It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: January 18, 2021
Ch. 17Love Savior

Part 17

Arnav was noticing NK from the morning. He looks nervous... Hell nervous... It was clearly visible on his face.

Arnav: NK, are you all right?

NK: of course I'm good... Soo good... Why Naanav?( He blurts)

Arnav: You look nervous.

NK: Oh... Office tension.

He stammered which made Arnav suspicious.


Arnav was having his breakfast and saw Khushi hurrying inside RM asking for NK.

Khushi: Aunty, Nanne left, or what?

Ratna: No beta. He is getting ready. What happened?

Khushi: I just want a lift on his bike. That's all.

Ratna: What about your bike?

Khushi: Ohhh Mmmm... haan, puncture... Puncture.

She said smiling like an idiot which made Arnav more suspicious. At the same time, NK reached the dining and saw Khushi. They shared a glance, which was full of tension. Arnav started having breakfast without reacting but keeping his gaze on them. Something is fishy. Maybe, they are in trouble because NK never takes anything seriously. He always looks cool, unlike Arnav.

NK: Mom, I'm in hurry. I will grab something on my way.

Now it makes sense because NK never prefers outside food.

Ratna: Nooo. Have your Breakfast and leave. I know how much you fond of outside food and I'm sure you won't eat anything. Khushi you too have little.

Without any choice, they started having it hurriedly which surprised Ratna.

Ratna: Nandu slowly. It will chock in your throat. My god...

In two minutes they finished breakfast and left. When they came out of the home NK gasped in relief.

Khushi: we should hurry up Nanne.

NK: yah let's go.


NK and Khushi reached the backside of the Bus station. It was a little aloof from the crowd. They found La there. NK got worried about seeing La weeping.

NK: La please don't cry. I'm here.

La: Don't you know about my uncle? He is a dangerous man. He will catch me at any cost. I'm scared NK.

NK: Won't you believe me?

La: But what will you do? He will take me to our home town and get me married to the man who is in his control. (she cried)

NK: LA please let me think. We will definitely get a solution.

That's when they heard "what Solution?"

They horrified seeing Arnav was standing there with a stern expression.

They horrified seeing Arnav was standing there with stern expression
NK and Khushi got hell nervous. Arnav here? No way. Here, they are already in a cliff hanger, and adding to it, Arnav came here to push them into it?

NK: Naanav.. I just....( he stammered)

Arnav ran his eyes on them one by one as if he was reading their mind. To everyone's surprise, La took lead and came in front of Arnav.

La( with joining hand): Please help us. I really love NK. Please don't separate us.

Arnav gulped at once.

Arnav: Think one last time.

Everyone got confused about, what he wants La to think. NK supposed to say something, Arnav stopped him by showing his palm.

Arnav: Because if I entered into the matter, you will be under my scan for your entire life. There will not be any chance for your separation and you have to stay in the relationship at any cost. You can't back off. Ever...

It made everyone go numb. Doesn't he sound like a Love Savior? La turned her face and looked at NK who was standing beside her. Arnav got her point and replied to her.

Arnav: NK may look little playful but he will do anything to keep his beloved ones with him, and one more thing, if I expect third person like you to be firm in this relationship, then think about what I will do to my Brother
Arnav: NK may look a little playful but he will do anything to keep his beloved ones with him, and one more thing, if I expect a third person like you to be firm in this relationship, then think about what I will do to my Brother. I will kill him if he does anything wrong and I know there will not be any chance for it. I know my Brother.

NK was overwhelmed. He hugged Arnav instantly. He never thought that Arnav trusts him to this extent. And that too in the matter, he never liked. "LOVE".

LA( smilingly): No one can ever get this much assurance of their life. There is nothing to think. I'm happy that you will be there for us.

NK: You have no idea how much happy I'm.

He hugged Arnav again to express his real happiness. Arnav looked at Khushi who was in the same state of happiness and he can sense her relief.

She looked at Arnav for few seconds without turning her face after a long time
She looked at Arnav for few seconds without turning her face after a long time. It gave him a sweet pleasure.

Arnav excused himself from them and went a little aloof to make some calls. There was no stress on NK's face. He looked relax which made Khushi surprise.

