It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: January 13, 2021
Ch. 12Friend in Childhood

Part12 (long update)

Khushi was thinking about Anjali and Arnav's relationship throughout the night. She wanted to know about Arnav. But how did she ask Anjali? Why not? Seems like, Anjali also wants to know about Arnav. She decided to use the chance if Anjali asks anything about Arnav. But she couldn't sit expecting that to happen. She should take a possible step from another side too.

St. Bishop Leo College

As expected, Anjali called Khushi. Khushi went to the computer lab to meet Anjali. She saw Anjali was laughing alone. Seems like, she is in some dreamland. Khushi amazed seeing her laughing like mad. Anjali saw Khushi and called her inside.

Anjali: Come in Khushi. Be seated.

Khushi sat beside Anjali.

Khushi: Thank you, Ma'am.

Anjali: Did you get any ideas about the project?

Khushi: But Ma'am... What's the hurry? It's for the next year.

Anjali: Yeah. You will be free after your exams. If you decide about it now then you can utilize your time.

Khushi: Yes Ma'am. But I didn't think yet about it.

Anjali: why do you bother when you have the best person with you?

Khushi stiffened. Seems like, Anjali is traveling on the right track.

Khushi: Who are you talking about Ma'am?

Anjali: Who else? Arnav.

Khushi: Arnav? What can he do with my project?

Anjali: He is a computer genius Khushi. Nothing is impossible for him on the computer. He will solve anything in a fraction of seconds. This was him before he went to Howard. Then it's not necessary to say about his current efficiency.

Khushi: But such a cynic he is.

Anjali: Can I ask you something?

Khushi: sure.

Anjali: You are his childhood friend right?

Khushi: Yes, friends in childhood. She said wearily.

Anjali: Don't you know how he was?

Khushi: I know him very well. That's the biggest problem. Sometimes he makes me feel like I know nothing about him. He's not like he was before.

Anjali: I know that. Sometimes some incident changes the person upside down. Do you know, He had the capability to make the entire surroundings lively. How naughty he was in our college days? He even made our college management nervous once. I couldn't stop myself from laughing whenever I think about those days. She smiled thinking of those unforgettable days.

Khushi remembered that Anjali was laughing alone when she came here.

Khushi(shockingly): Management nervous? How?

Anjali: Do you want to know that?

Khushi nodded curiously.


Principal Room.

Arnav and his friend Akash were standing outside of the Principal room. Shyam saw them by the way he passed by.

Shyam: Eanda inga nikkireenga? (Why are you guys are standing here?)

Arnav (making face): We are here to get punishment Mama (Jeejaji).

Shyam: Enna da senjeenga? ( what did you do?)

Akash: HOD didn't like our project. That's why.

Shyam (shocked): What? You are getting punishment just because HOD didn't like your project?

They nodded yes. At the same time, HOD came out of the Principal room.

Shyam: Vijay Sir, this is not fair. How could you punish them for the project you don't like?

Vijay: Shyam sir, please don't support them. Do you know what their project is?

Shyam: Let it be anything...

Vijay (cutting him): "How to Hack College WI-FI password". This is what their project is. Now tell me what I should do.

Shyam looked at them horrified who were controlling their smile.

Vijay(looking at Arnav and Akash): Go to the class.

Arnav: Sir, won't you suspend us? He asked making face.

Shyam(dropping his jaw): Suspend? Ean Daa? Classkku ponga da (why yaar? Go to the call yaar)

Arnav: Actually we have to complete two more projects. We have no time to do those. So we thought, if we get suspended, we will complete it easily.

Vijay: You can come to college and finish it. You will get the attendance no matter you are attending classes or not. But please don't say the password to anyone guys. Management can't spend a huge amount on the internet.

Arnav (suppressing his smile): We will try Sir.

He and Akash ran from there laughing.

Shyam(teasingly): Why did you leave them without punishment?

