It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: January 20, 2021
Ch. 19Angel in RED

Part 19

Arvind took NK and LA to complete all the formalities in the college hostel. They submitted the Xerox copy of their marriage certificate and got permission to check out of the hostel. Khushi came to help LA in arranging things in her room.

LA: Poor Archana will be alone in the hostel room.

Khushi: Poor Nanne also will be alone in his room.

LA(whispering): If you are so much concerned for Nanne then make your Allav agree to marriage soon.

Khushi: Allav and marriage? You guys are never going to be in the same room.

LA hit her shoulder playfully. Ratna came to LA's room to check either she is ok or not.

Ratna: Are you comfortable here?

LA: Of course Amma more than our hostel room.

Khushi: With Ratna aunt's delicious food. She chuckled.

LA: Yes. she is right.

Ratna: Lavanya, don't mistake me. May I know about your family?

LA: Why not Amma? Sure. I have lost my parents when I was in high school. My mother's brother became my guardian. He took over the responsibility of all our property. The new respect, which he got from the people, changed him upside down. He thought he would lose the luxurious life if I get married. So he wanted me to marry a man who would be in his control.

Ratna: Isn't there any other person in your family?

LA: My Maami, Maama's wife. she is so sweet and treats me like her own sister. She supported me when I want to study.

Ratna: What's her stance in your marriage?

LA: She is the one who warned me about Maama today morning. That's why we got alert before my Mama reached here.

Ratna: Thank God, there is someone for you in your family.

LA: Amma, aren't you upset with us right?

Ratna: I don't know what to say. As a mother, I want both of my sons to be happy. Yes, I'm upset with you guys because Chinna's stance about marriage makes me worry. At the same time, he definitely needs a push. I'm so glad about my children because they are selfless. What else other than a mother wants more?

LA: Thank you for understanding us Amma.

Ratna: Let's see from where he will get a bride. She said looking at Khushi.

Khushi looked at her jerking.

Khushi(pretending): Don't know who that poor girl will be.

La (smilingly): We will get to know that soon. Right, Amma?

Ratna: Of course, anyhow cat should come out of the box. She smirked.

Khushi pretended like she was not affected. She thought something.

Khushi: I'm going.

LA: What happened?

Khushi: I'm sleepy. I'm roaming here and there from the morning.

Ratna: Have dinner and go. Call Garima also.

Khushi: No aunty, I'm not in an eating mood.

She left the room. He saw NK was sitting in the living room.

Khushi: What Groom is doing?

NK: Watching TV.

Khushi(sarcastically): You are the only Groom who is watching TV instead of Bride.

Khushi smiled seeing his blush. She sensed someone's gaze on her. She looked in the direction; Arnav looked down at his mobile pretending, leaning on the wall.

Khushi (gritting her teeth): Kadoos kahika. He and his marriage.....

NK: Did you say something?

Khushi: Nothing. See you tomorrow.

NK: Good night.

Khushi: Good night. Sweeeeet dreams. She giggled making NK scratch his head.

Next day.

Khushi didn't go to the shopping and Arnav as well. He never likes to do shopping, especially with women. It's so irritating... seriously. Khushi went to the college as Anjali called her to discuss the project.

Lavanya and NK both selected a pink color designer saree and Ratna liked it so much. Ratna selected a saree for Khushi. Garima laughed at her.

Garima: Saree? For Khushi?

Ratna: Why?

Garima: She won't like saree.

Ratna: Tell her, it's me who bought it for her. She will wear.

Garima(sighed): Ok.. you and your doll...

As Ratna expected, Khushi liked it a lot making Garima surprise.

Garima: Are you sure Khushi, are you going to wear this saree?

Garima: Are you sure Khushi, are you going to wear this saree?
Khushi(frowning): Haan. Why? Don't you like it?

Garima: Of course I like it. But you never wore a saree...

Khushi: It's because I never got a chance. You never insisted me to wear a saree.

