It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: January 17, 2021
Ch. 16Who really you are?

Part 16

Arnav was still in the same temper on Vignesh no matter how he beat him. He heard Ratna calling him downstairs to drink coffee. He made up himself and went. Ratna was discussing with NK about something.

NK: Temple? When Mom?

Ratna: Tomorrow is a very auspicious day; if we go to the temple tomorrow then definitely a marriage will happen in our family.

NK: Really mom? Please go to the Temple tomorrow without fail. He pleaded.

Ratna: Of course I will. (Arnav rolled his eyes.)

NK: Naanav, at least consider about me. I can get married only after you get married. Don't forget it.

Ratna(chuckled): Exactly. He is right Chinna. How could he get married, before his elder brother?

Arnav: Mom please, if he wants to get married then I'm completely fine with it. Please don't stress me.

Ratna (sighed): I'm sorry Nandu. You are going to be a bachelor for your whole life.

NK(sighed): You are right. (pause) Mom, be careful, there will be a heavy crowd at the Temple tomorrow.

Ratna: Don't worry. Garima also is coming with me.

NK: Ohh really?

Ratna: Then? She is coming for Khushi. She is completing her Master's this year. After studies, it's Marriage, right?

Arnav gulped his nervousness along with coffee.

NK: Yeah. you are right.

Ratna: I'm going to pray that Khushi should come to our family as my Bahu. She said excitedly.

NK: You started again?

Ratna(seriously): When did I stop?

NK: Yah you are right. Hope your almighty will fulfill your wish.

Arnav wanted to say something, do something. But What? He has no idea.

Next Morning

Arnav's eyes shifted to Khushi from the news paper who was entering inside RM
Arnav's eyes shifted to Khushi from the newspaper who was entering inside RM. NK smiled seeing her. She reciprocated it. She went to the Kitchen and NK followed her which made Arnav annoying. Why the hell this NK is always behind her? Can't he leave her for a while? Before Khushi enters the kitchen Ratna herself came out with a coffee tray.

Ratna: Arrey Khushi... You are here.. so earlier.

Khushi: I'm here to drink your coffee.

She took a cup from the tray.

Ratna: Hey... It's sugarless coffee.

Khushi knew for whom that "sugarless" coffee was. She took a spoon full of sugar and added it to the coffee without saying anything. Ratna looked at Arnav who was smiling but his gaze was still on the newspaper.

Ratna looked at Arnav who was smiling but his gaze was still on the news paper
Ratna was about to go to the kitchen,

Arnav: Ma, you have your coffee before it gets cold. I will prepare mine.

He went to the kitchen and came with a cup in a few minutes. He also sat with them and sipped it.

Khushi: Do you know aunty, that guy Vignesh misbehaved with me yesterday.

Arnav coughed hearing that. Ratna tapped his back. He wiped his lips and continued the coffee.

Ratna: What he did Khushi?

Khushi: He tried to touch me.

Ratna(shocked): My God. Then what you did?

Khushi: Someone who crossed the way saved me from him.

She said without looking at Arnav. But Arnav's gaze was definitely on Khushi.

Ratna: Thanks to him. For your good heart, everything will become good.

NK: You should be careful Khushi.

Ratna: Haan Khushi, that's why Chinna asked you to unfriend him.

NK: Yes Khushi, block him.

Khushi: Already done. That's why he was angry with me.

NK: leave it on me. I will teach him a lesson.

Khushi: No need. He had learned a good lesson already.

NK: Really? But how?

Khushi: I told you that someone saved me; he had beat Vignesh black and blue.

NK: Who was the Khushi?

Khushi: I too want to know who really he is.

She looked at Arnav who didn't even feel to take his gaze from her face
She looked at Arnav who didn't even feel to take his gaze from her face. Khushi felt something in her stomach. She sipped her coffee to compose herself. Ratna and NK looked at each other, sharing their doubt through their eyes.

NK: Had not you seen him ever before?

Khushi: Innumerous times.

Ratna: Did you thank him Khushi?

Khushi nodded no.

Ratna: Why Khushi? What would have happened if he didn't save you? You should thank him.

Khushi: I don't think, he saved me to get my "thanks".

Ratna: I can't understand, what you mean. Sometimes, you make my head spin. She said widening her eyes.

Arnav went upstairs after completing his coffee. Khushi followed him making Ratna and NK spare a glance.

Ratna: Nandu, what do you think?

NK: Exactly as same as what you are thinking. I'm damn sure that it must be Naanav who saved Khushi.

Ratna: you are right. Who else other than him do that for Khushi without expecting her "thanks"?

Arnav sensed that she was behind him. Khushi stood on the doorstep without getting inside folding her hands. Arnav also folded his hand looking at her like he was ready.

Khushi: Is that you who blocked Vignesh? She asked, even though she knew he won't accept the truth. But to her surprise...

Arnav: Haan. It's me who blocked him.

Khushi(shocked): But why? She came inside the room.

Arnav: I don't want him to take advantage.

Khushi: So, you hacked my account?

Arnav: Yes. He said plainly.

Khushi: But why?

Arnav: I do anything for your goodness.

Khushi: Who are you to do good for me?

Arnav(taken aback): What do you mean "who are you?" You very well know who I am. He said fisting his fingers.