Vijay: How could we punish them? What if they distribute the project details to everyone?

Shyam(chuckled): Yes. you are right. They are capable to do that.

Vijay: I really don't know how to handle these guys. But we should appreciate them. The project was really amazing. Very talented fellows but makes us mad. He sighed while Shyam laughed wholeheartedly.

Flash back ends.

Anjali ended the flashback laughingly thinking about those beautiful moments. Khushi was not surprised. Didn't she know about Arnav? When he was a little boy he was very naughty then it's not necessary to say about his college days.

Anjali: In that time, the internet was not so common as today which made the management tensed. He would like to hack in our college days. He had demand in between the students because of that talent. But he never misused it. If my guess is right he must be an efficient Hacker.

Khushi: But what made him change like this Ma'am? Do you have any idea?

Anjali: All this happened because of her. One girl changed everything. She said gritting her teeth.

Khushi shocked from the root. GIRL? Means, there was a girl in Arnav's life?

GIRL? Means, there was a girl in Arnav's life?
The peon came and called Anjali.

Peon: Madam, HOD asked to gather everyone in the department.

Anjali: yah coming. (looking at Khushi) We will talk later. Now I have a meeting. Bye.

Khushi couldn't believe, Arnav have changed because of a GIRL. She could not digest a girl's impact on Arnav. Is there any chance of "Love failure?" No. There should not be anything like that. Why this Anjali Ma'am stopped it in the middle? How could she wait until she got another chance? Exams begin on Monday. After that Anjali will not have time to talk to her. Her face brightened. An idea hit her mind. She left the college planning something in her mind.

Yes. she couldn't wait until Anjali gets time. Anyway, tomorrow she will know about Arnav's past and about the damn girl.

Next morning.


Breakfast table

Arnav: Appa enga Ma? (Mom, where is Dad?)

Ratna: He has gone to the bank soon as he is having auditing in two days.

Arnav: Oh yeah. He told me yesterday.

NK: What special for Breakfast mom?

Ratna: Idly, dosa, onion chutney, and also Mint chutney.

NK: Mint Chutney is for Khushi right?

Ratna: Of course. Avalukku romba pidikkum. ( She likes it very much.)

NK: But she does not come here quite often like before.

Ratna: I hope today she will come.

NK: Then call her. We will have breakfast together.

Arnav was also curious to know either Khushi would come or not. He knew she was angry with him. Not only angry but also upset with him so that she was not ready to listen to his words.

NK( cutting the call): She is not picking.

Ratna: she may be getting ready for college.

NK: But today is a holiday for her.

An old Tamil song played on TV. It was Ratna's favorite song.

Ratna: What a song, what a Lyrics. Nobody can tell the pain of love like this.

NK: Yah mom. You are right.

Khushi: Really?

Ratna smiled at Khushi who was standing at the doorstep. She was here to give kachori which Garima prepared.

Ratna: Khushi... come and have breakfast.

Khushi: Hi Nanne... wow.... mint chutney?

Arnav was looking at Khushi who doesn't even react like he also existed. She didn't even look at him nor greet him.

Ratna: Take your seat. ( she started humming the song)

Khushi: You said that the song lyrics are good. Tell me the meaning of the song. Really it states the pain of love? ( she asked looking at Arnav who was eating breakfast silently)

Really it states the pain of love?( she asked looking at Arnav who was eating breakfast silently)
NK: Yes Khushi. Shall I explain? ( she nodded yes in excitement)

NK: "God should take birth as a human. He should fall in love with a girl and should experience the pain. He should realize what separation is. After suffered a lot by a girl, finally God will stop creating womankind". Isn't it good Khushi?

Khushi(gritting her teeth): Rubbish.

Ratna: why Khushi don't you like it?

Khushi: I cannot believe that you like it, aunty. Being a woman, how can you accept it as good lyrics? It states, like all the women on the earth are Heartless.