Garima: I thought you don't like saree.

Khushi: I like this saree.

She went smilingly leaving Garima all surprised.

NK and LA's Reception

The marriage hall was shining with colorful lights. NK and LA were standing on the stage. After all, they were the center of attraction today. But something different attracted our HERO. Of course, it's our HEROIN who was in the RED saree which was given by Ratna.

Arnav's breath ditched him when he saw Khushi in Red saree. He was mesmerized by the enthralling beauty. Until yesterday this girl was looking different but today she made him forget his own self. She was looking like an Angel. He didn't know a girl will be this much beautiful in a saree. It feels like, the moon came down from the sky, draping saree. His eyes followed her wherever she goes.

Khushi was suffocating to face "this" Arnav who was being completely spellbound on her
Khushi was suffocating to face "this" Arnav who was being completely spellbound on her. She was startled seeing his penetrating gaze which was burning her literally. He was never been this kind. His eyes speak a lot today but why can't he say a single word verbally?

His eyes speak a lot today but why can't he say a single word verbally?
Khushi rushed to Anjali and Shyam who were here to attend the reception. She greeted them and took them to the stage. Shyam saw Arnav was heading towards them. He stopped and held Anjali's hand. Anjali smiled seeing Arnav. Shyam hugged him as they meet after a long gap. Shyam dragged him to the stage with them, didn't give ear to Arnav's words.

Shyam and Anjali wished the Groom and Bride. Photographer asked them to stand straight for the snap. Khushi stood beside LA, while Anjali, Shyam, and Arnav stood beside NK. But the photographer didn't feel it perfect as it didn't look equal. He asked Arnav to come near Khushi. Arnav moved towards Khushi without delay and stood beside her which surprised everyone.

Photographer: Perfect. Smile...

They smiled, he captured a picture of old, new, and to be couple's together.

Arnav took Shyam and Anjali to the dining. Anjali asked Khushi to give them company. But she denied it as no one from their family ate yet. She saw Shakthi managing the dining area. He came towards her.

Shakti: Do you want anything Sister?

Khushi: They are our professors. Please treat them special.

Shakthi: Sure.

Shakti took care of them more than Khushi expected. Khushi gave send off to Shyam and Anjali. When she came inside, she saw Vignesh was standing looking at her pleadingly. She went crossing him without giving any heed.

Vignesh: Khushi one minute... please...

Khushi didn't stop and took another step. He came before her and pleaded.

Vignesh: Please Khushi; I'm really sorry for my behavior. I couldn't tolerate it when you blocked me because I love you so much.

Khushi was shocked to the core. She looked at him speechless. Shakti saw Vignesh talking with Khushi. Vignesh was so familiar to Shakti. He wanted to warn Khushi but being a stranger, how could he even do that? He stayed there looking at them, if Vignesh does anything wrong then he is here to break his bones.

Vignesh: Khushi, I don't know how to express my love. That's why I did wrong. But I realized my mistake when you went away from me. Trust me. Vignesh; who is standing in front of you is a changed man. You can test me if you aren't ready to believe me. I will do whatever you say. Promise.

Khushi was getting irritated by his confession. Here, she already is in another tension, adding to it, this idiot is making her annoying. How dare he comment on facebook publicly? More than that, he misbehaved with her. Now he is talking like an innocent. She wanted to give him a strong slipper shot.

She was about to shout at him, but she saw Arnav was coming towards them wrathfully. She knew what's going to happen. Arnav will beat him for sure. Anyone could easily say that, seeing his face. But what's the use of hitting him again? Why not she uses this chance in her favor?

She changed her expression swiftly and smiled at Vignesh. Arnav's steps slowed down seeing her smile. He fisted his fingers in anger. He didn't hear their talks as he was enough far from them.

