Twisting Destiny
By Plums
Date: December 20, 2020

Months had passed after Rhianne's accident. During those days, Rhianne was trying to get to know her family more. Her attempts to get closer to them were never in vain because they welcome her antics with open arms. If Rhianne will give one step closer to them, then her family will give three steps to be closer to her.

Every morning, Rhianne will help her mother to make their breakfast. Even though they have maids, the whole family was fond of Carmie's cooking, that is why they do not hire any chef to cook for them. As they cook in the kitchen, Carmie always shares a lot of funny stories which makes the mother and daughter pair laugh. This activity became a regular bonding time between Rhianne and Carmie.

After eating their breakfast, Rhianne and Francis will go straight into the study room and help her brother to give some ideas about cars. Rhianne discovered that her brother is fond of cars. It is also one of their business for years. Since Francis loves everything that involves cars, Tim already decided to give Francis their company branch in Quintel City after he finishes his studies next year.

Speaking of business, Tim is a well-known business tycoon in the business world. He is the owner and the CEO of the famous Cartel Group of Companies or CGC. Due to his efficient thinking and genius tactics in the business world, he always received an award every year.

Thinking about the story plot, Rhianne is the only one who did not excel in their family. It is because she focused all of her life and effort on a man who will just use her in the end. Instead of making an achievement for herself, the character Rhianne Cartel made a stepping stone for her lover instead.

'What a foolish girl.'

Speaking of the story plot, Rhianne was secretly making a plan in her head. The very first on her hit list was to avoid meeting with that Andrew at all costs. Rhianne only had a few friends according to her mother. It is because most people only want to be her friends. After all, she is rich. So Rhianne decided not to be involved with others that much.

Rhianne thought maybe that is the reason why the original Rhianne fell in love with Andrew Gartin. Since Rhianne lacks any sincere feelings from other people aside from her family, Andrew Gartin uses that idea and portrayed a different attitude and personality in front of her. But the book said they are childhood friends. That means that Andrew started controlling Rhianne's feelings since they were young. Thinking more about it, Rhianne was convinced that Andrew Gartin is a scary and manipulative man and she needs to avoid it at all costs.


A few days later, Carmie informed her family that one of her classmates from college will visit their house this afternoon. She had a good relationship with that person so they keep having in touch after they graduated. Since that person is her mom's friend, then she must be kind and good. After eating their breakfast, Rhianne joined her brother as usual.

Arriving in the study room, Francis quickly sat at his chair near the table and tried his best to finish the design he made yesterday. It was a blueprint of a car and Francis planned to use it if the result will be satisfying for him and their father. But the results he made yesterday was still lacking.

Francis casually asked Rhianne if she has any ideas on how to make a car attractive. He did not actually expect that he will receive a response from her. Rhianne suggested focusing on the car's wheels and engine's sound aside from its physical appearance. She also pointed out that it is better to use another material for the car's body instead of the usual aluminum and steel.

"Why don't you use carbon fiber instead of aluminum and steel? It can make the car more lightweight than the usual car. Maybe you can also use a different tire, which is thinner than the average wheel. And for the engine, just make it smooth and quiet that requires less maintenance."

Francis looked at his sister with a dumb expression. He did not expect his little sister to give him a suggestion. When Rhianne saw him, she awkwardly turned her head away from him thinking that maybe she said too much. Francis is now looking at his sister in a new light. Immediately, Francis grabbed a clean paper and started making a new design of a car.

Francis seems lost in his own world for now. Rhianne just let her brother finish his drawing as she browsed all the books placed on the bookshelf. An old but thick book caught her eyes so Rhianne reached for it. She became surprised to see its contents.

This book is all about movie-making. In her past life, her biggest dream is to be a film director. She wanted to make a movie that will move everyone's hearts. But sadly, they did not want her just because of her poor background and lack of experience.

Both Rhianne and Francis got lost in their own worlds until they heard a knock on the door. Carmie opened the door to see her children getting busy with their own work. She informed them that her visitors just arrived and wanted to introduce them to her friend. The siblings nodded their heads and followed their mother.

When they arrived in the living room, Rhianne saw a  woman and a teenage boy beside her. The woman was wearing a neat and colorful dress while the boy beside her wore a simple black shirt and pants. Carmie smiled at the two before she introduced her children.

"Francis and Rhianne, this is my friend during college, Janice. Janice, these are my children. This is Francis, my eldest son."

Francis smiled at the woman named Janice and bowed his head a little. Janice smiled too and seems pleased with his welcoming attitude.

"And this is Rhianne, my youngest daughter."

Rhianne also did the same. She politely smiled at her mother's friend and bowed her head a little.

"Your children are so lovely, Carmie." Janice said as she stands up with the boy beside her.

"Hello, Francis and Rhianne. I am Janice. Carmie's friend. And this is my son, Andrew. He is the same age as you, Rhianne. I hope that you two will also become my son's friend."

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