It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: January 11, 2021
Ch. 10I will paste it


Next morning.

Arnav opened the laptop as usual to see Khushi's WhatsApp status. Arnav had connected Ratna's WhatsApp number to the WhatsApp web on his laptop. Her status made him restless.

{A relationship is just like a glass
Once it's been broken,
It will never be the same.}

Ratna: Nandu, Garima, and Shashi Bhai went to the temple and they asked me to provide breakfast to Khushi
Ratna: Nandu, Garima, and Shashi Bhai went to the temple and they asked me to provide breakfast to Khushi. Give the box to her which I kept on the table.

NK: Sorry mom I'm already late. My Boss will bite me if I'm not at work on time.( saying he rushed out taking his bag)

Ratna: My God... This Boy...

She was about to take the box...

Arnav: Ma, Naan kodukuren. I will give it to Khushi.

Ratna(surprised): Are you sure? (He looked at her like WHY) She talks a lot. You don't like it. That's why I'm asking.

She said making face. Arnav took the box from the table and left without replying.

Arnav rang the bell and Khushi opened the door and got stuck seeing Arnav.

Khushi(looking at somewhere): Mom and Dad are not at home
Khushi(looking at somewhere): Mom and Dad are not at home.

Arnav: I know. Mom asked me to give it to you.

He extended the Tiffin box. She held the box and was horrified seeing his grip on the box. She lifted her face to see his face who was looking at her firmly without leaving the box. He came inside and Khushi got confused.

Arnav: I want to talk to you.

Khushi(turning her face): I don't want to talk to you and I don't want to hear anything from you anymore.

Arnav: Khushi listen...

Khushi: Noooo. I won't. What the hell are you thinking about me? Do you think I am a girl who wants to stick with some guy? No one ever humiliated me as you did. (her eyes become moist. It's obvious that tears are uncontrollable when expectations become betray)

Arnav: I..I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

Khushi: But it has the meaning. Why are you doing this to me? I understood on the very first day that you are not my Allav who always wanted me with him. (he gulped) Do you know how much I was excited to meet you? There was not a single day I didn't think of you. But you???? You changed a lot but I never thought to this extend. My Allav never broke anyone's heart as you did. You have changed damn it.

Arnav( suppressing his emotions): I might have changed. But my parents are not. They are worried about you. Don't punish them for the mistake I did. Come home.

When he turned to leave, she caught hold of his wrist. He stopped but didn't turn.

Khushi: Did you just come for your parents? Don't you (she stressed) have any regret for me? Don't I have any place in your heart? Or do you have no heart?

Arnav closed his eyes clenching his jaw gulping his anger which he was having on his own self.

Khushi: No calls, no text, nothing but I'm still here thinking about you like a mad person. I wish we could talk again like we used to be before. I miss our conversations. I miss how we used to talk and how I was able to tell you everything that was on my mind.

He swallowed and slowly released her clutch from his hand without turning and started stepping out of the place.

Khushi (shouting): This is the last time I'm talking to you damn it. From now there is nothing between you and me. Go to hellllllllll.

Arnav hurried to his home and Khushi burst-out. The duo had no idea that the third person was also there and heard everything. It's none other than Ratna Who came there to give Mint chutney which Arnav left on the table.

She felt bad for them. She knows how much they meant to each other. She can't blame Arnav as she knew the reason for his changed behavior. But her question is, he has an allergy to LOVE not with FRIENDSHIP right? Then what stops him to be friendly with Khushi? Or is there something that he feels more than friendship?

Arnav's condition was worst than ever. Why her feeble voice is stabbing his heart? How could he say his heart is bleeding seeing her tears?

Why her feeble voice is stabbing his heart? How could he say his heart is bleeding seeing her tears?
Ratna rushed to see his son. She hid behind the door and watched his action. As expected he was damn frustrated and threw the pillow in anger and it hit the flower vase which was kept on the table. Arnav swooped to save it from falling but he was late and his favorite vase broken into pieces. Ratna got into his room and collected all the pieces.

Ratna: Enna achi Chinna? (what happened Chinna? ) Idhu eppadi udanjadhu? How did it break?

Arnav: I tried my best but I missed it.

Ratna: It happens. Sometimes we lose our favorite things just because of our carelessness..... unknowingly.(she said that wanted to hint at his mistake)

Arnav took all the pieces from her hand and kept them on the table.

Arnav: Naan athai otta muyarchi seiyaren (I will try to paste it.)

Ratna: But the crack will remain the same.

Arnav couldn't stop himself from thinking about Khushi's today's Whatsapp status. He gulped hard.

Ratna: But Chinna I know if you get into the matter then nothing is impossible for you.

Arnav( hugged her instantly): thank you, mom.

Ratna caressed his head while thinking in her mind. So this is the matter? These two are in something more than a friendship but unaware of it. She smiled pleasantly.


Arnav was tensed like hell. His mind was not fully involved in any work. He has made Khushi cry. He has broken her heart. He tried to mend things but she was not ready to listen to anything. What harm if she hears him once? This misunderstanding would have come to an end. Why so angry?

It was not so hard to understand. Arnav has gained the most important role in her life and heart as well. She couldn't bear that he thinks low about her. But the fact is that he does not think so. How could he make her realize it? He was afraid of something. He felt like he had lost the previous one.