Khushi: Looks like someone is relaxing.

NK(chuckled): Obviously. Why fear when Naanav is here?

Khushi: Too much of belief? Don't believe him. He can change at any time. She teased.

She teased
NK: Never. If Naanav gets into something or he promised something then he will make it possible at any cost, No matter what. He won't sit until it gets finished.

Khushi: Let's see. What will he do?

They saw Arnav coming towards them. At the same time, they saw a cab came in front of them and also a guy. He was Arnav's friend whose home located near the Bus terminus. He got down from the cab and took NK's bike with him.

Arnav: Thank you, Suresh. I will take it from your house later ( Suresh nodded and went. Arnav turned to NK) Get inside the cab and follow me. ( He started his Bike and they started following Arnav without any clue) They are watching him talking on the blue tooth throughout the way.

Finally, they reached the destination and everyone awe struck. They were standing at the Register office. Arnav stopped his bike. They saw a guy hurried to Arnav. He is Arnav's friend who was Sub Register.

Guy: Arnav please wait for some time. There are some formalities to complete. We should have been submitted the papers before one month which we didn't, but don't worry I will manage. ( saying he went inside)

NK: Naanav, are you serious? Did you arrange our marriage?

Arnav: Then? What will you do? Are you going to run from her Uncle like movies?

NK: But Mom and Dad...

That' when they saw Arvind, Ratna, and Garima entering inside the vicinity. NK was shocked, seeing them. He looked at Arnav who was standing there smiling at NK's expression.

Arnav: what do you think I will make you get married like a thief?

NK bowed down. Arvind came there and lifted his chin.

Arvind: Stand straight my son. You didn't do anything wrong to bow. In fact, you should feel proud for getting success in your love.

Arnav passed a glance to Khushi who was looking at Arvind smilingly. Ratna came to La who was hiding behind Khushi.

Ratna(smilingly): I think it's enough of Hide and Seek game
Ratna(smilingly): I think it's enough of the "Hide and Seek game". You will become my Daughter-in-law in few minutes, still, you are hiding?

La: I'm sorry Aunty I just...

NK: Ma, I'm sorry for getting married before Naanav.

Ratna: Shh... don't think anything. Actually, Khushi has already told about your Love issue long before. (Everyone is surprised and looked at Khushi. She nodded yes) this is your big day. Enjoy it.

Garima: You are very lucky to have such a friendly mother-in-law, no one can get LA. Hold her firm. ( she said teasingly)

That sentence pricked Khushi's heart and she couldn't hold herself from glancing at Arnav who was already looking at her, as if he was keen to know her reaction to that statement. In no time she turned her face to hide her tears which was also noticed by Arnav. He swallowed his emotions closing his eyes.

NK tied the nuptial thread on La's neck. They exchanged Grand lands and signed in the register. Arvind and Ratna signed as NK's witnesses. Arnav signed for LA and passed the pen to Garima. Garima looked at Khushi smilingly and asked her showing the pen-like "do you want to sign?" Khushi was delighted and took it from Garima. She bent down to sign. She stopped seeing Arnav's signature and rotated the pen. She signed very close to his signature, touching it purposely. Arnav gulped hard who was witnessing the scene. But she didn't look at him. She hugged La and wished her.

Khushi got a call on her mobile and went outside
Khushi got a call on her mobile and went outside. She rushed inside at the same speed. Arnav saw that and he moved towards her.

Arnav: What happened Khushi?

She moved, pushing him back and he got hit on the wall.

Khushi: Shhhh don't go. Call the police.

Arnav: What!!

Khushi: Some Gunda's are here.

Arnav understood it might be La's uncle's fellows. He was about to go. Khushi pushed him more nodding no. Arnav looked at her hinting at their position. Khushi pulled herself from him hurriedly. She was looking here and there. Arnav silently went from there smirking.

When he came out he heard "master". He was none other than Shakti. Arnav smiled at him.

Arnav: Hey what are you doing here?

Shakti: I came here to "knock" someone.

Arnav: whom you want to "knock"?

Shakti: A guy eloped with a girl. Her uncle hired me to do that. I got the information that they are here.

Arnav: Don't you know who he is?

Shakti: No master. Do you see him?

