It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: February 11, 2021
Ch. 21I wont let it happen

Part 21

Besant Nagar Beach

Arnav was waiting on the beach for Shakthi. Shakthi came after 25 minutes of Arnav's impatient wait.

Shakthi: Hello Master...

Arnav: Shakthi, I want you to do something very important for me.

Shakthi: Waiting Master.

Arnav: If you see Vignesh with any girl then capture his pic with that girl.

Shakthi sensed something was terribly wrong and he knew it must be related to Khushi.

Shakthi: Sure Master, but I didn't see him for the past few days.

Arnav: Why? Aren't you in your area?

Shakthi: Of course I'm, in front of the same theater. I also discussed him with my friends. He is not coming there. I think he has changed as well.

Arnav: No. he will never change.

Shakti: But what's wrong if he changes?

Arnav: He is cheating everyone like he changed as good.

Shakti: But why are you bothering when you know very well about him? However, you won't believe him.

Arnav: He can never cheat me. but people are believing him blindly.

Shakthi: People? Who Master?

Arnav: Who else, Khushi and her father.

Shakthi: Yah, I had seen her introducing him to her father. But I thought, sister will be careful.

Arnav(irritatingly): She is not. Such a dumb she is.

Shakthi: Ohh my god. Really master? Did she agree to go to the movie with him like other girls?

Arnav: More than that. She agreed to marry him.

Shakthi (shocking): Whaaaat!!! Are you serious Master?

Arnav: They are coming to finalize tomorrow.

Shakthi: Don't she know him?

Arnav: He managed to cheat them as if he changed for Khushi.

Shakthi: why not it can be true? I saw him talking with her that day. He seemed so polite.

Arnav (frustrated): No. he won't and I won't let this marriage happen.

Shakthi: Won't you let this marriage happen or with anyone except you?

Arnav was fixed but he didn't like to deny this time. Of course, he couldn't let anyone marry Khushi. She is his Tintin.

Shakthi: Why not you open your heart up with her Master? (Arnav gulped) What are you going to do hiding your love? Are not she the one who ought to know that, Master?

Arnav (looking at the sea): We are in misunderstanding.

Shakti: Then you have to clear it first.

Arnav (wearily): I tried. But she is not even ready to listen to me. That's what her problem is. She expects me to talk, but she won't hear me fully if I ready to clear my stance.

Shakthi: May I talk to her?

Arnav (calmly): No. this is not the time for it. I have to stop this nonsense first. Let me deal with it.

Shakthi: Don't worry if you can't stop it. I will finish his chapter without thinking anything.

He said showing his arm power.

Arnav: No need. I will handle it.

Arnav bid bye to Shakthi and left the beach. Shakthi was happy as Arnav didn't deny this time. Let's see. If that Vignesh does anything smart then he is here to show his real place.

Arnav was disappointed by Shakthi's statement. Shakthi said he also was not seeing Vignesh in the particular theater these days. He might have stopped doing that to make Guptas believe him. How could he stop this marriage? Anyhow he has to do that.

Arnav saw Garima and Shashi were getting out of the car and going inside the ASHTALAXMI (Eight Laxmis) temple which is located in the same Besant Nagar Beach. But where is Khushi? If she is not with her parents then she must be at home. "ALONE". He speeded his bike up as this is a good chance to deal with her without delay. He wanted to know what's there in her mind.

Shashi stopped Garima from entering inside the temple and made her sit with him. She looked at him questioningly.

Shashi: Aren't we doing anything wrong?

Garima: I was also nervous at first but after knowing Arnav's outburst on this matter, I can say we are going on the right path.

Shashi: But Vignesh is not a good guy...

Garima(cutting him): That's what pushes Arnav to take quick action. He will be faster than you expect. Mark my words.

Shashi: I wonder. You both the mothers are looking very confident about your children but we fathers are not so strong as you guys. Hope everything will be alright.

Garima: It's because fathers believe what you are witnessing in front of your eyes. But we mothers see deep inside their hearts.

Shashi: I'm going to retire from the Navy in a year. We have no one other than Arvind's family to call as ours. That's why I voluntarily came to Chennai to settle down with them. I just want to be a part of Arvind's life. That's all that I want.