Khushi: No. I really don't know who you are; you behave like a protector, sometimes like a savior, but always like a stranger. Tell me who the hell are you to me. And who gave the rights to do so?

Arnav: Ok fine. I'm no one to you. But I don't need anyone's permission to save Shashi uncle's goodwill. I don't want him to get upset. So I did that. To save Shashi uncle's reputation, it's not necessary to get permission, not even from you.

Khushi: So you did that to save my father's goodwill?

Arnav was silent. He knew very well what she was asking.

Khushi: Tell me. Why are you silent?

Arnav: What do you want me to say?

Khushi: Don't you really know? We can wake up the person who is really sleeping not pretending.

It was not so hard to understand for Arnav that what she wanted him to say. Of course, he too wanted to say "I just did that for you... only for you". But she would crack him back with "why?" Could he answer that? Hell no. So he went silent again. Khushi became furious seeing him numb.

Khushi: Why do you become so arrogant? So adamant? Damn you. I warn you. Don't you dare cross my path again... Just stay away from me. I too won't talk to you. Never.

She rushed out of the room.

Arnav sat there with thud
Arnav sat there with a thud. Why she is complicating things? Why not she acts cool? But somewhere in his heart, he believed she couldn't stay away from him because he knew his Tintin.


Arnav was lying on the bed having no idea to do his routine work as it was Sunday. "Sunday" was an excuse; actually he was upset with Khushi's behavior which didn't let him be brisk.

His thought got disturbed by a phone call. He saw a new number. He attended the call. He rolled his eyes when he heard a girl's voice. He was about to shout at her as usual but stopped hearing "Anna"(brother) from the girl.

Girl: Hello, Anna...

Arnav: Who is this?

Girl: My name is Archana. Khushi's friend.

Arnav sat straight.

Arnav: Sollu( tell me.)

Archana: I want your help, please don't deny Anna. It's about my studies.

Arnav: Vishayatha sollu.(Tell me the matter.)

Archana: I lost my pen drive which is having my project work. I deleted it from my laptop after copying it to the pen drive.

Arnav: Adhanala? ( So?)

Archana: Can you please recover the deleted file from my laptop?

Arnav: Aanal....( But...)

Archana: Please, please...

Arnav: Why are you asking me?

Archana: Because only you can do that.

Arnav: How did you know about me?

He knew it's definitely Khushi who should have told about him. Still, he asked her.

Archana: Khushi told me about you and she is the one who gave me your number. Will you help me, Anna?

Arnav: ok fine. But how will I know that you are her friend? I want someone to say that you are her friend.

He asked intentionally. So she will bring Khushi with her. Then Khushi must talk to him at any cost.

Archana: Yes Anna. Sure.

Arnav cut the call smirking.

Arnav got ready hurriedly as Archana will be here soon. He came to the living room and sat there taking the newspaper.

Ratna: Chinna... you are too late today. Come and have breakfast and then start reading newspapers. Come here.

Arnav left the Newspaper on the tea table and went to the dining. He heard a calling bell sound and stiffened himself. He continued eating. Ratna opened the door and smiled at Archana.

Ratna: Arrey Archu ... you here?

Archana: I came to get help from Arnav Anna.

Ratna: Ohh that's great. Ulle Vaa(Come inside.)

Archana came inside and saw Arnav was eating.

Ratna: Chinna... Meet Archana, Khushi's friend.

Arnav's face hung hearing that.

Arnav: How did you know her?

Ratna: We already met in Khushi's home. She is the one who provided homegrown chicken that day. I'm so happy that you are helping her.

Arnav couldn't show his disappointment. He agreed to help her just because Khushi would talk to him. But his plan flopped.

Ratna: Archu... be seated here. I will bring coffee.

Archana: Ok aunty.

Arnav saw Khushi was coming.

Khushi: Have you done with your intro? She asked smirking
Khushi: Have you done with your intro? She asked smirking.

Arnav glared at her. So it's her plan to send Archana here. So that Ratna would give an intro. He took Archana's laptop and asked her the details of the project. He started his work while Khushi started chitchatting with Ratna and Archana sitting in the dining area.

Ratna: Have lunch with us today.

Khushi: No aunty. Mumma is preparing our lunch. La also will join us.

Ratna: Ohh that's great.

Khushi: Why not you join us?

Ratna: Sorry baby. As today is Sunday, everyone is at home expecting their favorite dishes.

Arnav completed his work taking his time. He left the laptop without logging out and stood.

Arnav(looking at Archana): Done.

Archana: Thank you so much, Anna.

Arnav: Don't delete the file before it's being submitted.

He said sternly and left to his room after throwing an intense look at Khushi.

How this girl turned so stubborn like this? Can't she understand him like before? He guessed something and opened what's app
How this girl turned so stubborn like this? Can't she understand him like before? He guessed something and opened what's app. He was right. Khushi has updated her status.

"People hate when you

Show them how it feels

To be treated the way

They treat you."

Arnav closed his eyes helplessly. So she is intentionally ignoring him? He couldn't bear the truth that she really won't talk to him as she said.

Khushi seemed happy like, she gave him a good "punch". But her eyes brimmed with tears when she saw Arnav's status.

"Be careful of what

You ignore. Sometimes

What you ignore is

What you need more"

She bit her lips from quivering. Arnav gulped seeing that from upstairs.

To be continued............

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