It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: December 29, 2020
Ch. 1What's Love?



"Besant Nagar"- One of the richest, peaceful and most preferred area to reside in Chennai, due to the presence of beach. An extremely calm and serene area having close access to almost everything one needs for a smooth living. Beach views, sea-facing homes are quite things here. So modern and prestigious., it's a neat and tidy appearance itself is proof. But now, we are hearing something opposite to it.

Besant Nagar beach...

Many people were doing their morning exercise, jogging and running. A girl was shouting at a man. Not shouting but cursing him who was in his Jogging suit.

Girl(with extreme anger): I curse you Arnav. I curse you. One day you will suffer the same as me. You will be longing for love but it will go away from you. You will die every day while living.

Another girl was dragging her from the place. The man who is called Arnav does not seem to be affected by these. He didn't care about her nor did her shout. He saw her as a waste paper and went from there, starting his bike.

Girl2: Stop it, Nisha. Why are you behaving like this? Didn't I tell you about him before? He is always like this. He is not less than a stone. He never cares about breaking hearts. It was your mistake to trust him

Nisha: I didn't expect that he would cheat me like this. I loved him very much Meena. but he?

Meena: Not only you, but he also does the same with all the girls. But even today many girls are dying for his one look.

Nisha:(gritting her teeth): That is why he is so proud.

Meena: Yes he is so handsome but our area girls are hell scared of him.

Nisha: why the heck he is doing like this?

Meena: But I warned you right? Then why did you give him your address?

Nisha: Who knows he was asking my address only to complain about me to my parents? Do you know how my father hit me? ( she said controlling her anger) Idiot, if he doesn't like me then he should have told me.

Meena: Did not he tell you not to follow him?

Nisha: I thought I can trap him if I keep on trying.

Meena: But he has trapped you to your parents. ( she sighed) He did not do this because he did not like you. He doesn't like the word LOVE. He will become a monster if he hears the word LOVE.

Nisha: But why?

Meena: Who knows? Their family moved to our area six years ago that time he was studying in Harward. People in our area were very excited to meet a man coming from Harward. But he made everyone to think "why the hell he came?" He was too rude towards girls but very respectful to elders. That's why they are giving response to his complaints.

Nisha: Is this what his job?

Meena: No. He doesn't give any damn to anyone. But he hates if someone nears him in the name of LOVE.

Nisha: I don't care about anything. But I want him to suffer like hell with the same LOVE which he hates. He should long to get it from someone.

Meena: only in our dreams. I can bet. There is no chance at all.

That made the other girl feels low.

Nisha: I know how to give it back to him which was given by my father. (She looked at her swelled hand while saying that)

RM(Ratna Mansion)

A beautiful rice flour Rangoli welcomes us inside the mansion and the blissful Doop stick smell gives the devotional touch to the mansion.

Mrs Ratna Arvind was busy in the kitchen, preparing breakfast and also Lunch. She has to pack it to her husband who was Bank Manager and her sons Arnav and NanduKishore as they never prefer outside food.

NK was behind Ratna conveying the message which he got from his friend who witnessed everything on the beach a few minutes ago. Ratna was sighed in disappointment. This is usual. Sometime curse, sometimes anger, sometimes even fights. But nothing can change Arnav. He was not bubbly like NK doesn't mean he was not lovable to his family members.

Nk gestured Ratna to see Arnav who came inside as if nothing had happened.

Ratna: Chinna...

Arnav: Yes Ma?

Ratna: what's the problem?

Arnav knows that he cannot hide anything from his family as everyone witnessed everything that happened in the Beach.

Arnav( casually): Nothing special, as usual.

Ratna: Please do not stand in someone's tongue.

Arnav: Neither I'm interested. They are forcing me, mom.

Ratna: It is not good to earn curse Chotte.

Arnav: the curse? Muje Koi FARAK NAHI PADTA HAI (it doesn't make difference)Mom.

Ratna: You should not say that Chinna because every word has its vibration. A word may give gain at the same time it may give pain.

Arnav(caught hold of her hand): I have a Great lady as my mother who can change the curse into blessings. Then why should I bother?

Ratna(sighed): Why can't you pleasantly handle things without hurting them?

Arnav (raising his eyebrows): Pleasant way? Why should I? you should be happy that I'm going directly to their parents instead of insulting them in public.

Ratna: I know Chinna but...

Arnav: Ma please leave it...

NK(wearily): These girls are blind. They never look at the most handsome person who is in the same house. ( he said miserably)

Arnav: Start behaving like me, after that they may look at you.

Ratna(chuckling): Yah, try it once.

NK( horrified): Guys are you planning to kill me?

"who plans to kill you?" they turned their head towards the voice. Arvind was descending the stairs.

NK: who else other than Amma and Naanav?

Arvind: I won't believe this.

Arnav: We just gave him ideas to grab girls' attention.

NK: ohh really? Appa(Dad) he is advising me to behave like him.

Arvind(laughing): Then It's a conspiracy to kill you. Now I believe you Nandu.

Arnav: You too Appa? (Dad?)

Arvind: Then what? Girls are dying for you and you are searching for new ways to threatening them. You know, yesterday I saw a girl who was ogling at you longingly.

Arnav(with changed expression): Yaaru Pa Ava? (who is she Dad?)

Arvind himself got shocked seeing Arnav's rage. He saw Ratna and NK were Pleading him like "don't say" with signs.

Arnav: Tell me Appa, who the hell is she?

Arvind: Hey cool. I am just kidding. (looking at Ratna) can we get some coffee? ( he dragged Arnav by holding his hands) Sit down Chinna. If a girl wants to see or admire someone, it's her rights. Why are you getting hyper? Does not a woman have the right to love her favourite man? How much will they feel hurt if the person whom they love behaves rudely?

Arnav: What do you mean by LOVE? It occurs because I'm well settled? Does Howard return? Good looking? Earning in seven digits? No one is following their heart dad. They calculate their future with the brain. Love is not a matter of Brain but Heart. Iss sub cheeses me muje koi FARAK NAHI PADTA HAI. Because there is nothing called LOVE and this world revolves by calculating PROFIT and LOSS.

Arvind: what are you expecting Chinna (Chotte)?

Arnav: Nothing Appa(Dad). Expectation hurts. I'm happy with what I'm.

Arvind: wish, you will meet your SOULMATE soon.

Arnav: SOULMATE? It's a very big word, Dad. Don't think all the girls can be like my Amma ( he smiled)

Arvind: I agree. Do you know how much I have rubbed the road by walking to get one glimpse of your mother?

Ratna who brought coffee for them blushed.

Arnav(smiling): But it was worth doing dad. Hard work always gives a good output.

Arvind: But disappointingly, no one is following my footstep.

NK: Appa, don't worry. Your Nandu will do it for sure.

Arvind: Hope my both the boys will get a girl like my Ratna.

Arnav stood finishing his black coffee didn't want to drag this conversation.

Arnav: I should go Appa(Dad). I'm getting late to office.

Arvind clutched his hand.

Arvind: Not all the girls are the same. You should understand that. Please come out of your "mindset" Chinna. Some girls are meant to be loved.

Arnav removed his hand from Arvind's clutch looking at his face sternly and went from there. Ratna and Arvind sighed looking at each other. They wanted to get their son back just as what he was before.

To be continued...

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