It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: January 15, 2021
Ch. 14The broken Vase

Part 14

Ratna saw a new flower vase on Arnav's table. Did he replace the broken vase? Ratna came inside with Arnav's coffee.

Ratna: It's so beautiful. When did you buy it? Did you replace the old one? She purposely asked him.

Arnav: I won't replace anything if I liked it. (Ratna was awe stuck) It's not a new one. This is the same vase that I broke that day.

Ratna(excited): Really?

She took it in her hands and started examining it. There was no trace of a broken vase except its bottom. It was been painted efficiently. She knows that it's not just a matter of vase but his emotions. It shows the importance of the issue which was hiding behind the vase.

Ratna: Did you paint it? (Arnav nodded yes) but how? There is no a little scratch inside too.

Arnav: Before I paint it, I have coated it with white cement.

Ratna: I didn't know you could paint well?

Arnav: It's not a big deal mom. We can learn anything through YouTube.

Ratna: Did you learn painting for this simple vase?

Arnav didn't say anything. He sipped the coffee which was given by Ratna.

Ratna(excitedly): Great job Chinna. I know you will do it but I didn't expect to this extent. My god... I'm really happy. (touching his cheek) I bless you, you will get succeeded in everything. Arnav smiled at her thinking something in his mind.

Living Room.

Arvind saw Shashi dragging Khushi to RM followed by Garima. He was confused. Did she do anything wrong? But Shashi didn't look frustrated. What's the matter?

Arvind: Shashi, why are you dragging her like this?

Arnav lifted his head who was reading a newspaper. He stood frowning. Ratna and Nk also reached there.

Shashi: I can't tolerate this girl's torture. I want to finish this issue here itself.

Arvind: What she did?

They looked at Khushi who stood there holding her hand frowning.

Shashi: She is nudging me asking two-wheeler. I don't think it's safe.

Khushi: I will be safe. Let me be independent.

Garima: What if you fall down?

Khushi(Rolling her eyes): Even when walking on the road I can fall.

Ratna: She is right Bhai Saab.

Arvind: Being a military man, you should be brave.

Shashi: As a military man I can handle anything but as a father, I'm really a coward.

Khushi: Dad, please... You are overprotective nature is irritating me sometimes.

Shashi: I don't know what to do with this girl.

Arnav: Let her do it, uncle.

Everyone was stunned because Arnav does not interfere in a matter that is not related to him.

Shashi: Are you sure Arnav?

Arnav: Yeah, with some conditions.

Khushi looked at him frowning while everyone was eager to know what those conditions were.

Arnav: Tell her, she will not allow touching the bike if she gets a single scratch on her body. And she should ride the bike at a limited speed.

Khushi gritted her teeth glaring at him. Arnav did not seem to be affected by her glare who was gazing at her without break.

Shashi: That's a great idea. That's why I came here to get a solution. (Looking at Arnav) Choose a bike that suits her. (Arnav nodded yes giving surprise to Khushi.) Tell me when you will be free.

Arnav: I'm always free for you, uncle.

Arvind looked at Ratna dumbfounded who was smiling at her son thinking about the broken vase. She smiled, if Arnav wants to get a patch up, then he will do it by hook or by crook and will show he can keep things better than before.


Khushi: This is not done, Dad. It's me who is going to ride the bike. Why did you ask Arnav to choose it?

Shashi: Because he knows better than you, in fact, better than me.

Khushi: But...

Shashi: What harm if he chooses?

Khushi: What if he chooses against my taste?

Shashi: You will like whatever he chooses.

Khushi: She slammed her feet and went to her room.

Khushi was roaming in her room blabbering with herself.

Khushi (self-talk): What he knows about my taste that he agreed to choose? This Allav is always top on the list to irritate me. If he selects anything rubbish then I will show him who I'm.


Shashi called Khushi downstairs. She came without interest and saw Shashi talking with Arnav.

Khushi(in mind): Why he is here? I think he will ask me to come with him to choose the bike. I won't. Definitely, I won't.

Shashi: Khushi come here. See Arnav's choice.

Khushi couldn't believe that he would be so quick. She wanted to say, I don't like it. But nope. She couldn't... because her dream bike was standing in front of her. She looked at him with disbelief. How did he know? She never told anyone about this then? Arnav handed over the key to her.

Arnav: Don't ride faster
Arnav: Don't ride faster. Be careful. (looking at Shashi) See you uncle.

Shashi: Thank you, young man.

Garima: Arrey Arnav, wait, and have coffee.

Arnav: It's ok aunty. I have to go.

He went after giving a pleasant smile to Khushi.

Shashi: Do you like it Khushi? (Khushi nodded yes.) Didn't I say, you will like Arnav's choice?

Garima: He knows her likes very well.

But Khushi couldn't leave that easily. That was the latest bike. How could he sense her like? She was squeezing her brain. That's when something strikes in her mind. Yessss. She had kept this bike's pic in "Whatsapp status" once. But she didn't see his name in the "seen list". Something is really fishy. She rushed to her room and changed her WhatsApp status.

"Don't give a special place to

Anyone in your heart,

It's easy to give that place

But it hurts more when they don't

Know the value of that place".

After half an hour she checked the seen list and Arnav's name was not on that. But what made her confuse was Arnav's status seemed to be the reply to her status again.

"Inside every person

You know,

There is a person

You don't know".

She wanted to know about it. How could she even sit silently after this? She went to RM. Ratna was watching TV in the living room.

Ratna: Khushi, Do you like Chinna's choice?

Khushi: Actually it's my favorite bike aunty.

Ratna: Wow... that's what my son. See, he sensed your taste. (Khushi nodded yes.) Ok, tell me what's special in your today's status?

Khushi(puzzled): Didn't you see my status?

