Twisting Destiny
By Plums
Date: December 20, 2020
Ch. 12CHAPTER 12

"After that small incident at Calvin's house, Rhianne already forgot it and her life became more peaceful. She was no longer acting shy or awkward with her family. These past few months, she was getting closer to them than before. Rhianne was thankful that she has now a place to call 'home'.

But what made Rhianne more thankful was that after meeting Andrew when he suddenly visited their house with his mother, she did not see him again even once. Rhianne was determined to avoid him at all costs. In her heart, Andrew is the devil who will be the cause of Rhianne and her family's destruction. So it will be better not to be involved with him in any way.

During her free time, Rhianne always thinks of the future. She only read a few pages of the story. So Rhianne did not know how the story will end. But because the book she read was a romance story, the male lead and the female lead obviously will have a good and happy ending. But she did not know and will never have a chance to read on what obstacles and challenges the main characters will face before they reach their happy ending.

Who told her to die early anyway?

In this world, Rhianne Cartel is just a minor character. Aside from her family and Andrew Gartin, she did not meet anyone who will play an important part in the story yet. Meaning, the male lead and the female lead. Rhianne actually does not care about them since the book did not mention anything that may connect Rhianne Cartel with them.

Since she was determined to avoid Andrew Gartin, she might as well plan to change her future. The character 'Rhianne Cartel' is a pampered and spoiled lady which is why she did not bother to get any work or achievements. She does not want it to happen, that is why Rhianne planned to be successful in this world. Since she has given a second chance to live, why not use it to make her dreams come true?

That is why Rhianne talked to her parents that she wanted to study again. Her parents are actually planning to let her skip this school year due to her amnesia. They were afraid that Rhianne will feel uneasy being surrounded by people she did not know. That is why they feel conflicted when Rhianne told them that she wanted to study again.

In the end, after a few more persuasion from Rhianne, they finally decided to fulfill their daughter's wish. Rhianne persuaded them that even though she had an 'amnesia', she is not afraid to meet strangers anymore. Though she was still worried, Carmie decided to compromise and transferred her daughter to the same school where Francis was attending his last year in college. Daltine University catered to different school levels from elementary to college. Rhianne will be in her second year in high school.

This setup will put Carmie at ease. Since Francis is just one building away from her daughter's classroom, then he can easily meet Rhianne if something bad happens to her. Then it was decided that they will arrange Rhianne's transfer papers and enroll her at Daltine University. This made Rhianne smiled and sincerely thanked them.

Rhianne was about to go to her room when her mother asked her if she wanted to go with her tomorrow. When she asked where will they go, Carmie told her daughter that she will be giving donations to the Welfare Agency she was managing. Carmie built it before for the children who were lost or abandoned by their parents. She personally visited and checked the Welfare Agency whenever she has time. Hearing this, Rhianne actually does not have any objection and told her mother that she was going with her.

Rhianne has a special feeling for the Welfare Agency. She spent her childhood in that place before. Rhianne knows how does it feel to live in a place that is full of children hoping to have a new family soon. Only the head manager and their staffs are the people who take care of them. These people treated them with kindness, but they can't fulfill the desires of those children to have a family that they can call their own.

The next morning, Rhianne helped her mother to bake cookies and sweets. They also make a variety of sandwiches. They will share these treats with those children in the Welfare Agency. The two of them plan to eat their lunch later with those children.

After preparing the things they needed, they ride in the car and let her mother's secretary drive it. After thirty minutes, they arrived in front of a huge white building. There was huge signage placed in the gate with colorful designs on it. It says 'Welcome to Sunrise Welfare Agency'.

A petite woman welcomed them and talked with them. According to her mother, she is the head manager of this place. Rhianne maintained a smile on her face as the manager guided them inside the building. Rhianne can hear the children's voices as they play with each other.

A staff member suddenly called their manager and informed her that a couple has come and they will now fetch the child they choose to adopt. Carmie told the manager to meet the couple while she and Rhianne will put the food they brought to the table. Rhianne observed the couple and the manager talked with each other. The couple seems nice and will surely make a good parent for a child. She hoped that the couple will give more love and care for the child they choose to adopt.

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