Garima: You don't need to worry. Trust me, in few days we will be relaxing. Ratna is there. She won't give up on Khushi ever, because she knew Arnav won't marry anyone other than Khushi.

Shashi: Are you sure?

Garima: Then? Didn't Arvind Bhai tell you, what he did after knowing about the proposal?

Shashi: Yes. That's what soothes me.

Garima: Now, shall we go inside the temple?

Shashi stood smilingly.


Arnav stopped his bike in front of GH and went inside. The main door was not being locked. He entered inside without caring to get permission. He strode upstairs and saw Khushi was standing there thinking something deeply.

He strode upstairs and saw Khushi was standing there thinking something deeply
She was surprised to see him. How did he come inside? Her parents might not have closed the door properly.

Khushi was taken back seeing him advancing with darting steps. He clutched her upper arms making her shattered.

Arnav: What do you think of me? Haan? He shouted angrily.

His clutch on her arms ache her as it was so harsh; still she didn't want to get out of his clutch because she knew it's nothing but his hidden love
His clutch on her arms and it ached her as it was so harsh; still, she didn't want to get out of his clutch because she knew it's nothing but his hidden love.

Khushi: I don't think anything about you. Why should I think about you? Who are you to me?

She asked him again expecting him to say "who he is to her".

Arnav: Khushi you are testing my patience a lot. Everything has a limit. Just stop it. ok?

Khushi: Mind you explain, what you are talking about?

Arnav rolled his eyes gritting his teeth in frustration.

Arnav: Why didn't you deny the proposal of Vignesh?

Khushi (keeping extreme calmness): Why should I?

Arnav (sneering): Have you gone mad? Don't you know about him?

Khushi: His father disclosed everything to my Dad. My Dad is so proud that his daughter can change someone's life.

Arnav: He won't change. Never. He is doing this with intention. Don't believe him. You will get hurt.

Khushi(shouting): What if I get hurt Arnav? Does it make difference to you?

Arnav: Of course it makes difference to me. he shouted back.

Khushi: Why? Why it makes difference?

Arnav: That's because...

Arnav got stuck. She searched for something in his eyes. Arnav's clutch on her arms got loosened. He saw his fingerprints there. He gulped looking at her.

Khushi: Trust me; it's not painting but your silence. She said with teary eyes.

Arnav turned opposite to her. Khushi clutched his wrist.

Khushi: I hope you will be part of my marriage.

That sentence provoked his manly ego but he didn't show it to her at the point in time. He knew in which way he has to show it. He made her leave his wrist and left the house. Khushi smiled seeing his vanishing figure. She lifted her hand and kissed her own arm in where Arnav's fingerprints were visible.


Arnav was roaming like a frustrated lion. This girl is crossing her limits, seriously. Don't know, where it's going to take her.

He took his mobile out and set WhatsApp status.

"You are free to choose,

But you are not free

From the consequences of

Your choice"

He waited for Khushi's reply but she disappointed him. She didn't give a reply to his status. He was irritated seeing Khushi's name in the "seen" list. In fact, she was the only one who could see his status though. He became furious and again kept a status.

"It's better to

Wait long than

to marry wrong"

This time he got the reply which made his blood boil.

"You are just my friend,

Then why you always

Come in my way,

When I want to go away?"

Arnav threw his mobile on the bed getting irritated. This girl turned so arrogant these days. It won't work if he keeps on trying this way. He has to do something which has to be the end of every non-sense.

He sat on the bed closing his eyes scratching his forehead. He opened his eyes with a spark. That spark said, he got a very good point to burn Vignesh.

Arnav sent a link to Khushi, as usual, she opened it. She frowned seeing something about "flood relief fund" in that link.

She frowned seeing something about "flood relief fund" in that link
She shared it with her friends and closed it. Arnav sighed in relief as her mobile got hacked by him. Without wasting time he sent the same link to Vignesh through Khushi's number and waited for him to open it. Within few seconds, Vignesh opened it. In few minutes he sent a message to Khushi as he donated a massive amount which was deleted by Arnav before Khushi sees it. He was ready for the next step as Vignesh's phone came under his control now.

To be continued......

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