Ratna: Ohh sorry dear, I didn't get time to check as I was busy from the morning.

Khushi got alarmed because she had seen Ratna's name in the seen list while checking it.

Khushi: Didn't you really see my status?

Ratna: Wait, I will check it now. (She took her mobile and checked it. she smirked reading it) From where are you getting such quotes?

Khushi was looking at her like she was an alien. Then how did her name come in the seen list? That means does someone else check it? Is that someone Arnav?

Khushi(composing): Do you want such quotes? you can also keep it in your status.

Ratna: No Khushi I won't.

Khushi: Why?

Ratna: I will send it to the particular person whom I want to read it. She said teasingly.

Khushi(diverting her): To Uncle?

Ratna(nodding yes): Everyone is keeping status for their someone special to read it right?

Khushi(stammering): Nothing like that.

Ratna: Arrey I'm not talking about you. But if you have any doubt, ask your friends.

Khushi: That's why you are not keeping Status?

Ratna: Not only me, no one from our family is keeping status.

Khushi was shocked to the core. How Ratna didn't know that Arnav is keeping status?

Khushi: No one from your family?

Ratna: Yes beta.

Khushi: I can't believe this.

Ratna: Arrey... wait. (she opened her mobile and checked it in front of Khushi. yes. There is no status from Arnav's contact) didn't I say? Khushi nodded yes.

She was panicked. What's this? Something is sure to be checked. She bid bye to Ratna and came out. In those thoughts, she didn't see NK coming and banged on him.

NK: Hey Khushi... where were you lost?

Khushi: Nanne, Did you see my today's status?

NK: Not yet. Why?

Khushi: Check it now.

NK: Anything special?

NK took his mobile and checked it. No need to say she peeped into it. Again there was no status from Arnav's contact. What the hell? She rushed to GH and took Garima's phone and checked. Again she didn't find his status. She sat with thud. What that means? Is he keeping status blocking everyone except her? Only for her? That means his statuses are really reply to her statuses? Is it even possible or is she thinking too much?

What that means? Is he keeping status blocking everyone except her? Only for her? That means his statuses are really reply to her statuses? Is it even possible or is she thinking too much?
She thought for a while and updated her status.

"What's there in your abyss heart?"

Arnav's name appeared on the status list in a few minutes. She opened it hurriedly and gasped. Now it's confirmed that his statuses are indeed answers to her statuses.

"If you want to know

Someone's heart

Watch their actions"

Next Morning.

Khushi was all set to go to college by bike. She wears her helmet and started the bike. Both Shruthi and Ashwin saw her and rushed to her.

Shruthi: Khushi Akka, Idhu pudhu bike kaa? (is it new bike?)
Shruthi: Khushi Akka, Idhu pudhu bike kaa? (is it new bike?)

Khushi( nodding yes): Yes. Eppadi irukku? ( How is it?)

Ashwin: Super Akka. Is it a gift?

Khushi: Mmmm kindda. Come on let's go for a round.

Ashwin & Shruthi: Yehhhhh.

They sat behind Khushi and enjoyed the ride. Khushi dropped them back. They saw Arnav coming out with his laptop bag.

Ashwin: Arnav Anna, Enga poreenga? ( Where are you going?)

Arnav: Office.

Shruthi: Unga bike enga? ( Where is your bike?)

Arnav: Puncture.

Ashwin: Khushi Akka, drop Arnav Anna.

Khushi looked at him with wide-opened eyes. She didn't know what to say.

Shruthi: Yes Akka, Drop your friend in the office.

Ashwin: I think Khushi Akka don't know to ride properly. That's why she is hesitating. Don't you know? Only men can do that. He teased laughingly.

Shruthi(furiously): We girls can also do that. Akka, take him with you.

She dragged Arnav towards Khushi's bike and insisted him to sit.

Arnav: May I?

Khushi was bomb shelled. Would he be eager to come with her? She couldn't back off in front of these tiny creatures. She nodded yes. Arnav sat on the bike smirking. He waved his hand to Ashwin and Shruthi. Khushi started the bike.

Arnav: You can drop me near the taxi stand.

Khushi nodded ok. Khushi stopped the bike near the taxi stand.

Arnav(getting down): Thanks.

Khushi: Wait.

Arnav(raising his eyebrows): What?

Khushi (sternly): How did you know that I like this bike?

Arnav was fixed now. He didn't expect this sudden impact. What would he say? I saw this bike in your status? That too through my mother's what's app number? Will she leave him that easily? Never. She will throw bombarded questions on him and he was definitely not ready for the unprepared rapid-fire round. So he was ready to lie.

Arnav: Ohhh. Do you like this bike?

Khushi(dropping her jaw): Don't you know?

Arnav(calmly): How do I know?

Khushi: Then how did you select the exact bike which I like the most?

Arnav: I selected it considering mileage, low maintenance, and its market value.

Khushi: Don't you really know that it's my favorite bike?

Arnav: Did you tell me that ever? No right? Then how do I know?

Her eyes tear up instantly which he didn't expect. Arnav felt bad for her. She got down from the bike and started kicking it.

Arnav: Use self-starter.

Khushi: I know. But now, I feel to kick someone.

She said gritting her teeth which brought a smile to Arnav's face. Khushi forgets herself in his smile. Damn he. How beautiful his smile is... Arnav saw her lost in him. He flicked his finger.

Arnav: Did your anger quench?

Khushi: You don't need to bother about it.

Arnav: Be careful Khushi. You may also get hurt when you kick someone. He said with concern.

Khushi was bewildered. Why doesn't he openly speak? Is that so difficult? Let's see how long will you be like this. I promise if it's true that I'm your Tintin then I will make you confess it to me. She started the bike and geared it up after throwing a glare on Arnav.

To be continued......

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