It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: December 31, 2020
Ch. 2She is coming...


Next day

Arnav used to use small streets to avoid traffic congestion. That's the same today. When he turned his Bike in the corner of the road, someone intentionally made him fall by kicking his Bike. Thank God, he was not riding it speedily. Before he composed himself the same guy raised his hand to punch Arnav. As Arnav was Black belt in Kung-Fu, his smartness didn't work in front of Arnav. Within a minute, Arnav made him fall on the road who was bleeding badly. Arnav gave his hand to the guy to hold. Without any option left, he took Arnav’s help and stood. Arnav took him to the clinic which was in the same lane. The doctor injected him and prescribed some medicine.

Arnav: Have you had your breakfast? ( he nodded no) By the way, what is your name?

Guy: Shakthi... Shakthivel.

Arnav: Let's go.

Shakthi: Are you going to hand me over to the police?

Arnav: I will decide it later. Have something first and then you can take your medicine.

Shakthi was stunned. He can't believe that someone can treat the guy who tried to beat him. They reached the hotel and Arnav ordered breakfast for him.

Shakthi: I can't believe you betrayed someone.

Arnav(frowning): Betray? And me? What do you mean?

Shakthi: Nisha told me everything that you betrayed her.

Arnav: Nisha? Who is she?

Shakthi: How can you forget a girl whom you loved?

Arnav: Love? What non-sense?

He paused...

Now Arnav started getting what could have happened. That girl Nisha should have sent Shakthi filling his mind.

Shakthi: Don't you feel bad for that girl?

Arnav: Tell me one thing, if she loves me then would she have sent you to beat me? (Shakti was looking at him confused.) I didn't love her. I complained to her father about her instead of accepting her proposal. That's why she is angry with me.

Shakti: I'm sorry Master. I believed her blindly. But why didn't you like her?

Arnav: Not only her. I don't like LOVE.

Shakti: Then she is correct.

Arnav(frowning): What?

Shakthi: Then what? You are looking like a Hero. Even I'm getting heartache, hearing your confession against love then what about girls? That's why she wanted to beat you.

Arnav(chuckled): Love is not a matter of look. It's a matter of heart not eyes.

Shakthi: If a handsome person like you expecting like this then, it will be tough for girls. ( he said smilingly)

Arnav: Ok leave it. What are you doing?

Shakthi: Nothing. That's why I'm doing these silly things.

Arnav: Give your number. I will let you know if I come to know about any job opportunity.

Shakthi: Thank you, Master.

Arnav: Why are you calling me Master?

Shakthi: It's a kind of respect. (pause) sorry Master, I misunderstood you.

Arnav: Let it be. Because of that misunderstanding, we are friends now. Take it positively.

Shakthi: I promise Master. I won't leave that girl Nisha. I will make her run in the middle of the road.

Arnav(chuckled): No. After all, she is a girl. Her father had beaten her up when he came to know about her proposal to me. He will kill her if you do something. Please don't do that.

Shakti: You are a good person Master. I will try it. But if she asks anything related to you then I will kill her.

Arnav laughed heartedly and Shakthi joined him while holding his wounded jaw.


When Arnav was returning from the office he saw his parents were discussing something seriously.

Arvind: Chinna, you came? That's good then.

Arnav: Enna pa vishayam? (What's the matter, Dad?)

Ratna: Don't ask Chotte. Your father is in Could Nine. Utilize his time from right now. Or else we will never get his time for us.

Arnav(raising his eyebrows): Ma, don't beat around the bush. Say it clearly.

Arvind(excitedly): En friend varan da.....(My friend is coming yaar)

Arnav: Friend? Which friend?

Arvind: Shashi is coming.

Ratna(eagerly): Garima also.

Arnav: You mean...

Ratna: Yes he is coming with his family.

Arnav got stuck. Does that mean Khushi is coming here? How could he forget her? The only girl who he cannot stop being close to him. "PORT BLAIR" knows them very well. She was the best companion of Arnav even though she was seven years younger than him. Till now he didn't get such a buddy like her. Every beach of Andaman Islands tells their stories.

What will he say when she asks "why did he stop talking with her?" He should find some excuses. But will she accept his excuses? She is the only girl who dares to question him, scold him and even hit him. A smile crept on his face and he took a seat beside Ratna. He saw some snaps in Ratna's hand. They seem to have completely drowned in old memories.

