It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: January 14, 2021
Ch. 13Bitter Past

Part13(long update)

On the way to the library.

Khushi: Is there any other spot in that area?

NK: Like?

Khushi: Like a meeting spot.

NK: You mean in EGMORE?

Khushi: Yes, near the Library.

NK: Yes. The museum is there. It is the second oldest museum in India, next to Kolkata. It will be very interesting to see.

Khushi (cutting him): I want to talk to you. I need a place to talk without any disturbance.

They reached the Museum and Khushi got down from the bike.

NK: But, what about the library Membership?

Khushi showed her membership card to him.

Khushi: Already I have my own.

NK stiffened himself. Seems like his work will be easier than he thought.

NK: About what do you want to talk about?

Khushi: What else other than Allav? (she said gritting her teeth) This one man is taking my sleep away.

NK: Why Khushi? What did he do?

Khushi: I mean.... why the hell he is like this? What made him change? why Nanne?

NK: Khushi relax.

Khushi: No, not until I get to know about him. How sweet and sugary he was?

NK: He might have changed because of his diabetic Khushi.

He laughed as if it was a big joke. Khushi glared at him which alarmed NK.

Khushi: This is not funny. (She said seriously.)

NK: Sorry sorry. Ok fine. Come.

They sat on a stage which was under a tree. Khushi was looking at him curiously.

Khushi: Tell me.

NK: That incident happened when he was in UG's final year which changed him from the root. He got a friend called Akash in college. They became very close. Naanav always said, he got a good companion after you.

Khushi amazed hearing that.

NK: Yes Khushi, you have a special place in his heart. (pause) Their bond got stronger day by day. Akash also studied well like Naanav so they made a good team in every sense. That's when a girl proposed to him. Saritha was her name.

Khushi (nervously): To whom?

NK: Akash. (he smiled seeing her sighing) At first, Akash didn't accept it because of his family's condition. But she kept on chasing him. At one point Akash gave up. He could not retreat after seeing her deep love. Akash started spending time with her. He was getting into her unconditionally. They became Romeo and Juliet of the college.

When their exams began, Saritha had stopped talking to him giving their exams as an excuse. Akash didn't get suspicious because he trusted her so much. But Naanav got doubt on her. He got irritated seeing her continuously avoiding Akash. He started to enquire about her. That's when he got to know that she was going to marry a wealthy businessman after their exams. Naanav couldn't take it easy. He became furious. He asked her about it and she didn't deny it.

Khushi: What did she say?

NK: She said, she couldn't go against her parents. But Naanav knew she was not that type of girl. She changed her mind about money. Naanav didn't say anything to Akash until their exams got over because it was the deciding factor of Akash's future as he was selected in a campus interview to a good company. Unexpectedly, on the last exam day, Saritha gave him her wedding card. Akash got shattered completely. He begged her, which she didn't give any heed to.

Naanav tried his best to bring him out of the grief. But it was not that easy and Naanav knew that. He brought him to our house and didn't leave Akash alone even for a minute. Not only Naanav but also our family took care of him. At least one of us woke up to watch Akash because he was that broken. But we failed even though we tried.

Khushi: What do you mean by "failed"?

One morning we didn't find Akash at the house. We searched him all over. Finally, we got the news of his suicide.

Khushi(shocked): Did he commit suicide?

NK: Not just a suicide Khushi. It was a cruel one we can never forget.

Khushi: What do you mean?

NK: Do you know how Naanav saw him?

Khushi (nervously): How?

NK: He saw his separated head and body on the train track (he gulped)

Khushi(shocked): Whaaaat!!!

NK: I have no words to describe Naanav's condition Khushi. Just think standing in his shoes that how it would have felt if we see our beloved ones like that? I had never seen Naanav cried like that. If I say he was broken, it will be a very simple sentence. He searched for Saritha wrathfully. Thank God he didn't see Saritha that day. Or else he would have been in jail instead of Howard. He would have killed her for sure. He was that frustrated.

He stopped talking with anyone. We faced a tough time to bring him out of the grief. He remembered Akash in every phrase. Each and every small thing remembered their moments to him. He suffered from nightmares.

He showed little progress only after continuous treatment and counseling. The doctor recommended us to send him to a new place. We believed it will help him to get rid of his bitter memories. Mom's part was so memorable Khushi. She is the one who was with him all the time. She made him agree to go to Howard. We thought that the new region would change him. Though as we expected he started concentrating on studies but the severity of hatred towards girls didn't decrease. He shouted at girls whoever proposed to him. Later he changed his way of handling it.

Khushi: How?

NK: He started complaining about them to their parents. (Khushi looked at him shockingly.) Do you know how many girls have cursed him?

Khushi(worriedly): Really?

NK: He hates girls and love.

Khushi: But what justice is this? How could he treat everyone like this for someone's mistake?

NK: How could he even take risks after experienced the worst? In fact, he is afraid of losing. He was so weak by heart totally opposite to what he shows outside.

Khushi(without showing curiosity): Tell me one thing. No one proposed him before Akash's death?

NK: Many... but don't know why he didn't take it seriously. He told that he was already committed to those who proposed to him.

Khushi: Committed?

NK: Yes. Don't know what made him say so.

A deep trace of thought occupied Khushi's face.

NK: Do you know how did he come home on Valentine's day?

Khushi: How?

He showed his pic to Khushi which was in his mobile.

NK: With bunch of Roses like he was carrying some a baseball bat
NK: With a bunch of Roses like he was carrying some a baseball bat. He accepted all the roses given by girls on Valentine's day, saying Thank you, sissy. (Khushi chuckled) They hit him by the same flower and went. He came home collecting all the flowers and gave them to mom saying "I love you mom".

They laughed heartedly. NK's expression changed.

