It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: January 19, 2021
Ch. 18Unexpected

Part 18

Ratna circled the thali to welcome the newly wedded couple. Lavanya stepped inside RM putting her right leg first.

Ratna gave a banana and a glass of milk to Garima to feed to NK and LA because this ritual should perform by an aunt. Garima asked them to share a banana and milk as they are going to share everything in their life here on.

Elders were waiting for panditji's arrival to finalize the Reception date and also "shubmoorath" (Good time) for NK and La's First night. Groom and Bride were asked to sit in the nearby rooms. Ratna looked tension as everything happened in hurry.

Ratna: My God, I don't know what to do. I'm going to prepare for lunch.

Garima: Don't be panic Ratna. I'm here to help.

Ratna: Ok then, I and Garima will prepare lunch. Until then Nandu you go to your room and Khushi beta, be with LA. Ok?

Khushi(chuckled): Sure aunty. She said suppressing her laugh.

NK scratched his head blushing.

Khushi (whispering in La's ear): Poor baby. But don't worry it's all until night only. After that.........ahem ahem she said teasingly.

Khushi was puzzled seeing LA was not reacting. LA caught hold of Ratna's hand and stopped her.

LA: Amma...

Ratna overwhelmed hearing Amma from LA.

Ratna(touching her cheek): Solluda. (Tell me, dear)

LA: I would like to talk to NK. Will you please allow me?

Ratna nodded yes smilingly. She left the room along with Garima and Khushi. Garima dragged Khushi with her to the kitchen.

La: NK, I want to talk to you.

NK: I too want to talk to you...


After a while, Panditji arrived at RM. Arnav went to his room as that would be elder people's talk. Khushi was also sent to GH.

Panditji: Coming Sunday is a good day for Reception. And today is a good day to perform the first night. But after 9: 50 pm.

Arvind: Thank you Panditji.

Ratna: Do you want Chinna to drop you?

Panditji: No no. I came by bike. No thanks.

They gave send off to Panditji.

Arvind: I will call the marriage assembler to make today night's arrangements and also for Reception.

Ratna nodded ok. They saw NK and La coming out of the room.

NK: We want to talk to you guys.

Arvind: Tell me Nandu.

NK: Actually, I shouldn't have got married before my elder brother. But circumstance led us to do so. I'm really sorry about that Dad.

Arvind: Don't be sorry. We can understand.

Ratna: He is right. You no need to be sorry. We knew you.

NK: Thank you, Mom. But we don't want to be more selfish. So...

Arvind: So?

NK: Reception will happen on Sunday. But we are not ready for the first night.

Ratna(shockingly): What!!! What do you mean Nandu?

NK: Yes ma, we will wait until Naanav gets married.

Ratna and Arvind went speechless. They didn't know what to say, as words weren't come out of their throats. But they heard... "Are you crazy?" Yes... it's none other than Arnav.

Arnav(gritting his teeth): This is complete rubbish. Are you in your sense? Don't you know what I'm going through? What the hell is this NK?

NK: I know Naanav. I shouldn't have got married before you. So now, I have to do this.

Arnav: Are you mad? I have no idea about my marriage. Don't you know that?

NK: I knew that that's why I want to do this. So, you will think about your marriage at least for me.

Arnav (rolled his eyes): Don't be selfish. Think about your wife.

LA: Actually it's my decision too, Anna. (Arnav frowned) We have no problem with, what will be your reaction. But what we decided is final. We are going to wait until you get married, no matter what. And this is my final year. Let me finish my Master'.

Arnav, Arvind, Ratna, Garima all were stunned including Khushi who just came to tease LA about her first night.

Ratna: LA and NK, you just please leave it on us. Chinna's marriage will take time. Please don't get committed to unwanted issues. We are so much fine with your marriage. Try to understand.

LA: Amma, please. We decided on it. We will be firm in that. No matter what. She said sternly.

Arnav turned his head sighing and saw Khushi looking at him with her rooted gaze.

Arnav turned his head sighing and saw Khushi looking at him with her rooted gaze
Don't know why he didn't like to take his eyes off her. And to his surprise, Khushi was also in the same state. She was really upset with LA and NK's decision. Arnav and Marriage? Then these two could never get together.

LA: Amma, I will stay in the Guest room.

Saying, she left to her room... to the guest room which is going to be her room from here on. Khushi rushed behind her. Ratna sighed wearily.

NK: Mom, I'm hungry. You know that I didn't eat properly in the morning.

Ratna nodded yes touching his head. She gestured to Garima. She followed Ratna to the Kitchen to start preparation. Arnav sat there not getting anything. He can handle NK easily. But how could he even talk to La about this sensitive issue when she looks so firm in her decision?

In Guest Room.

Khushi pulled LA's hand to stop her from moving away.

Khushi(frustrated): What is this La? What the hell are you guys decided? If you wait until he gets married then you can never get together. (sighed) Don't you know him?

LA: No Khushi. We know nothing about him. Today's incidents are examples. Whatever we saw today is unknown to us. He cares for NK and loves NK so much. Didn't you see how he stood for us? And how he made the toughest issue easier? So we believe, he will say yes to marriage soon.

