Twisting Destiny
By Plums
Date: December 20, 2020

"Rhianne, can you hear me? Rhianne!"

Rhianne felt like there was a fire burning in her chest. She forced herself to take a deep breathe a few times that made her cough dry, which result in her feeling pain in her throat. Not to mention that her head was also hurting so much. When she heard that someone was calling her name in a panicky voice, she forced herself to open her eyes. But Rhianne's body was not cooperating with her so she closed her eyes again and motionlessly laid her body flat on the floor.

Rhianne tried to recall the things that happened in the accident. When the bus suddenly crashed with the truck, her body was squeezed and her head hardly hit on the pole. At that moment, Rhianne knew that she will die. But maybe luck was on her side this time since she can still feel herself breathing even though it's kinda hard for now.

"Quick! Francis, help me to carry her in the car! The ambulance is taking so long. We will bring her to the hospital!"

Rhianne heard a lot of footsteps near her. There was also the voice of a woman who gave an order to her surroundings. She struggled to open her eyes to see the face of the people beside her. Rhianne saw a middle-aged woman and a teenage boy beside her.

'Ah. Maybe they are part of the rescue team.'

"Rhianne, don't close your eyes! You should be awake until we reach the hospital." The teenage boy said to her.

Then Rhianne felt that someone was gently lifting her body. She wanted to struggle since it's a little uncomfortable, but she feels like her energy was fully drained. In the end, Rhianne let the teenage boy carry her.

Rhianne tried to keep her consciousness alert even though she already forgot half of the things that were happening in her surroundings. All she can remember was that the teenage boy carried her body and it seems like they ride in a car. Then after a few minutes, they get out of the car and heard several people asking about her current condition. The last thing Rhianne can remember was that the teenage boy carefully placed her on a bed and a doctor and several nurses get near to her.


The cold, fresh air was the first thing Rhianne feels when she opens her eyes again. She can feel her body was still weak, but not to the point that Rhianne wanted nothing to do but to sleep just like earlier. Rhianne blinked her eyes a few times to adjust her eyesight. She then observed her surroundings.

The room's walls are all white. There's an open window in it with a simple but elegant blue curtain. There's also a carpet on the floor that looks like a fluffy cloud. Two big sofas were placed inside the room and there's a small coffee table at the center of it. When she turned her head to her right, there's a table with a vase full of fresh flowers beside her bed.

'This doesn't look like a room in a normal hospital.'

Rhianne tried to sit up but stopped when she noticed something. An IV drip was attached to her right arm. Rhianne carefully moved her left arm to support her body to sit up when the door suddenly opened.

Seeing that her sister is finally awake, Francis stands at the door in a daze for a while before running out to call her doctor. Rhianne was confused to see the familiar teenage boy who just opened the door and ran quickly to disappear. After a while, the teenage boy entered the room again with a doctor behind him.

The doctor checks up on her condition. He also asked some questions to Rhianne which she answered quietly. After the doctor checked on her, he talked to the teenage boy before leaving the room.

"I am so glad that you are fine. I told you not to swim in the deepest part of the pool! Look at what happened to you! Rhianne, you almost died! The next time you will do that again, I will really hit you." The teenage boy said as he scolded Rhianne in a harsh voice.

Rhianne, on the other hand, can't understand what this teenage boy was talking about.

'What pool? What is he talking about? I was in a bus accident that almost took my life earlier.' She thought. But there's an important question that Rhianne really wanted to ask.

"Excuse me, but... who are you?"

A huge silence suddenly filled the room.

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