Twisting Destiny
By Plums
Date: December 20, 2020
Ch. 13CHAPTER 13

A few minutes after preparing the food on the table, the head manager has returned and informed Carmie of the details about the couple's information. The head manager said that they can't conceive a child after so many years and they decided to adopt a child to raise. The couple chose to adopt a girl who has the same age as Rhianne. Naturally, Carmie was happy for that girl. At least one of the children in the Welfare Agency will now have a new family.

Rhianne was also happy for that girl. That girl will now have a family and she will now receive the love and warmth that a family can give to her. This put Rhianne in a good mood. She volunteered to help the staff distributed the toys her mother's secretary had prepared earlier for the children. Carmie watched her daughter who energetically helped them with their task. As long as her daughter is healthy and smiling, everything is good.

After finishing the task, the children gave their sincere thanks to Rhianne, especially the children who were much younger than her. The little children seem to like Rhianne a lot, even though it was their first time seeing her. They became sticky to Rhianne after having a small conversation with her. In their perspective, Rhianne's looks are similar to the pretty dolls she has given to the little girls.

While playing with the children, Rhianne noticed a girl sitting on the bench with a pink bag on her back. The girl kept on glancing at the office where the couple was signing the adoption papers. Rhianne left the children for a while to talk with the girl. It seems like she was the child that the couple will adopt.

When the girl felt Rhianne's presence, she turned her head and smiled at her. Rhianne smiled back and sat beside her. Rhianne noticed that the little girl is very charming. She has short, black hair and a heart-shaped face. Her round eyes were very expressive and she has natural pink lips. No wonder that the couple likes her a lot.

"Hello. I heard that you will now have a new family. I am happy for you." Rhianne said with a happy smile.

The girl's smile gets bigger and nodded her head.

"Thank you! I am also happy that I can now call them mama and papa!" The girl replied happily.

"I hope that you can be happy with them."

The girl thinks Rhianne is really kind. She never met her, but she can tell that Rhianne was very sincere with her words.

They both heard the door opened. The manager and the couple saw the two girls talking with each other. The girl quickly stands up in front of the couple. Seeing the eagerness in the girl's eyes, the couple can't help but to smile and give her a hug. The girl hugged them back and laughed happily.

Rhianne was standing on the side while witnessing this lovely scene. She had never chosen to be adopted in her past life. She can only congratulate the children in the Welfare Agency that were chosen to be adopted and sincerely prayed for their happiness. But at least, she now has a family that loves her so much.

The girl saw Rhianne smiling at them. She excused herself from her new parents and ran towards Rhianne. The girl hugged her which made Rhianne really surprised. This girl was too happy that she even hug a stranger to show how glad she is right now.

"I am so happy!" The little girl chimed. "I hope that you can also be happy!"

Rhianne nodded her head in approval.

"What is your name?" The little girl asked.

"I am Rhianne Cartel." She said. Rhianne thought that she does not feel awkward telling her name anymore.

"Nice meeting you, Rhianne! I can't tell you my last name yet because I did not know my new parent's surname yet. But my name is Candice!"

The couple called the girl and informed her that they needed to go now. The girl waved her hand at Rhianne before holding the hands of her new family. Rhianne did not react until the girl and her new parents hailed a taxi. Rhianne can't help but gasped loudly when she heard the girl's name.

'Do not tell me... That girl is the female lead in this world. That girl is actually Candice Dy?!'

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