our marriage.

He said huskily spilling a teasing smile.

Khushi pushed him and opened the door. She left from there with a thudding heartbeat. Arnav smirked seeing her avoiding him.

Arnav(self-talk): You wanted your Allav back but when he is back, you are not ready to listen to him... Run how much you can. I will see how you are going to avoid me after our marriage... my dear TINTIN.

Tintin's Allav smiled pleasantly
Tintin's Allav smiled pleasantly.

To be continued...........

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