Khushi: I don't think it will happen.

LA: He didn't show his emotions, doesn't mean he didn't care Khushi. Who else other than you know that?

Khushi (looking at somewhere): You look overconfident LA.

LA: Let it be.

Khushi(gritting her teeth): You both are idiots.

She started moving out disappointedly. LA clutched her hand and didn't let her go.

LA: Khushi... get ready.

Khushi(frowning): For?

La(whispering): To get married to Arnav Anna
La(whispering): To get married to Arnav Anna.

Khushi's eyes popped out like ever before.

Khushi: What rubbish are you talking about?

LA(sarcastically): Rubbish? Really Khushi? Yes, we are overconfident because we knew that he can't hold himself in front of your charms.

La could see Khushi's hands were shivering. She stammered...

Khushi: Ohhh... it's not... like that.

LA: You knew very well "IT IS". (whispering) Please don't make us wait for long. She chuckled.

Khushi shrugged La's hand and rushed outside. She banged on Arnav who was crossing the room. She was about to fall, Arnav circled her waist and dragged her close to him protectively. They forgot themselves for a while in each other's eyes... in their first unofficial hug. LA who came following Khushi swallowed her chuckle and left, didn't want to disturb them.

Khushi came to her sense and looked at LA's room. She sighed as she didn't find LA there. She tried to pull herself out of his arms but she couldn't, as his grip on her waist was not so loose and he looked lost in her. Khushi started breathing hard seeing intensity of his eyes.

Khushi: Arnav, leave me
Khushi: Arnav, leave me..... She said pushing him.

Arnav got his sense. He took his hands off her waist.

Arnav: Careful. He said reading her nervousness.

Khushi left RM hurriedly. She wanted to be alone for a while. La's sudden Marriage talk of her and Arnav made her nervous. And adding to it, Arnav's intense gaze..... She closed her eyes to control her heartbeat. Why the hell he looked at her like that? Why he looked so lost? Actually what the hell is there in his bloody heart? Will Arnav say yes to marry her as LA said? Seriously? She fell on the bed, closing her eyes, pulling the quilt over her.


Ratna and Garima finished cooking.

Ratna: Garima... call Khushi for the lunch. I will arrange everything on the table.

Garima: Give me ten minutes to get fresh.

Ratna: Ok come fast.

Garima left nodding ok.

Ratna started arranging food on the table. Everyone gathered at dining but none of them talked but ate silently. Garima took lead.

Garima: Ratna, what's the plan for the Reception? We have to do a lot of arrangements. We have to shop for La's attires.

Ratna: we will complete the shopping tomorrow. (looking at Arvind) Are you available tomorrow?

Arvind: Yah, I will go to the office only if needed.

Garima: That's great. Khushi, will you come with us or will go to college?

LA: How could she go to college Aunty? She will be with me. Right, Khushi?

Khushi: No LA, Anjali ma'am called me to come to the college tomorrow to discuss my project.

LA's face hung hearing that. Arnav observed that Khushi was strongly avoiding looking at him.

Garima: I know you guys are upset with NK and LA's decision but I'm so glad, at least they let us knew about it. What would have happened if they kept it a secret? We would be relaxed, thinking that, they are happy. Anyhow LA is studying. She will complete her Masters's this year. Until then give her time because anything can be changed. None of us would have thought that today NK and LA would get married. Our whole family structure got changed within a few hours. A new member gave her entry. So be cheerful. Give them some time. Everything will be alright.

Still, everyone was silent but their expressions changed except Arnav. He couldn't take it easy because NK and LA were doing this for him.

After lunch, Arnav came to Ratna's room. Ratna read a painful expression on his face.

Ratna: Chinna, are you alright?

Arnav: How could I be Mom?

Ratna: I can understand Chinna, but what can we do? It's their decision. Garima is right. They let us know about it at least.

Arnav: But they are doing this for me and it's irking me, Mom.

Ratna: But it's not out of your control right?

Arnav: What do you mean??

Ratna: Get married.

Arnav: Mom..... he rolled his eyes.

Ratna: That's the only solution to this problem.

Arnav closed his eyes in frustration. Ratna made him sit on the couch and she also sat beside him.

Ratna: Relax Chinna, everything will be alright. Give some time.

Arnav nodded yes.

Arnav(hesitatingly): Ma...

Ratna: Yes Chinna.

Arnav: You knew that NK loves La for a long right?

Ratna: Yes. Khushi told me.

Arnav: Then why did you ask NK to marry Khushi?

Ratna faced a hard time not smiling.

Ratna: That's why I asked him because I want him to confess about LA. I thought he would disclose his love for LA. But he disappointed me. (she said disappointedly) See, what is the use of being a friendly mother? My son is not opening his heart to me then? (She said observing his reaction.) I wish Nandu would have been like you. (Arnav stiffened himself) I knew you won't hide anything from me just like Khushi.

Arnav was suffocating in front of his mother. He himself is not clear about his own feeling than what would he say? And adding to it, this Khushi is always ready to fight with him. What could he do? And how? Khushi......

But Arnav Darling, why are you thinking about Khushi now? What's the connection between your marriage and Khushi? Hope you will get the answer soon...

To be continued..........

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