Everything is fair in love
By Niranjana
Date: November 16, 2020
Ch. 8Towards the truth

Part 8

Arnav felt so weak to stand in front of Khushi. His eyes denied to leave her pale face. "I hate Raizadas" echoed in his ears. He didn't know that "the dialogue" was said by "HIS Khushi", when he heard it. This is heights of ridiculousness. He was getting affected by someone's action. How pathetic.

Arnav wanted to find her. He was eager to meet her. When he meet her, he was unable to speak to her. The girl; who is standing in front of him, doesn't even know that she is dominating his heart.

Khushi rushed inside wiping her tears which made him gulp hard. He wanted to stop her from leaving and say, "I'm here for you". He left GH hurriedly getting disappointed. He didn't want to stay in the place, where his Khushi is being intimidating.

NK closed his eyes helplessly. The person who gave him life is struggling in front of him and he could do nothing. No, he can't give up that easily. He has to do something to stop this marriage. Forcing a girl for an unwilling marriage is SIN. That too, when Arnav like GEM of a person loves her. He left GH without taking leave from Dhadi.


Aman was sitting holding his head whereas NK wiped his lonely tear.

NK: I couldn't see Naanav so helpless Aman. Don't know where he went. He left GH, saying nothing. I'm scared Aman.

Aman went silent because of this unexpected situation.

NK: He was not fine with this marriage when he didn't even know who the Bride is. Then what does he feel now? We have to do something Aman.

Aman: what do you want me to do?

NK: We have to know, what Dhruv is up to. His love for Khushiji can't be true. We have to find his intention out.

Aman took his mobile and dialed the commissioner number. He received it.

Aman: Commissioner Sir, I want you to do something very urgent.

Comm: Sure Aman.

Aman: This is a phone number of a Guy. I want to know his whereabouts immediately.

Comm: yup.

Aman: His phone is switched off.

Comm: It doesn't matter. Give me one hour.

Aman: Yup.

They disconnected the call.

Aman: Let the commissioner find him out. I will show him who Aman is.

NK: I will kill him if he doesn't say the truth.

Aman: Don't know where ASR is.

NK: He must be in long drive. He always prefers that, when he is upset.

Aman: That's what upsetting me yaar. He won't say anything opening his heart, damn....

NK: He doesn't need to say anything. We will do what he wants.

Aman: How?

NK: We have to stop this marriage and make Naanav marry Khushiji.

Aman: Do you think, it's easy?

NK: Though it's not easy, not possible as well. We can do it if we try.

Aman: According to today's scenario, Khushi hates Raizadas. Then, how she agrees to marry Arnav?

NK: She hates Raizadas because of Dhruv and Dhadi. She wants to kill Dhruv, still, she is marring him, due to the circumstance. Then, why not we try to get her married to Naanav?

Aman: What about Dhadi?

NK: Who cares? She and her thoughts. I prefer sending her to Himalayas if I get chance.

Aman: We shouldn't do any mistakes which effects Arnav and Khushi. We have to be careful.

NK nodded yes thoughtfully.


Arnav Singh Raizada was not Arnav Singh Raizada that day. He was someone, people had never seen before. He was driving the car speedy with unnamed emotions without caring about "pouring rain".

He stopped the car and got down, stood under the pouring rain.

Could he live without her? Not just without her... she will be in RM... as his brother's wife... may be, he will see her suffering with Dhruv. It will not just be a punishment but also a curse. If someone give him poison now, he may drink happily instead of thinking about those terrible things. Because he will bear any pain but this. He will live in any horrible condition but this. He strongly felt, he can't live without Khushi. He remembered her smile on the day when she saved a puppy. He smiled even in that horrible moment. He wondered. If her smile can do magic on him then he won't let "it" to be someone's. If he do so, his heart won't be at peace.

