It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: February 16, 2021
Ch. 24Made for each other

Part 24

Arnav was on the bed thinking about Khushi's demand. How could she ask him to stop the marriage? Will she say to everyone that she doesn't want to marry him? He got off the bed and came downstairs. He saw Ratna and Arvind discussing meeting Panditji to analyze their Horoscopes.

Arvind: Shall we go tomorrow to Panditji's place?

Ratna: No no. I want him to come here. So that everyone can hear what he says about these two.

Arvind: When will you call him here?

Ratna: Tomorrow evening. After that only we can decide about their marriage. Maximum chances for the marriage are after Khushi's masters.

Arvind: Yeah, it will be better for her too. She will finish her studies without tension.

Arnav was not so fine with that decision. Khushi's outbreak on the marriage issue didn't give him good vibration. What if she does anything to irritate him, which she likes to do so much these days? He drowned into the deep thought of Khushi.

Next day Evening.

Everyone was waiting in RM's living hall for Panditji's arrival. Khushi was the one who came last. She saw Arnav looking at her. She turned her face to the other side making him raise his eyebrows chuckling.

Panditji got inside the house and the elders welcomed him with respect. Ratna handed over the Horoscopes of Arnav and Khushi. Panditji took it from her hand. His eyes fell on Khushi.

Pandit: Is she the bride?

Ratna: Yes Panditji. She is the one who is going to marry Arnav.

Khushi's eyes automatically looked at Arnav
Khushi's eyes automatically looked at Arnav. He raised his left eyebrow.

Panditji: Very good pair
Panditji: Very good pair. They will be looking good with each other.

This time Khushi didn't look at him which made him smile.

Ratna: Please you go through their Horoscope and say about it Panditji.

Pandit: Sure... I already know about Arnav's horoscope. Let me give a look at Khushi's.

He started going through it. He calculated something through his fingers. He shook his head for some time, smiled for some time which made everyone curious. After analyzed the horoscope for ten minutes, Panditji sat straight.

Panditji: I wonder. These two are, was, will be together forever. The distance cannot separate them. No matter where they are. Something or some people will always keep them in touch. They fight a lot but can't live without one another. They took birth to be with each other.

Everyone was suppressing their smile as well as happiness. Khushi was embarrassed like hell. What made everyone surprised was, Arnav looked so cool unexpectedly.

Panditji: Don't worry; their fight will end soon. After that they won't fight, not even for fun. It's because some planets are in the wrong place now. But you guys don't need to worry about it. It's for just a matter of few months. After that everything will be all right. But..... (He paused) We can't delay their marriage. We have to do it within a month.

Everyone was shocked, "within a month"?

Arvind: What if we delay?

Panditji's reply shook them to the core.

Pandit: There won't be any chance for their marriage for the next five years.

Ratna: But you said they will keep fighting for the next few months?

Pandit: I told you, nothing will affect them. In fact, this time period and fights will help them to understand each other. So go ahead.

Garima: within a month means on which date?

Pandit: coming 27th is the only date.

Shashi: means, just 15 days left.

Pandit: Yes. But you have no other choice.

Arvind: Ok Panditji. Fix that date. Coming 27th is our Chinna and Khushi's marriage.

Khushi looked at Arnav as expected he didn't take his eyes from her yet
Khushi looked at Arnav as expected he didn't take his eyes from her yet. Khushi also didn't want to turn her face.

Ratna offered money with banana, flower and betel leaves as it's an auspicious one
Ratna offered money with banana, flower, and betel leaves as it's an auspicious one.

Panditji: Can anyone drop me?

Arvind: Why not? I will drop you Panditji.

Arnav: Dad, I will drop him.

He himself came forward to drop Panditji. He took the car keys and went to take the car out from the carriage. Ratna and Garima came to give a send-off to Panditji.

Ratna: I'm sorry I made you say as per my wish.

Panditji: But I didn't say anything against astrology. You want this marriage to happen as soon as possible. It's not wrong. I can understand a mother's fear. So relax.

Ratna: Thank you so much Panditji. I'm so thankful to you.

Garima looked at them dumbfounded. Was fixing marriage in a month Ratna's plan? God, this woman is beyond her assumption. Arnav stopped the car before them. Panditji got inside taking leave from Ratna and Garima. Arnav started the engine to drop Panditji.

Garima: Ratna, when did you talk to Panditji?

Ratna: Did you think that I and Arvind went to the temple yesterday? (Garima nodded yes) Nope. We went to meet Panditji. I can't wait or take the risk. Don't know what these two will do. I can see Khushi is upset with Chinna. Let them deal with it after marriage.

Garima: But what about their horoscope?

Ratna: We were amazed when Panditji told us about it us. That's why I wanted him to come home and say that in front of Chinna and Khushi. So that they will also get to know how they mean to each other.

Garima nodded yes.


Arnav: Sorry Panditji, I made you fix the marriage soon.