At the same time, Shakti amazed seeing Khushi's sudden changed expression after seeing Arnav. He saw Khushi stealing a glance of Arnav while talking with Vignesh. Somehow he understood the drama. He decided to help Khushi to pour oil into the fire.

Khushi: But whatever you did is not right Vignesh.

Vig: I know Khushi. That's why I want your apology.

Khushi: you are forgiven.

Vig(excitedly): Really Khushi?

Khushi nodded yes.

Vignesh: That's what I liked in you Khushi.

She nodded her head smilingly and took a step away from him. Khushi saw Shashi was coming with Garima.

Shashi: Khushi let's go to the dining.

Khushi's next move poured oil into Arnav's angry fire. He couldn't understand what was going on.

Khushi: Dad, he is Vignesh. My friend.

Shashi shook hand with Vignesh.

Shashi: What are doing Vignesh?

Vignesh: I'm helping my father in his business uncle.

Shashi: That's good. What's your father doing?

Vignesh: He is running textiles in T. Nagar. Ganesh is his name.

Shashi: Ohh that Ganesh? I know him. I have met him while going jogging.

Vignesh: Yes uncle, he regularly goes jogging.

Shashi: What about you?

Vignesh: I'm working out in the gym.

Shashi: That's nice. Let's join us.

Vignesh: I already ate uncle. Thank you. I have to go.

Shashi: Ok bye. Khushi, come.

Khushi: Dad, I will eat with LA and NK. You just carry on.

Shashi: Ok.

Shakti approached Arnav with worry.

Shakti: Master, he is not a good guy. Please tell Khushi to don't talk to him.

Arnav: How do you know about him?

Shakti: I have seen him with many girls at the theater in my area. That's the theater, where there won't be crowded. (Arnav looked at him gulping.) Please ask her to stay away from him Master. A girl like Khushi shouldn't even stand beside him. it will ruin her reputation.

Didn't Arnav know that? But does it even matter that Vignesh is good or bad? He doesn't want her to talk to anyone. That's what matters.

In no time Arnav reached Khushi furiously. He dragged her to the next room and closed the door.

Khushi(shockingly): What are you doing?

Arnav: What are you (he stressed) doing? (he asked gritting his teeth)
Arnav: What are you (he stressed) doing? (he asked gritting his teeth)

Seems like, it started burning. Khushi took an oath to not smile at any cost.

Khushi: I'm going to eat.

Arnav: I'm not asking about it. What the hell are you doing with Vignesh?

Khushi: Ohhh... nothing.

Arnav: Why did you talk to him?

Khushi: He apologized for his misbehavior. Poor guy, he is repenting a lot.

Arnav: Are you crazy? He apologized and you forgave him?

Khushi: Of course yes. Everyone deserves a chance. At least... he said what he feels, unlike others.

Arnav rolled his eyes annoying.

Arnav: Stop talking to him Khushi. I warn you.

Khushi (coolly): Warn? Who are you to warn me? (pause) ohhh yeah, I knew, you are so concern about my father, his goodwill, my family reputation. That's why I introduced him to my father. So you no need to bother about it, because my father knows better than you and he will take care of everything. Because he loves me more than anyone does.

She said with attitude and about to left, Arnav stopped her blocking her way
She said with attitude and about to left, Arnav stopped her blocking her way.

Arnav: Do you have any idea, what you are doing Khushi? (khushi meets in his eyes) Stop doing this Khushi
Arnav: Do you have any idea, what you are doing Khushi? (Khushi meets in his eyes) Stop doing this Khushi. You will repent.

Khushi: You no need to bother about it.

Khushi shrugged off his hand and left. Arnav stood there with unnamed rage. He didn't like what Khushi did a few minutes ago. It will definitely lead her into trouble. What happened to this girl? Why the hell she is pulling his wrong nerves? He searched for Vignesh. But his good time he already fled. Arnav punched the nearby wall disappointedly. Shakti smiled seeing Arnav's frustration as something interesting is going to come.

To be continued.........

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