Dhruv and Khushi... That thought itself made him frustrated. Dhruv is someone, no one could guess. He won't deserve any girl on the Earth, definitely not Khushi. He heard directly from Khushi, how she hates Dhruv. She really wants to kill Dhruv which gave peace to Arnav's heart.

Dhadi is adamant about Khushi's marriage which is not going to take place with Arnav. When he got to know that she is the one, who is going to get married to Dhruv, he felt like someone smashed his heart. He knew Dhruv and Khushi as well. How could he let him marry her?

At the same time, could he say "I want to marry her?" Of course he could say. But what about Khushi? Will she accept him? How could she, when she doesn't like Raizadas? Of course, she hates Dhruv. If Khushi is not ready to get married to Dhruv, she doesn't have to do it. He is here to save her.

Arnav dialed Aman. Aman jumped from the chair seeing Arnav's number. NK snatched the phone and turned the speaker ON.

Aman: ASR...

Arnav (cutting him): I want all the DAMN details of Dhruv. I don't care what you will do, what sources you will use, how much money you will spend, I want it by tomorrow morning. Or else don't you dare come in front of me.

He disconnected the call without hearing Aman's statement. He took a deep breath and got inside the car. Starting the engine, he geared the car up.

Aman and NK looked at each other.

Aman: I had never seen ASR in this mood.

NK: because, intense of the matter is like that.

Aman: yes. It shows how deeply he got affected.

Within few minutes, Aman got a call from the commissioner.

Aman: Yes sir...

Comm: He is in Delhi only. I have sent you the address.

Aman: Thank you sir.

Comm: Do you want me to arrest him?

Aman: No sir. This is enough. I will take care of him.

Comm: Careful. Call me if needed.

Aman: Sure Sir.

Aman called "HIS" man Laalan.

Aman: Laalan, note down the address. You have to take a guy off there.

Laalan: As you said Sir.

Aman: Bring him to our place.

Laalan: Do you want me to make him spit anything before you come?

Aman: Yup. You just "LOOK AFTER" (he stressed) him thoroughly. He has to spit everything without wasting our time, when ASR come there.

Laalan: Done.

Aman and NK saw Arnav entering AR. They glanced at each other and then the clock. It was 10:30pm. Aman sighed in relief, as he finished the given task before time.

Arnav sat on the chair leaning on its back closing his eyes. He didn't have lunch... he didn't like anything... Still, he couldn't believe that Khushi is the one who stabbed Dhruv. And Dhruv loves Khushi....? Damn....

He composed himself and started recollecting the happenings...

That's why she came running that night? Did she came after stabbing Dhruv? Can it be true, that she stabbed Dhruv just because he held her hand? Isn't she a girl who treat every "life" on the earth equally? Something is surely wrong. Dhruv should have done something horrible. Or else Khushi won't have dared to stab Dhruv.

He straightened himself hearing click sound of his cabin door. Aman and NK came inside without knocking and Arnav didn't mind it. He didn't know how to react. They felt bad to see him suffocating.

NK: Naanav... I don't want this marriage happen. Forcing a girl for marriage is injustice.

Arnav was silent. Aman touched his shoulder.

Aman: What do you think Buddy?

Arnav: I don't think, Khushi stabbed Dhruv just because he held her hand. She is a "Blue cross girl". She didn't even let a puppy get hurt. How could she hurt someone to this extent for a silly reason?

He looked at Aman and NK contently.

Aman: Do you want to know, what truly happened?

Arnav ( nodded yes) : Obviously.

Aman: Let's go.

Arnav: Where?

Aman: Towards the truth.

Aman took Arnav and NK to the lonely place which was located in out strike Delhi. Of course, this place was familiar to Arnav and NK very much. Aman usually uses this place to do the work which has to be done secretly. Aman's men were standing there. Arnav saw a guy being tied with chair. Seems like, he should have beaten up. Blood clots on his face were evident to it. What made Arnav shocked to the core was, that guy was Dhruv's friend Akshay.

To be continued.....

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