Panditji(smiling inwardly): It's ok Arnav. I know you are doing this to make your parents happy and I'm completely fine with that. In fact, your parents also want the same. That's why I didn't deny it when you called me yesterday. And I accepted your request for Nandhkishore too. See, now everyone is happy.

Arnav(smilingly): Thank you Panditji for understanding me.

Panditji nodded yes smilingly. This family is completely strange. Everyone wants this marriage to happen as soon as possible but they have no idea about one another's will.

Arnav dropped Panditji and got back to RM. Still, Guptas were there talking about the marriage. They were in cloud nine as they will become close relatives in few days. Arnav sat there to listen to their talks. Khushi was also there facing her back to him.

Ratna: We have to buy a Wedding saree and Thali (Mangal Sutra) on Friday and before that we should start with kuldevi pooja because we have no time. We should hurry our action up.

Garima: Yah, tell me about your rituals.

Ratna: We will do Kuldevi pooja in our Kuldevi temple and also few poojas to do.

Khushi: what about Roka, Sangeeth, Mehandi, Haldi?

Ratna: We will perform Roka on the first day of Marriage as we have a very short period of time. About Haldi: we perform Haldi three times. And Sangeeth and Mehandi are not in our tradition but you can apply Mahendi.

Khushi: Thank God. I don't need to write any name in my hand then.

She said sarcastically which made everyone turn their face towards Arnav who didn't react. Garima wanted to say something but Ratna gestured her to keep quiet.

Ratna: Tomorrow we are going to the temple to make "PONGAL".

Khushi: Isn't Pongal a festival aunty?

Ratna: Of course Pongal is the biggest festival of Tamilians. On that day we prepare "Pongal" in the new earthen pot to offer it to the SUN God who is the reason for living organisms on the earth.

Khushi: You mean Pongal is a food?

Ratna: Yes, It is made from rice, Jagger, ghee, cashew nuts, and milk.

Khushi (excitedly): So we are going to prepare it in the temple tomorrow?

Ratna: Yes.

Khushi: That's great.

LA: Should we wear saree?

Ratna: If you wish, but not compulsory.

LA: Thank god. I will be comfortable in a suit. What about you my dear Bride?

Khushi: I too prefer a suit.

Ratna: yeah, wear something simply because we have to travel 85km tomorrow.

Garima: Isn't your Kuldevi temple in Chennai?

Ratna: No. it's in Kanchipuram.

NK: we have to start early in the morning.

Shashi: Sure.

Arvind: Don't take your car. We are going in our car. ok?

Shashi: That's great we can drive alternatively.

NK: I don't think you will get a chance to drive. Naanav won't give the chance to anyone at the time of the long drive.

Arvind: Sorry, we can't let the Groom drive.

Shashi: Because we are going to occupy the front seat.

Ratna(smilingly): See, how happy they are.

Garima: They are recreating their past again.

NK: Let's get ready for tomorrow. Go to sleep earlier.

Guptas bid bye and left for GH. Arnav was thinking about tomorrow's program as "full day with Khushi" will be a memorable one.

Next day

As per the plan, Arvind and Shashi occupied the front seats. Ratna and Garima sat on the back seat. Lavanya took the seat beside Ratna. Khushi was about to get inside beside LA, she saw La gestured NK to sit with her. Khushi was taken back and came to the rear seat. As there was no option left, Arnav sat in front of Khushi smirking. Khushi got irritated by his smirk as she thought he was teasing but actually, he was enjoying it.

Everyone shared snacks and passed it to Arnav. He forwarded it to Khushi. She turned her face didn't take it. Arnav took her palm and stuffed it. She dropped her jaw while Arnav closed his eyes and leaned back on his seat.

After one and half an hour travel they reached the temple. Ratna started to cook PONGAL. Khushi liked the place very much. The temple was located under the huge NEEM tree in between the paddy field. There was a small canal running next to the temple. Khushi and LA lost their mind completely in that place. They couldn't stop themselves from running here and there. They were so happy to get such a pleasant place as their KULDEVI temple.

After forty minutes, Ratna called them as PONGAL was ready to offer. They went to the temple to do pooja. That's when an old woman who was a distant relation of Arvind came there.

Arvind(looking at Woman): Hi Chithi(small mother) How are you?

Woman: I'm good and happy to see you after a long time.

Arvind: Arnav is getting married so that we came to do pooja.

Woman(keeping her palm above her eyes): Who is his bride?

Arvind gestured Khushi to come. She came to the old woman and touched her feet.

Woman: She is looking like goddess Maha Laxmi.

NK(teasingly): Jeans wearing Maha Laxmi.

Everyone laughed at his comment.

Shashi: My daughter will be good in every get-up but what about Maha Vishnu? (He laughed wholeheartedly.)

Everyone joined him. Khushi couldn't hold herself from imagining Arnav in Maha Vishnu get-up. She was smiling even while doing prayer closing her eyes. Don't need to mention Arnav really enjoyed it.

To be continued.......

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