Everything is fair in love
By Niranjana
Date: November 17, 2020
Ch. 9Evil Dhruv

Part 9

Aman took Arnav and NK to the lonely place which was located in out strike Delhi. Of course, this place was familiar to Arnav and NK very much. Aman usually uses this place to do the work which has to be done secretly. Aman's men were standing there. Arnav saw a guy being tied with chair. Seems like, he should have beaten up. Blood clots on his face were evident to it. What made Arnav shock to the core was, that guy was Dhruv's friend Akshay.

Arnav (frowning): Akshay? You? Why he is here?

NK: Because he knew everything.

Aman: Start. Without hiding anything... what Dhruv had done to Khsuhi.

He nodded yes fearfully.

Akshay: Khushi and my Girlfriend Aarthi are friends. I wanted to celebrate Aarthi's birthday. Dhruv insisted Aarthi to invite Khushi but I didn't want to do it because I knew what Dhruv would do.

Aman: But Dhruv is your friend right?

Akshay: But Khushi is a good girl. I don't want him to ruin her life.

Arnav(sternly): Why? What he does?

Akshay (hesitating): He....he... spikes the drinks of the girl, with whom he wants to be. He planned to do the same with Khushi.

Tension was visible on Arnav's face.

Aman: You mean, would he make the girl faint?

Akshay (nodded no bowing down): No. The drug; which he uses is not like that.

Arnav (gulping): Means?

Akshay: The drug increases the level of "Estrogen and Testosterone" in their bodies, 50 fold of Estrogen and testosterone are released into their blood stem by the ovaries and adrenal glands.

Arnav's expression became horrified.

NK: Tell us about the effect of the drug.

Akshay(gulping): It's a kind of drug which affects their nerve system diabolically. Their brain losses the ability of thinking. It will make them forget everything. Their only motto will be BODY PLESURE. They will become aggressive to get it because it causes horrible sensation in their body. They will go to any extend to get it. They won't mind kill themselves if they don't get the pleasure. It was that cruel drug. The miserable thing is, they couldn't remember anything when they get rid of the drug effect.

Arnav got to know, "what is fear" for the first time. He heard his own heartbeat. Could anyone be so heartless from his own family? He has been feeding for a beast unknowingly, who doesn't even know the value of human feelings.

NK: How Dhruv knew Khushi?

Akshay: Dhruv saw Khushi with my Girlfriend Arthi. He eyed on her. But Khushi is a girl with full of principles. She talks with those who talks with respect. She didn't like Dhruv as he talked with her in "double-meaning" words. Dhruv got to know that he couldn't coax her. So he wanted me to invite her to the party so that he can fulfil his desire.

Arnav fisted his fingers to control himself. How cheap Dhruv is.

Aman: Then?

Akshay: I didn't agree when Dhruv asked me to invite Khushi. But he threatened me, if I didn't invite Khushi then he will make Arthi consume the drug. Without any choice left, I insisted Arthi to invite Khushi. Khushi didn't accept her invitation easily. At last, Arthi talked with Khushi's mother and got permission. But, after seeing Dhruv in the party, Khushi became cautious. She checked the given drink by dipping her finger into it. Seeing her changed nail polish color, she got to know that it was spiked one.

Aman( getting amazed): Oh... should the drink be spiked, the nail polish will change colors?

Akshay (nodded yes): Yes. It's a fast and reliable way to ensure. Dhruv didn't expect that Khushi knows the technic. She refused to drink or eat anything in the party. (Arnav's lips curved with a proud smile) She got ready to leave the place immediately. It made Dhruv frustrated. He decided to make her faint using chloroform. He closed her nose with chloroform dipped clothe. Khushi fainted instantly. He picked her up to the nearby room. (pause) We thought Khushi's life was over. But for our surprise, Khushi came out of the room in few minutes. She ran away pushing us. We went to the room and saw Dhruv in pool of blood. He was being stabbed by the knife which Arthi used for cutting cake. We understood that Khushi fooled him, acting like fainting, to teach him good lesson. We left him in the hospital entrance and called NK bhai to say him Dhruv's condition.

NK: where is Dhruv's mobile?

Akshay: I don't know Bhai. He should have hid it somewhere carefully.

NK: What about Sweta? Is Dhruv behind her death?

Akshay was silent.

NK (shouting): Did he do the same with her too?

Akshay ( nodded yes): She committed suicide as she got to know, whatever she did with Dhruv in the drug effect.

Aman: But you said, they forget about what happened to them? Then how did she get to know about it?

