Twisting Destiny
By Plums
Date: December 20, 2020

Rhianne remained seated on her bed while Francis was silently watching her. He also put a considerable distance between them thinking that he might scare her. When the door opened again, two unfamiliar people entered her room. Rhianne's body flinched and unconsciously became alert again.

The middle aged-woman suddenly burst into tears witnessing how the girl became alert the moment they saw them while the stern-looking man on her side tried to comfort her. The woman was calling her sweet endearments suited for little girls, but Rhianne intentionally ignored it. They also tried to explain to Rhianne that they were her parents, hoping to see any reactions from her. Rhianne remained silent, giving them a look full of wariness. This makes the woman, or rather her 'mother' cried.

After that, Rhianne did not talk again. Even when her 'family' tried to talk to her, she did not give them a response. When Dr. Calvin asked her if remembered anything, Rhianne timidly lowering her head and avoided his eyes. She told him in a small voice that she cannot remember anything at all, including her name. This confirmed in their mind that Rhianne has amnesia.

Rhianne decided to act like she had amnesia than to make a fuss about her situation. Even if she found these things ridiculous, Rhianne can't deny the fact that she was not dreaming. She can understand her situation deep in her heart. The people were telling her that she was the Rhianne Cartel they have known.

After staying in the hospital for the next two days, Rhianne was finally discharged from the hospital. Dr. Calvin advised that it was better for her to be exposed to a place or things she was familiar with hoping that it may bring her memories back. To make things more convenient for Rhianne and her family, Dr. Calvin also added that he will visit their residence once a week to make a regular check-up on her.

No one speaks a word during the whole car ride. Tim drives the car and Francis was sitting on the passenger seat. At the back, Rhianne sat quietly while looking at the scenery while Carmie tenderly holds the hand of her beloved daughter. Rhianne just let the woman do whatever she pleased. After all, she is now her mother.

Rhianne focused on the sceneries on the car window. Everything was very unfamiliar to her. She can't really recognize this place. It was very different from the usual sceneries in her memories. 

Rhianne grew up in an environment where children are wearing shabby clothes, the houses were built from wood scraps, and rusty thin metals, electricity, and water were very limited and the smell of trash was lingering in the air. When she was six, Rhianne's parents died in an accident while they were working in a factory. She does not have any relatives so she was placed in a Welfare Center. Rhianne grew up there and left the Welfare Center after her eighteenth birthday.

She took a lot of part-time jobs to pay for her small apartment and feed herself. Fortunately, she got a full scholarship at a local college school so Rhianne does not need to think about her tuition fee anymore. After graduating, Rhianne sent her resume to the companies where she wanted to work.

Unfortunately, the reality was too cruel and hard for her. Rhianne knew to herself that she was qualified to do the job, but what the company hired were those applicants who came from a famous and elite school.

She was always the top student in their class, received more awards from the school competitions she participated and became a member of their school organization. Even if Rhianne filled her resume with the all academic achievements she got, as long as they knew that she came from an unknown and local school, the companies will simply tell her that they contact her if they will have another job vacancy. This makes her very disappointed.

After being rejected by so many companies, she became a little depressed. Full of disappointment in her heart, she stops pursuing her dream job in the meantime. She decided to settle for a low paying job to support herself for now and try to get what she wants to achieve after getting some experiences. After a week, Rhianne found a job in a department store as a saleslady. Her salary was enough to pay for her bills and food.

Rhianne snapped from her thoughts when she felt the car stopped. Carmie helped her daughter to get out of the car. Rhianne suddenly became speechless when she saw the huge villa.

'So this is where Rhianne Cartel lives? It's like a real-life mansion!'

While in a daze, Carmie and Tim brought Rhianne to her room. The room has a pink and white wallpaper. There was a queen-sized bed with a white bed sheet on it. At the left corner, there was a big glass cabinet full of stuffed bears. There was also a balcony where she can see the flower garden below as a view.

The couple was hoping to see any changes in their daughter but slightly became disappointed seeing her blank expression. Not letting Rhianne feel their disappointment, they told her to rest for a while and they will call her when dinner is ready. Rhianne let out a sigh when she was finally alone.

After staying in this world for so many days, Rhianne already knew what happened to her, but she was not ready to accept it. Or rather, she cannot accept it at all.

Walking around the room, she spotted a hand mirror on a small desk. She grabbed it and looked at her face. Rhianne was stunned to see a lovely girl in the mirror.

The book does not lie in how it describes Rhianne's appearance. Rhianne Cartel has a long and natural wavy chestnut-colored hair, her skin was fair and smooth without any scars, pouty lips that have natural pink shade, and doll-like and charming eyes with caramel-colored pupils. Her whole face is a little round. Rhianne remembered when Carmie told her that she just turned twelve this year. She is still young but also she knows that this little girl reflected in the mirror will grow as a beautiful lady in the future. This face is really pretty.

Except, this is not the Rhianne she knows.

A single tear slide from her eye. Then a couple of tears escaped from her eyes again. She tried to wipe it, but her tears burst like water from a dam that keeps spilling on her pretty face.

She did not have any relatives in the past or close friends to rely on. Maybe when people found her dead body, no one will care about it. But it does not mean that it was okay for Rhianne to die alone just like that. Rhianne still has more plans and dreams she wants to achieve.

So why are her fate and destiny keeps on failing her?

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