Next day

Khushi got down from the bus. At the same time, she saw someone very familiar to her was waiting in the opposite bus stand. It's NK. She waved her hand at him but he didn't see her. That's when a girl who has been covering her face with a scarf came to him. In no time he started the bike and geared it up taking her with him. Khushi's eye went wide open seeing that. What the hell? NK is in love? He did not tell her anything about it. What a friend he is? These brothers are not different. Damn. How could he? She wanted to catch him with red-handed. She stopped the auto and got inside, Asked the driver to follow NK's bike.

He did not ride the bike fast. It seemed to enjoy this ride with that girl. They entered the famous "Phoenix mall". She rushed towards them after cutting the auto meter. The girl who was with NK gave a heart attack to Khushi by removing the shawl from her face. She was none other than Lavanya.

NK parked the bike and circled La's shoulder. They looked so perfect with each other. They got glued at the place seeing Khushi in front of them. She was looking at them sternly folding her hands. La swallowed hard seeing her expressionless face. Khushi turned opposite side without uttering a single word and started walking towards the gate. They ran to her and blocked her way with their joining hands.

Khushi: I'm not ready to talk to those who do not consider me a friend.

La: Khushi ... please don't mistake us.

NK: Yes Khushi, we wanted to say but...

Khushi: But what? You would not have hidden it from me if you thought of me as your friend.

NK: No Khushi. We have hidden this because of La's uncle. We want to keep it a secret because he will not allow continuing her studies if he got to know about our affair. But trust me we really wanted to say about it to you.

La: Sorry... please forgive us. She said holding her ears.

Khushi: That is why did you hide behind me when Ratna aunty saw you?

La nodded yes.

Khushi: But why? Definitely Ratna aunty and Arvind uncle will not go against you. Then why do not you guys tell them everything?

NK: how could I even say when my unmarried elder brother is there?

Khushi(gritting her teeth): If you wait until he gets married, it will not always happen.

NK( sighed): I really don't know what to do. We have to settle down everything within a year.

La: Yes. My uncle is already pressurizing me to get married. I don't know how I would handle him after I completed my masters.

Khushi drowns into some thought deeply.

Khushi: Ok ok. we will think about it later. Don't be late. You will miss the starting scenes in the film. You just carry on.

NK: It's ok Khushi...

Khushi: Nanne doesn't disappoint your girlfriend. Fulfill your promise.

NK(chuckled): Still are you angry with us? (Khushi nodded no) Thanks, Khushi.

Khushi: Bye.

She hugged La and left the mall smilingly. NK is right Lavanya had told her uncle that he won't mind discontinue her studies if he came to know about their affair because he wants La to marry someone who is under his control. So La's property will be in his hand forever.



Arnav got stuck at the main entrance hearing Khushi's voice. Finally, she is here. She was discussing something serious with Ratna. But her voice was not fresh like before. He could feel the trace of dullness in her tone. What will she do when she sees him? Should he go inside or not? But how could he know her stance if he didn't face her? He got inside slowly. Ratna saw him coming.

Ratna: Chinna... You have come so early?

Khushi stiffened herself but she refused to look at him. Ratna was observing their expressions which were so new.

Arnav: Mom, can I get coffee?

He came and sat opposite Khushi. Khushi stood looking at Ratna.

Khushi stood looking at Ratna
Khushi: Aunty I'm leaving.

Ratna: Arrey... Suddenly what happened?

Khushi: Just now I remembered something important to do Aunty.

Ratna looked at Arnav whose gaze was sternly on Khushi unusually.

Arnav wanted to scream "look at me Khushi
Arnav wanted to scream "look at me Khushi....".

Ratna: keep coming...

Khushi: Jee Aunty...

She left hurriedly making Arnav look down helplessly. Ratna felt a tug in her heart, seeing her son vulnerable. She didn't know the exact issue which was going between them. But she strongly believed that it must be some misunderstanding. She didn't want to get interfered in between them. Because he wanted them to solve it on their own. She knows very well that "nothing brings people closer than break up of those who don't want a break up". People who are meant to together find their way back.

Arnav's condition was a miserable one. He does not know what he wants. At first, he didn't want to mingle with Khushi so he kept his distance from her. But why it hurts when she goes away from him? It's really intolerable when the person who means a lot to you behaves like a stranger.

He feared to fall for someone who would leave one day. He feared to give his all to someone and then being left alone. Today he felt left alone. He could lie to the whole world that "IT DOESN'T MAKE DIFFERENCE" but he couldn't lie to his own self. He didn't know her attitude could kill him because it makes difference.


As usual, Arnav was ready to go to the office. He started his bike but he didn't use the small lanes as usual. He preferred the main road unusually. The same he expected, Khushi was standing at the bus stand waiting for her route bus. Something clicked in his Howard's brain. He purposely released the side stand of his bike. Same time, Khushi turned in his direction and saw him coming. She was about to turn her face, but the Side stand of Arnav's bike got her attention. She became horrified. There was nothing in her mind except the stand. She shouted forgetting everything.

Khushi: Allaaaav.... Staaaand, Staaaand....

Arnav locked the stand looking at her face with a smirk. Khushi was dumbfounded. Did he do that purposely? A smirk on his face said "YES". At the same time, her bus arrived; she got inside the bus and stood holding the bar over her head. She slowly bent down and gave a look through the backside glass of the bus. There... Arnav was sitting on the bike folding his hands looking at her sternly.

To be continued............

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