It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: February 13, 2021
Ch. 23Opposition of Khushi

Part 23

Arvind and Ratna were getting ready to go to the temple while NK and La were for a movie date to celebrate Arnav's acceptance for the marriage. LA saw Ratna looking happier than ever before.

LA: It seems you are so happy?

Ratna: Why not? After all, my dream of getting Khushi as my bahu is going to come true.

LA nodded smilingly with her beautiful dimple.

NK: Yes Mom, we are going to celebrate it with a movie and dinner tonight. Don't wait for us. We will be late.

Ratna: You just carry on. Call me if you changed your program. I will prepare dinner for you too.

NK: Sure. We are leaving or else we won't get tickets.

Ratna: Ok bye.

Ratna and Arvind also left to temple.

Arnav was sitting in the living room, watching TV as no one at home. He heard the calling bell. He opened the door and surprised to see Khushi. He didn't know how to react.

Arnav: Ohh... No one is at home.

Khushi: Then who opened the door? She asked plainly.

Arnav: I mean... you should have come here to meet...

Khushi(cutting): I came here to talk to you.

Arnav gave her space to enter inside and left the door open.

Khushi: Take your words back.

She said looking somewhere.

Arnav(raising his eyebrows): I have no idea, which word you are talking about (Khushi was about to say something, he stopped her by showing his palm like I didn't finish yet) and I don't have the habit of taking my words back if I uttered it once.

Khushi: You don't need to marry me for other's sake. I know you.

Arnav(serenely): You don't know me. if you know then you wouldn't have asked me to take my words back, because that's the last thing which I wished to do in my life.

Khushi: Look, this is not a play but life. Two conflict personalities can never live together happily.

Arnav(frowning): Conflict personalities? Who are they?

Khushi: these all seem like jokes for you?

Arnav: Do you think I can joke? What did you say? "This is not a play"? PLAY or LIFE, I deal with everything as same. SO SERIOUSLY, because, no matter whether it's Play or Life... I will win. That's it.

Khushi: But it depends on the opposite person. Don't forget that.

Arnav: we are not going to play against each other but on the same side.

Khushi: it needs understanding which lacks between us.

Khushi: it needs understanding which lacks between us
Arnav(folding his hands): Say it clearly. What do you want?

Khushi: Stop all this. Just stop this Marriage.

Arnav(plainly): I won't.

Khushi: But why?

Arnav: Because Backing off is never in my history. I just don't care either if you are ok with it or not. No one can stop this Marriage. (pause) Why didn't you deny it when I agreed to get married? Why were you numb?

Khushi: Because I was numb about your sudden acceptance so I was numb. But now, I'm going to say my unwillingness to everyone.

Arnav(calmly): stop it Khushi.

Khushi: That's what I'm also saying
Khushi: That's what I'm also saying. Just stop it.

Arnav: I won't

Khushi: But why?

Arnav: Because I want to fulfill my mother's wish. Don't you know how she wished to get you as her Daughter-in-law?

Khushi (sarcastically): Ohh. So, like a good son you are fulfilling your mother's wish? (Arnav was silent) Are you insane? It's not a matter of your mother's wish but yours.

Arnav: I have no personal wish.

Khushi (gritting her teeth): But I have. I can't marry you just because your mother wants it. Understood?

She was about to go from there...

Arnav: So whatever you showed in the name of concern for NK and LA are lies?

Khushi was wordless. She looked at him bamboozled.

Khushi (made up herself): They know me very well. They will understand me.

Yes. she is right. They will stand for Khushi if they got to know that "Arnav is marrying her just to fulfill his mother's wish".

Arnav: Ok. Go and say that you are not willing to get married...

Khushi(cutting him): I'm willing to get married but not willing to marry YOU. Understood?

That was enough for Arnav. He knew she is angry with him. That doesn't mean she could ask him to stop the marriage.

Arnav: What I guessed about girls is right. SELFISH. You are also not different. You only care about yourself. What if yours and my family will be upset? What if they feel bad? Does it make any difference to you? No, right? Then don't you ever dare try to teach me about girls and their goodness. OK? He said with a stern expression.

He turned opposite to her couldn't deal with her shocking face. He took a step to leave; Khushi caught hold of his hand.

Khushi: Do you really want this marriage only for your mother?
Khushi: Do you really want this marriage only for your mother?

He could feel her shaky voice. He swallowed. He turned towards her and stuck. Tears rolled down from her eyes. He hates himself for not being brave enough. Why couldn't he say that he does things only if he likes and nothing could change his mind if he doesn't want to do it?

They saw Ratna and Arvind entering the home. Khushi wiped her tears.

Ratna: Khushi you came? Garima is not at home. she told me to give you something to eat. Wait I will give you some snacks.

Khushi: Actually I came here..

Arnav(cutting her): Yes mom Khushi is hungry. Give her something.

Khushi looked at him all frustrated while Arnav gave her plain look
Khushi looked at him all frustrated while Arnav gave her a plain look. He left his room.

Ratna(looking at Arvind): Do you want coffee?

Arnav: Of course. But I want to get fresh before that. You just look after our Bahu first.

He smiled at Khushi and she reciprocated it. He went to his room. Ratna gave snacks to Khushi which she bought. Khushi received a message on her phone. It was from Arnav. She was surprised to see that and opened it hurriedly.

"Our families share a very good bonding. Don't spoil that by provoking my DIRTY EGO. I will go to any extent to save my words"

Khushi's jaw dropped after reading that. What does that mean? Which extent would he go? She received another message.

"I really mean it"

She gritted her teeth. Again she received a message.

"I'm trying to be good. Don't give me a reason to show my evil side"

Khushi was in a state that she herself couldn't understand. What the hell he is? Until a few days before, he didn't even like to talk to her, and today he dares to threaten her for marrying him? And didn't it look like emotional blackmail?

It was not so hard to understand for Ratna that something is terribly wrong. She opened WhatsApp and sent a message to Khushi. Khushi didn't hear the sound as she was in deep thought. Ratna came and got seated beside her.

Ratna: Check my message on your phone.

Khushi: Message? She opened WhatsApp and read it.

"Every test in our life makes us bitter or better. Every problem comes to break us or make us. The choice is our's whether we become victim or victor".

Khushi looked at Ratna who was looking at her contently.

Ratna: I know you are expecting your old Allav back. You are not seeing him doesn't mean he is not there. He shows his real side only when needed like how he hit Vignesh that day.

Khushi nodded yes.

Ratna: Chinna locks his heart for some reason. You should open it by using the key of love. Then only you can see how much he loves you from the bottom of his heart.

Khushi: But why can't he say he likes me?

Ratna: He is like that beta. He won't say how tastier the food is, but I understand it by the quantity he eats. That's what he is. Please don't get upset Khushi.

Khushi pouted at her.

Ratna: I can say one thing confidently. He won't do anything if he doesn't like it. And nobody can stop him from doing things if he really likes no matter how opposition he faces. You will understand so soon.

Khushi: But I won't accept him until he opens up his heart to me.

Ratna: Do you know how much I and Garima wanted this marriage? Are not you happy that you are going to be my Bahu?

Khushi: I agreed to this marriage just because of that reason only. Or else who will marry this Bitter guard? She said clenching her jaws.

Ratna(teasingly): Reallllly? Just for me?

Khushi nodded yes biting her lips controlling her smile.

Ratna(pinching her cheek): Liar.

They burst out laughing sharing a hug which brought Arnav out of the room. He stood mesmerizingly seeing them sharing good bounding.

To be continued.......

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