It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: February 12, 2021
Ch. 22Finally...

Part 22

Arvind saw Ratna sleeping peacefully. He couldn't understand that how this woman could be so calm when he and Shashi were restless? His phone flashed with Shashi's name in silent mode. He attended the call.

Arvind: Didn't you sleep yet?

Shashi: Seems like you also didn't get any sleep. You have attended my call on the first ring?

Arvind: How could I, when we are standing in the very crucial period of our life?

Shashi: Don't worry. Arnav will be my Damad. I won't let that Vignesh marry my daughter. We can stop the marriage arrangement even at the last minute.

Arvind: Mmmm. What Garima is doing?

Shashi: What else? Sleeping.

Arvind(chuckled): Seems like we are not so strong as them. See how we are lamenting while they are sleeping peacefully?

Shashi (smiling): Yah, As Naval officers, we have crossed the roughest seas of the world easily but this ripple makes my stomach mix up.

Arvind: Let's see. Tomorrow they are coming. Be prepared.

Shashi: Be with me, dude. I will handle everything.

Arvind: Don't worry our wives are there to hold us.

They laughed and cut the call. Arvind came out of the room to go to the terrace. He thought to take fresh air. He saw Arnav's room light was being on. He amazed. Seems like his son also in the same turmoil. He knocked on the door.

Arvind: Chinna...

Arnav took few seconds to open the door which made him suspect.

Arnav: Dad?

Arvind: Didn't you sleep yet?

Arnav: I'm doing important work Dad.

Arvind: It's already late Chinna. Tomorrow is Sunday. you can do it tomorrow also.

Arnav: I'm preparing for that Sunday only Dad.

Arvind(frowning): Means?

Arnav: Nothing.

Arvind: Don't spoil your health Chinna. Go to sleep.

Arnav: If I'm not spoiling my sleep tonight then many things will get spoilt dad.

Arvind: What are you talking about? (Arnav gulped) Relax Chinna. We can't stop anything which has to happen.

Arnav (controlling his temper): Of course
Arnav (controlling his temper): Of course. No one can stop which is going to happen tomorrow.

Arvind saw extreme wrath on his face. Something is really going to happen tomorrow. Will their restlessness also come to an end? He became curious.

Arnav: Dad, you just go and sleep. I will be alright.

Arvind nodded and left.

Next day.

Though Ratna knew Arnav she couldn't be relaxed without panicking. Garima's state also the same. They call one another, again and again, to console themselves.

Arnav came to the kitchen and saw Ratna was staring at a point for so long, as she didn't see Arnav. He slowly advanced her and touched her shoulder. She jerked at his touch.

Arnav: Ma, relax.

Ratna: Nothing Chinna. Do you want coffee? wait I will prepare.

Arnav was looking at her with an intensive gaze. She looks tensed. He knew why. She handed over the cup and Arnav sipped it without breaking his gaze.

Ratna: There is a lot of work to do. I have to complete it fast and go to GH to help Garima. Vignesh family is coming to finalize today. She saw Arnav's jaw tightening.

He left the kitchen without uttering a single word which disappointed Ratna. She thought he would say something to sooth her.

When Arnav came out of the kitchen he saw Khushi coming inside calling La's name.

He stood there and stared at her
He stood there and stared at her. But she didn't give any heed to him. She went passing him casually. LA came hearing her calling.

LA: Tell me Khushi.

Khushi: Come to my home and help me to get ready.

Khushi: Come to my home and help me to get ready
LA looked at Arnav who was still staring at her. She dragged Khushi inside her room.

LA: Khushi just stop all this non sense.

Khushi: Stop? Why?

LA: Didn't you see the anger on Arnav anna's face?

Khushi( coolly): His anger can do nothing with me.

LA: I and NK are waiting for his marriage. And he will never get married to anyone except you. Why don't you understand? (pause) I thought you are concern about us but I was wrong. How could you do this Khushi?

Khushi: why are you pouncing on me? If your Arnav anna is so concern about you then he will do something to stop this marriage. (pause) He will never take a step if we leave him freely. Not only you and Nanne but also I should have to wait for that kadoos for a lifetime.

LA(feeling bad): But what if it backfired?

Khushi: If he will not do anything then I myself will stop this marriage. understood? She said angrily.

LA: I'm sorry. She said holding her ears.

Khushi: What do think of me? Haan? Am I doing this shit wholeheartedly? Idiot. Come with me now. She started dragging her to GH.

LA nodded yes and started with her. Ratna saw them coming out smilingly. Khushi looked at Ratna; she rushed to her and hugged.

Ratna & Khushi: Everything will be alright.

They said at a time which made them chuckle.

Khushi: Come soon.

Ratna nodded yes. Khushi saw around her to get a glimpse of Arnav but he was not there. She dragged LA with her.


Shashi welcomed the Vignesh family. He introduced the Arvind family to them. They shook hands formally.

Ganesh: We are so glad that you agreed to this marriage.

Shashi: Nothing is in our hand. It's all God's wish.

Ganesh: Shall we exchange the sacred plate? (In Tamil culture, we exchange the plate with sweets, flowers, bananas, betel leaves. That means the alliance is fixed)

Shashi: We have to clear many things before doing that.

Ganesh: We don't want anything in the name of dowry. Just send your daughter to our house. It's more than enough for us.

Shashi: But she is still studying. She will complete her masters this year. I think we should talk after that.

Ganesh: We are not asking to do the marriage now. But we can do engagement. Then we will fix the date after Khushi's masters.