NK: How memorable days they are? How happy we were? No doubt now also we are happy. But somewhere we are missing that Naanav. Mom feels sad about it. I wish I can change everything. He said feeling sad.

Khushi turned her gaze somewhere. Even she wished the same.

NK: I said everything to you. I didn't hide it intentionally because I know you will get upset.

Khushi: I really don't know he went through all this. yes, I'm upset. She couldn't hold her tears.

NK: Relax Khushi. Believe everything will be alright. Do you know? How we got scared when we got to know about your arrival? But he didn't do anything like what we were afraid of. After so many years he talked with you like before. We got to know, you are special to him.

Khushi(sighed): I don't think so.

NK: No Khushi, if he had not liked you then he would not have allowed you inside our house.

Khushi(raising her eyebrows): Really?

NK: Yes. NO means NO. If it's YES then it's damn YES. He allowed you to enter his room right. Then think how special you are to him. (pause) He can't see someone taking his place. He can't control his anger if it happens. That's what he is.

Khushi(hesitatingly): I thought he hates me...

Khushi(hesitatingly): I thought he hates me
NK(cutting her): No Khushi. He can never hate you. Because the bond between you two is something different. You have an exclusive place in his heart even before he got the wound. Yes. I agree that he is not the old Naanav. At the same time, he is not with you as he is with other women(pause). We wondered, when he apologized to you on the first day of your arrival to Chennai, because, he never felt bad for his rude behavior. For the first time, he apologized for not having contact with you. It might be just a sorry for you. But according to me, you are important to him. Don't think he is not talking like before. He learned to speak by his action. Observe his action. You will get to know what he feels for you.

Khushi thought about his "sorry". He came to her house to say sorry. He said he didn't mean it. But she didn't give chance for him to say his opinion. Is there anything which she is missing? What if he is not wrong? His recent actions also matched with NK's statement. Should she talk to him? What if he goes back to his kadoos mode again, after clearing it up? Let's observe first as Nk said.

NK(shaking her shoulder): Shall we go?

Khushi nodded yes. She didn't say anything after that until they reached home. Poor Allav. How tragedy he had faced in his life. It's really horrible to see our close friend's death, that too horrible one. She felt bad for Arnav. Tears slipped from her eyes unknowingly.

Khushi felt like she wanted to console him giving a tight hug. After all, he is her Allav. But nope. Not so easily. If she is important to him then he should say that verbally not by action. Of course, his action will be enjoyed. That doesn't mean he could be numb. Kadoos kahika.


NK and Khushi came home, to their surprise Arnav was at home watching tv. Didn't he go to the office today? She went inside silently. She didn't want to show that she got to know about him. Arnav saw her avoiding him which irked him.

NK: Naanav, didn't you go to the office?

Arnav nodded no.

NK: But why?

Arnav glared at him.

NK: No no... usually you won't take leave unnecessarily. That's why I asked.

Arnav: I worked on a holiday. So I got an off today.

NK: why didn't you say it in the morning?

Arnav: Why? What does my leave do with you?

NK: I went with Khushi leaving all my work. If I had known about your leave then I would have sent you with her.

Arnav gulped seeing Khushi who came with orange juice. Khushi didn't say anything and drank the juice which made Arnav surprise. He thought she would say something like" I won't go with him" but nope. She said nothing nor did she look at him.

NK: By the way, we had a very good time. Hai na Khushi?

Khushi smiled at him nodding yes.

NK removed a bar of chocolate from his bag and gave it to Khushi. She was excited about seeing that. She forgot everything and her mood got changed.

Khushi: Thank you so much
Khushi: Thank you so much. She took it from his hand.

Ratna: Wow, at last, my doll got someone to give chocolates. Khushi nodded yes smilingly.

NK: Anything for you Khushi.

Khushi: Don't be so good. I'm getting jealous of your would-be wife. She teased.

Someone was gritting his teeth and was suffocating to sit there. He couldn't bear that. At the same time, he couldn't leave from there though.

NK: My god... I'm fainting Khushi.

Khushi: Then who will miss such a sweet mother in law? She Circled Ratna's shoulder and kissed her cheek.

The thing which made Arnav burn like hell was, Ratna looked at NK and smiled raising her eyebrows. Why not she remembers that he was also here?

Why not she remembers that he was also here?
Khushi got a call on her mobile. It was Garima.

Khushi: Ok guys, mom is calling. Let me go. I will catch you later.

NK: Come in the evening. We will have snacks together.

Khushi: Sure sure...

She ran out of the house.

Ratna: Didn't I say she likes you?

NK: Mom she teased me. That's all.

Ratna got disappointed while someone smiled inwardly.

Ratna(curiously): but there is a chance right?

NK: Maybe.

Ratna: That's it. Right, Chinna?

Arnav: I don't think so.

Ratna: But why?

Arnav: Because I know her.

Ratna: What do you know? Didn't she say who will miss such a mother in law like me? She asked proudly.

Arnav: Because she likes you. Doesn't mean she like NK. This is not a matter to proceed just because she likes you. I can't understand why you are behaving like a child.

Ratna(seriously): Don't you know how much I like her?

Arnav rolled his eyes and left to his room. Ratna and NK smiled seeing his frustration.

NK: I told everything to Khushi.

Ratna: Wooow. That's so great Nandhu. How did you say?

NK: She herself asked me. In fact, she came to know about Naanav only.

Ratna: She must be upset.

NK: very much. At last, she got to know the truth.

Ratna: But you are missing something very sensitive. They are not in talking terms. She may think he is not ready to trust her.

NK: I don't think so. Khushi is a brilliant girl. I hope she will handle it efficiently.

Ratna: Let see, what is written in their destiny.

NK nodded his head.

To be continued........

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