Akshay: Dhruv records the video and shows them that how they begged him for the body pleasure and what they did with him.

The trio's condition couldn't be described by the words. They were that furious hearing Dhruv's merciless act. Is Dhruv that cruel?

NK: Then why did he apologize to Sweta?

Akshay: He apologized to her because he didn't want to be suspected. He won't forgive anyone for anything. He was so angry with Sweta for filing Eve teasing case on him. So he revenged her.

Arnav: Why does he want to marry Khushi?

Akshay: If he couldn't forgive the girl who filed the case against him then will he forgive the girl who tried to kill him?

NK (frowning): What do you mean?

Akshay: He wants to make her life hell I suppose. Who knows, what he wants to do with her? And more than that, he should have feared of POLICE CASE. As it's about drugs, this is the only way to save himself.

Arnav (sternly): Aman, release him.

Aman: Yah... what I'm going do with him?

Akshay: Bhai, please don't say Dhruv that I told the truth. He will kill me.

Arnav nodded yes and signaled his men to release him.

Akshay: Thank you Bhai.

Laalan's men took him from there.

Arnav (with his lop sided smile): Isn't Khushi brilliant? How cleverly she had saved herself?

Aman and NK were stunned. They thought that he would show his frustration on Dhruv for his deteriorated deeds. Instead, he is relishing Khushi's cleverness? Is he out of his mind?

Aman: What's the use? Dhadi is planning to make her life hell. I don't know how she trusts Dhruv easily.

NK: Do you think, after knowing his intention, I will let this marriage happen?

Arnav: What you do?

NK: I will talk to Dhadi.

Arnav (casually): I don't think it works.

Aman: Won't you talk to Dhadi about it?

Arnav shrugged his shoulders coolly. Which made them scratch their head.

Arnav: No one can change Dhadi's mind.

NK: Let me try for once Naanav.

Arnav (with lopsided smile): Your wish. Go ahead...

Aman and NK spared a glance seeing him acting cool. What happened to him? Why LION became calm? Or is LOIN camouflaging? Handling the angry ASR is tough but not impossible. But this cool Arnav is always dangerous. No one could predict him. Seems like, our hero had already decided something interesting.


Dhadi was surprised seeing Arnav and NK in her room. NK's reddened face reflected his inner mind whereas Arnav's face reflected nothing. It was like crystal clear water.

Dhadi: Arnav.... What made you come here?

Arnav looked at NK.

NK: I need to talk to you.

Dhadi: About?

NK: Do you know what Dhruv had done to Khushi? He tried to rape her...

Dhadi (cutting him): I know....

NK (shockingly): What???

Dhadi: Khushi told me.

NK: Still, you want her to marry Dhruv?

Dhadi: Dhruv is ready to marry her. Why not we try? What if he changes after marriage?

NK: What if he will not? What about Khushi? Are you going to ruin a girl's life? How will she live a life with a man, who she hates? Can't you understand a simple thing Dhadi?

Dhadi: I understood her very well and that's what made me take this decision.

NK (shocked): What rubbish!!

Dhadi: If a Girl respects "Chastity" to this extend, she will be truthful to her marriage. She will work hard to make it work. She will never give-up on her husband.

NK: But for doing that, she has to live in hell.

Dhadi (sternly): She has to...

NK (gritting his teeth): How selfish Dhadi???? Just because you want your grandson happy, you are ready to hurt a girl... Doesn't she have feelings?

Dhadi: I have no choice Nandkishor. Yes I'm selfish, when it comes to my family. But I promise. After Khushi became bahu of Raizada family, I will stand with her in all the situations.

NK: But it won't make her happy. I warn you. If Dhruv does anything to hurt Khushi, I won't mind kill him.

He left the place annoying. Dhadi stood there sighing. She looked at Arnav and confused seeing him not uttering a single word but giving her stern expression.

Dhadi: Why don't you say anything? Don't you have any words to scold me?

Arnav: You are right Dhadi....

Subhadra went speechless. Arnav is saying her RIGHT...? In which sense?

Arnav: If a Girl respects Chastity to this extend then she will be truthful to her marriage. She will work hard to make it work. She will never give-up on her husband.

He left the place all smiling. Subadhra Raizada's happiness was not estimated. After all, she made the great Arnav Singh Raizada accept her point. Won't she conquer everything, if he stands by her side?

Subadhra was not in the sense of thinking a very valid point that how come Arnav changed all of a sudden? What's the hidden reason behind his change? Only God knows....

To be continued.....

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