Shashi looked at Arvind.

Garima: I don't think it's necessary to do that as we both the families are friends now.

Shashi: She is right. I asked you to come today because I just don't want to disappoint you. We will talk after Khushi's studies.

Vignesh looked disappointed while all of our people's eyes were looking again and again at the entrance. Their face brightened when they saw Arnav entering inside. He didn't utter a single word and directly went to the TV. He removed his mobile from his pocket and connected it with the TV. He played the video chat conversation of Vignesh which he recorded last night.

Vignesh's face dropped its color seeing that. It was a conversation which he did with his friend.

Friend: Hey dude, is what I heard true?

Vig: What did you hear?

Fri: That you are getting married?

Vig: Did you believe that?

Fri: Then?

Vig: She seems so stubborn dude. It's one of the tricks to get her on my bed.

Fri: For that, you are ready to marry her?

Vig: Marriage my foot. Anyhow they will ask us to wait until she finishes her studies. That time period is enough for me to get close to her. She won't deny me as we are getting engaged.

Fri: But how will you escape from the marriage then?

Vig: I will deny her giving the same reason that I'm not ready to marry a girl who slept with a guy before marriage. Simple.

Fri: What a plan Dude? All the best.

Everyone's wrathful eyes were on Vignesh. Before anyone spoke, a tight slap fell on his cheek from Arnav. He punched Vignesh's face brutally and he started bleeding. Vignesh's parents tried to stop Arnav pleadingly.

Ganesh: Please forgive us. We believed his acting. I will handle him. Leave him on us. Please.

Arnav (looking at Ganesh wrathfully): I warn you. I shouldn't see him near Khushi from now onwards.

He nodded yes and slapped Vignesh.

Ganesh: I'm ashamed of you and I will never forgive you for what you have done.

He dragged him out of GH with him followed by his wife. Shashi came to Arnav and took his hands in his.

Shashi: I have no words to thank you Arnav.( Arnav shrugged his hands off.)

Arnav( shouting with full of rage): What's the urgent? What's the necessary to buy a pig in poke? Won't you get anyone other than a scoundrel? You just want to drop the burden from your shoulders right? What a father you are?
Arnav( shouting with full of rage): What's the urgent? What's necessary to buy a pig in the poke? Won't you get anyone other than a scoundrel? You just want to drop the burden from your shoulders right? What a father you are?

He heard Khushi shouting...

Khushi: Enough. (she came in front of Arnav with the same wrath) Who the hell are you questioning my dad? Who gave you the rights to do so?

Arnav got hit by reality. Of course, he just overreacted. He should not have yelled at Shashi like that. But Shashi took lead to ease the situation.

Shashi: Khushi, he was just worried about your life and...

Khushi(cutting him): Worried? And him? (she asked sarcastically) he never cares about me. Why suddenly he is acting like he is concerned about me and that too more than my father? Why?

Arnav stood there speechlessly fisting his fingers controlling himself.

NK: Khushi, he just wanted to save your life.

Khushi: oh really? What will he do if he comes to know the truth after my marriage that my husband is rough? Will, he beat him that time also? Or will he kill him? How will he protect me for my entire life?

Garima: Khushi, no one can do that except your husband. Arnav is your friend how could he sit silently knowing that your life is at stake?

NK: yes Khushi, what can he do? Should he marry you to protect you for your entire life?

Arvind: Why not? (Everyone turned towards him.) Khushi was right. Why he is overreacting to her father? Will he marry Khushi if he really cares for her?

Arnav: Yes I willllll. he shouted.

The hall got filled with pin-drop silence.

Arnav(Looking at Shashi): I will marry Khushi.

People couldn't believe what they heard can be true. But everyone was hoping inwardly as they got what they wanted. They shared their happiness through their eyes with one another. At the same time, they were hesitant to believe Arnav, as he agreed in haste because this is not a matter to rush.

Shashi: Arnav, this is not a play but a matter of two lives and also a matter of two families. You don't need to do this just because they provoked you. Leave it Arnav.

Arnav gulped looking at Khushi who looked bewildered
Arnav gulped looking at Khushi who looked bewildered.

Garima: Haan beta. You shouldn't take the decision in haste. We will take care of Khushi. You just relax. ( looking at Ratna) Say something Ratna. Why are you silent?

Ratna: Start marriage preparations Garima.

Garima (horrified): What?

Ratna: if my son is into something means he is fixed. He never takes decisions in haste. Even if it is so, he knows how to shape it up.

Everyone present at the hall was overwhelmed by Ratna's lead. Arnav was awfully proud to have such a mother. He conveyed it to Ratna by his eye which was understood by Ratna.

Shashi: Arvind... Is it really happening? Or this is just a dream? ( Arvind pinched Shashi and he jerked)

Arvind: So you are not dreaming damn it. Our children tide us together forever that too with a strong relationship.

They hugged each other blissfully. Shashi came to Arnav.

Shashi: Arnav, whatever Khushi said, please forget it. Don't keep it in your mind,

Arnav: She was not wrong uncle. I'm sorry I should not have behaved like that. I just...

Shashi: It's ok. You have all the rights to shout at me. After all, you are my son in law. He said proudly tapping his back.

Arnav felt some "spare shaped stuff" was moving from his stomach to throat. He chocked. "Son in law" How big a responsibility it is! He turned his gaze towards Khushi who was already looking at him with an unnamed expression that made him feel the same "spare" was wandering in his stomach.

To be continued..............

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