Arnav: Yeah.

Shakti: where is he?

Arnav: In front of you.

Shakti: what!!

Arnav: It's me. He is none other than my brother. I got them married.

They saw everyone was coming out. Shakti gestured his fellows to leave. They left the place confusingly.

Arvind: Chinna, who is he?

Arnav: My friend Dad. Shakti, he is my father.

Shakti was hesitating to the core because until now no one ever introduced him to their family. He smiled at him. Khushi was looking at him awed. She saw him shouting but suddenly how he became so calm?

They saw La's uncle's car entering inside the register office premises. LA became nervous seeing him getting down from the car.

La's uncle(looking at Shakti): What the hell are you doing here? For what I sent you man?

Shakti: Anand sir, everything is over. They got married. She is a major. You can do anything. And for your kind information, you will never get such a reputed family than this. So bless them.

Anand: I don't need your advice. I know what to do.

La(came forward): Mama(uncle) one minute. She forwarded some "stamp paper" towards him. I and my husband have signed these papers. You can write whatever you want. We don't want the property for which you are restricting me. Please let me live my life happily at least from here on.

Not only Anand but also everyone who present there was dumbfounded.

NK: Yes sir, if you thought that I married her for her property then change your mind. I love LA, not her property. We won't interfere in your life. We expect the same from you.

He stuffed those papers in Anand's hand and circled La's shoulder. Anand stood there shockingly looking at those papers given by NK. He didn't expect this. He never imagined people like NK could exist.

Shakti: Didn't I say, you will never find a family like this who gives more importance to people than money?

They left the premise.

Shakti: Sir please come and have some snacks and coffee.

Arvind: It's ok Shakti. We have to arrange many things as this marriage held hurriedly.

Arnav: Don't worry dad. We will manage everything. Don't deny Shakti's offer. He is not what you are seeing. Right, Shakti?

Shakti's eyes went wide and he nodded no. Arnav smiled at him. Khushi got mesmerized seeing him smiling. How cute he looks while smiling...

Khushi(murmuring):Why the hell he is so scrimp in smiling?
Khushi(murmuring): Why the hell he is so scrimp in smiling?

She didn't know, the person whom she was scolding heard it and smirked too. They went to the coffee shop which was next to the "register office". It was a self-service shop. Khushi asked everyone to get seated and she started serving. Arnav and Shakti took the last table and started chitchatting.

Arnav: What happened to your mobile? I tried once when there was a job opportunity at my company. But it was always switched off.

Shakti: I have missed my mobile master. See, this is what my fortune is. Seems like, I will be like this for my whole life.

Arnav: Don't lose hope. You will get a better job.

Shakti observed Arnav, that he was stealing a glance of Khushi. He smiled inwardly. Khushi served snacks and coffee to everyone and finally, she came to Arnav's table. She kept only one cup of coffee in front of Shakti and turned to leave.

Shakti: Sister, won't you give me?

Khushi: This is for you only.

Before Shakti takes the cup, Arnav took it and sipped. Khushi's jaw dropped. She kept another cup and left. Arnav wondered because there was no sugar in his coffee. Shakti smiled inwardly. Because he knew Arnav doesn't like girls.

Shakti: What's the matter master? Seems like you are in..... he dragged his stance without completing it.

Arnav(cutting him): I'm not in love with Khushi.

Shakti: But I didn't mean that nor I didn't take her name but you. I just wanted to say that you are in a happy mood today.

Arnav was tongue-tied. Why did he take Khushi's name here?

Shakti: If you are in love, just say it, because life has no guarantee. We don't know what will happen next.

Arnav: She is my childhood friend.

Shakti: Friend in childhood. What about now?

Arnav was about to say something but Arvind called him.

Arvind: we are getting late Chotte.

Before Shakti settles the bill Arnav forwarded his card to swipe.

Shakti: This is not done, master.

Arnav: It's ok. I will call you later.

Shakti nodded disappointedly.

Khushi: I would not have eaten anything if I had known that he would pay the bill. She murmured Arnav to hear.

Arnav glared at her which was noticed by Shakti
Arnav glared at her which was noticed by Shakti. He confirmed that something is going on between them.

To be continued...

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