Ratna: It's just a different type of thought Khushi. A man's view who was cheated by a woman. That's all.

Khushi: why? Are not there in the world men who deceive women in the world? Men and Women are equal in every category. It's an injustice to blame womankind for every problem. If each and every man is loyal then why the hell, every day many children are being thrown at the gates of Orphanage? I won't agree that the entire women are the same. Cheaters as well as a kindhearted person are common in Men and also in Women. Doesn't you and my mom loyal to your respective partners? ( she stopped breathing hard)

Ratna: Khushi... It's just a song. Why are you getting over-emotional? Ok leave it and have your breakfast.

Khushi: No aunty. Excuse me. ( she left hurriedly)

Arnav who was drawing patterns in the plate hearing her outburst felt sad because she left her favorite breakfast.

She stopped at the doorstep and turned
She stopped at the doorstep and turned.

Khushi: Nanne, are you free today?

NK(thinking): Todayyyy?

Khushi (gritting her teeth): If you are not free then make yourself free. We are going to the Connemara Library. I want to become a member. Come and sign for me.

NK: But Khushi...

Khushi: Yes or no? she questioned.

NK: Why not? Sure... sure Khushi.

Khushi: Get ready.

She left the place after giving a cold stare to Arnav who didn't expect her outburst.

Ratna: Enna achi ivalukku? (what happen to this girl?)

NK: Yeah, she behaves wired.

Ratna: Maybe any of her friends would have faced love failure. She said looking at Arnav.

NK: I don't think so. It feels like she herself was affected.

Arnav gulped his uneasiness.

Ratna: Who would say "no" to this angel? If it is so then I can say he must be stupid who have lost this gem.

Something was pricked inside Arnav's chest. LOST? Has he really lost her?

NK: you are right Mom. Now a day people are changing in every phase of life. But she is exceptional. I wonder. How is she so unchanged? What a unique character she is?

Ratna: Yes she is. (pause) Will you marry her Nandhu?

That straight question shook the brothers to the core. Arnav was glaring at NK panicking.

NK(hurriedly): Mom, what are you asking?

Ratna: I can say she likes you. How she takes rights on you? Isn't it enough to understand her heart?

NK: Even a friend can do that Mom.

Ratna: I'm asking your opinion Nandhu...

Arnav(gritting his teeth): Will you stop this nonsense mom?

Ratna(jerking): Why Chinna? What happened?

Arnav: How can you come to the conclusion because she speaks to him casually? Don't you know her? What will she think if she got to know about your intention?

Ratna: She won't take me wrong. She knows me better.

Arnav( fisted his finger and tightened his jaws): Doesn't mean you can take advantage of her. Before taking any step, just make sure that she is not in love with anyone. (pause) Please don't make her embarrassed.

Ratna(making face): You are right Chinna. Don't worry. I will take care of it. Nandhu, Khushi will be here anytime. Get ready for the "library date". She said teasingly.

NK: You are too much Mom.

Arnav left to his room all frustrated. Ratna smiled seeing him.

NK: What's this mom?

Ratna: Can't you understand? Farak Padta Hai. (It makes difference)

NK: You mean.....

Ratna: Exactly that's what I mean.

NK: Really?

Ratna: Yes. I want to get my old Chinna back.

NK: But mom, what if it backfired?

Ratna: No way. Don't you know he is afraid of losing his loved ones? We should use that to bring him out.

NK: Do you think it works?

Ratna: Why not try? I got to know that there is a misunderstanding between them.

NK: That's why she is not coming here like before?

Ratna: Yes. Did you notice? she stopped talking with Chinna. She said worriedly.

NK: Ohh so that he looked tensed?

Ratna: Yes. I want you to do something important.

NK: waiting.

Ratna: Just open up Chinna's past to Khushi. She should know about it. We shouldn't keep her in the dark anymore.

NK: Done. Leave it on me.

He left smilingly taking his bag to take Khushi to the Library.

To be continued.......

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