Twisting Destiny
By Plums
Date: December 20, 2020
Ch. 11CHAPTER 11

"Let go of me!"

"Why are you here?"

The two of them asked each other at the same time. The boy pursed his lips and slowly let go of Rhianne's wrist. Rhianne quickly took a step backward to put a distance between her and the boy. When he saw Rhianne's panicked expression, the boy's face darkened.

"Why are you here?" The boy asked Rhianne again. "Who told you to visit our house again?"

Did she already visit their house before? There was a possibility since Francis is a good friend of Dr. Calvin. And besides, she will never know if Rhianne Cartel had been here before since she just recently occupied this body.

But this boy just gave her a heart attack! Who told him to show up without making a sound in front of her? At least give her a warning if you will approach her.

When the boy saw Rhianne's alarmed posture, he thought that she was only acting as if she does not want to be near him. Just like the other children, this girl also wanted to avoid him. He was about to leave her when the girl suddenly stopped him.



Instead of answering him, Rhianne walked towards the boy. Because he was a bit taller than her, Rhianne stands up in front of him and tiptoed to reach something on his hair. The boy was slow to react due to his surprise. His vision was suddenly filled with her chestnut-colored hair.

Rhianne already noticed this thread when she first saw him inside the house. The bright color of the thread was irritating in her eyes. It was good that she finally got rid of it. She then noticed that the boy froze on his spot. Looking at his eyes, Rhianne observed the boy's expression.

"Are you...okay?"

The boy finally snapped from being dazed and pushed Rhianne away from him. Unintentionally, he used too much force which made Rhianne stumbled to the ground. This scene was what Calvin and Francis saw when they decided to check what Rhianne was doing in the garden.


Francis quickly helped Rhianne to stand up only to see a huge scratch on her palm. Witnessing someone who dared to bully his sister, Francis glared at the culprit. The boy was caught off-guard and did not know what to do first. Does he need to apologize first or to hide behind his brother's back?

"Why did you push Rhianne?" Calvin asked Tristan.

"It was not intentional!"

The boy was starting to panic now. His brother made it looked like he was a villain even though he did not do anything towards Rhianne. Francis was about to harshly scold the boy when Rhianne stopped him.

"Do not blame him. It was not his fault." Rhianne said before looking at the boy. "I am sorry for making you uncomfortable."

Rhianne needed to step up now or this whole fiasco will get bigger. She silently criticized the two in her heart, especially Calvin. Even if he looks serious right now, the look in his eyes was not lying. She understood the look of pleasure Calvin got from the situation behind his serious look.

'This person is already an adult, but still acts like a child.'

Calvin was trying not to laugh at his brother's miserable face. In fact, he saw everything from the start. He knows that his brother did not try to bully Rhianne, but Calvin just wanted to tease him a little bit.

Francis urged Calvin to quickly treat his sister's wound. Getting inside their house, the boy frantically ran upstairs to hide. Rhianne ignored him and calmly showed her palm to Calvin. When Calvin saw Rhianne looking at him with anticipation to treat her wound, it made him laugh in delight.

After Calvin treated her wound, Francis and Rhianne decided to go home. The main reason for it was Francis, who was still having the idea that Tristan bullied his sister. Calvin tried to defend his brother, but Francis was not buying it. Rhianne tried to find the boy but decided not to do it. Besides, she was not related to that boy even if he is Dr. Calvin's brother.

When the Cartel siblings left their residence, Calvin visited his brother's room only to see him looking at the window.

"What? Still want to see Rhianne even though you avoided her?"

A pair of different eye colors glared at Calvin. He ignored it and sat on his bed.

"Tristan, you should be nicer to her."

"Why should I do that?" The boy answered back. "She did not even greet me. How rude."

"Rhianne just survived an accident a few months ago. Not to mention, she lost her memories."

"Huh? she has amnesia?" Tristan asked. "For real?!"

Calvin nodded his head to respond.

No wonder that girl kept on looking at him in a weird way. He thought that she was just pretending to be pitiful to get the attention of his brother and Francis. Guilt and pity suddenly fill his heart for that girl.

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