Arnav: Ma, What's that?

Ratna: Photos chinna. See how Khushi looks.

NK(snatching the pic): Wow... Ma, Do you remember when this photo was taken?

Ratna: Of course. Six years ago, In Kolkata. When we went to Captain Banerji's daughter's wedding.

Arnav saw the photo by the corner of the eyes. She looked so infancy. A cute smile crept on Arnav's face.

Arnav: Eppo Varanga? ( when will they come?)

Arvind: In two days.

Arnav: I will help you to prepare the guest room.

Arvind: No need Chinna. They will land directly at our house next door.

Arnav(confused): But why?

Arvind: They are coming on Shashi's transfer. At least for the next three years, they will be here.

That's it. Arnav's face changed its charms. It will be better if she will come as a guest. It will get finished in a few days. But she's staying here permanently does not give him a good feeling. It will lead them to problems. He knows how Khushi was. What if she expects the same from him? And more than that Shashi and Arvind are best friends like TWIN SOULS. He should not do anything which could hurt them.

Arvind and Ratna could read Arnav's hesitation and they were also afraid of it.

Arvind: Chinna relax. Khushi is a brilliant girl. She will understand.

Arnav: Hope so. And don't be scared. Because of me, you guys won't face any problems.

NK: Don't worry Naanav, Khushi lived in almost all the cities of India. She would have seen many handsome guys than you. It's not necessary to be scared. She has a better choice than you. (he said teasingly)

Arvind: Yes. I agree.

Somewhere it touched Arnav's manly EGO. He didn't like the way NK described Khushi's stance. But NK was not wrong. He knows Khushi's easy-going nature. She will get attached to anyone so easily. She was brought up in that style. "INDIAN NAVY".

Arvind and Shashi serviced together in INDIAN NAVY years ago. Arvind had come "out of service" after his tenure got over while Shashi is continuing his service. Now he got a transfer to Chennai. So they are shifting here.

Arnav and Khushi were together in PORT BLAIR, ANDAMAN ISLANDS for five years. Arvind got his transfer to Port Blair when Arnav was thirteen years. Shashi was also got his transfer in the same year to Port Blair. He shifted with his little family. Khushi was six years then. She was studying in the second standard. She looks so cute with her two ponytails.

Arnav liked to tease her anytime. And he likes it very much when she screams his name like "Aalllllav" irritatingly. She had a problem in pronouncing "R". So it was Allav. She didn't change it even after starting to pronounce "R" properly. Arnav has never left her in peace so did Khushi. She always hanging on his neck or travelling on his back, "Piggyback" was her all-time favourite.

As days passed their bond got stronger only by teasing each other. When Arvind decided to leave NAVY SERVICE and settle down in Chennai due to his mother's health issue, The Port Blair's Airport became a war field because of Khushi's cry. She was not ready to leave Arnav. She cried hugging his neck and circling his waist by her legs. Arnav just finished his schooling at that time. Shashi snatched crying Khushi forcefully from Arnav. First-time Arnav couldn't tolerate her cry who always liked to irritate her. They heard Khushi's Allav.... till they were boarding into the flight. Arnav felt bad for Khushi when Shashi called Arvind and said that Khushi fell sick by her continues crying.

Arnav came out of his memories when he heard his phone bell. He ignored the call as he was not in the mood to speak to anyone. He was disturbed. He didn't in touch with her doesn't mean he doesn't know anything about her as his family was in full touch with them. Arvind and Shashi get to meet often without missing any opportunity.

For the last time, he met her ten years ago. He didn't get a chance when he wanted to meet her. When he got several chances he didn't want to meet her. He knows that she kept on asking about him to his parents. But Arnav was not in the state of mind to encourage her relationship like before.

Arnav was getting nervous. Neither he can't avoid Khushi nor can he be friendly with her like before. He was not ready to get hurt. He couldn't believe anyone. She might have been sweet at childhood, but definitely, it's not possible now. Girls change their mind like a costume when they get the best. They do not think of switching. Girls are grabbing bad qualities with them when they are growing. He can't let anyone near him. He was not ready for any heartbreak. He is living his life peacefully. It's more than enough.

But the question is... She is his childhood friend. Then why he is thinking too much about her and her relationship? Why can't he be relaxed? It's because...

Ratna wanted Khushi as her Bahu.

To be continued......

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