Everything is fair in love
By Niranjana
Date: November 15, 2020
Ch. 7Same Khushi

Part 7

Khushi was hell frustrated not with anyone but with her own self. She was sitting in the corner of the room annoying.

Khushi (self-talk): Couldn't you do a simple thing perfectly? He didn't die. He is still alive to kill you alive. Why didn't you stab him for few more times? What a girl you are, if you couldn't kill a scoundrel when you get a perfect chance? It will be better if you rot in jail instead of marrying him.

She shouted at her own self looking at mirror. She hates herself for not killing Dhruv. His Dhadi gave them twenty four hour time to decide whether she will rot in jail or in hell. Won't it be good to rot in jail than living with a monster like Dhruv?

His Dhadi will be here anytime, as her "given time" is going to get over. She gulped hard.


Arnav was checking accounts with Aman. He saw his phone flashing with Dhadi's name. He fisted his fingers annoying. Dhadi's idea of getting married to Dhruv irritated him to the core. She and her thoughts... Damn...

Aman saw his expression and gestured him to attend the call. Arnav attended it sighing.

Arnav: Yah Dhadi...

Dhadi: Arnav, I'm going to that girl's house as my "given twenty four hours" is going to get over.

Arnav (with disinterest): So?

Dhadi: I want you and Nandkishor to accompany me as you both are elder brothers of Dhruv.

Arnav: I'm not interested.

Dhadi: "Your interest" doesn't matter here. We have to do our duty for our family. Don't you want to see your brother settling in his life Arnav?

Arnav(annoying): Ok fine. I will come.

He agreed as he didn't want to drag Dhadi's unwanted conversation.

Dhadi: you come to Laxmi Nagar directly. I will be there.

Arnav: Ok.

He disconnected the call.

Aman: What's the matter buddy?

Arnav: Dhadi wants me to accompany her to that Girl's house because I'm elder son of Raizada.

He chuckled sarcastically.

Aman (sarcastically): Oh... She will make her younger grandson get married, leaving elder grandson. But she wants the elder son to fulfil his duty?

Arnav: Marriage and me? I have no idea about it.

Aman (teasingly): yah.. but that idea peeps out when you cross the particular signal. (he winked)

Arnav was stunned. He thought about "blue cross girl". An adorable smile crept on his face unknowingly. Aman surprised at his expression.

Arnav (making himself up): What do you mean?

Aman: I'm talking about the signal, where you saw the same Blue Cross girl again.

Arnav: It was a coincidence.

Aman's surprise was not estimated. He thought Arnav would ask him "which girl?" But nope. He admitted his meeting with Khushi.

Aman: There is only a fine line between coincidence and fate dude. If she is written on your fate, you will get more and more coincidence.

Arnav took his coat.

Arnav(smiling): I'm leaving.

Aman was sure. Arnav has some feelings for that girl. He was so glad that finally a girl made him smile. But the task in front of them made him afraid as he didn't get any details about Khushi Kumari Gupta yet. The person; whom he approached for Khushi's details, asked him to wait until afternoon. He was waiting for that. He wanted that smile to be permanent which decorates Arnav's. But how did he know that his smile is going to vanish soon?

Arnav drove through Laxmi Nagar with NK. NK seemed irritated. He was totally against to Dhadi's idea. They didn't talk, as there is no use of talking.

Arnav couldn't resist himself from thinking about the "Blue Cross Girl" when he crossed the particular signal which was mentioned by Aman. Why not he tries to find her? Let Dhruv's matter get sorted out first. He smiled at his own idea.

Arnav and NK reached Laxmi Nagar. They saw Dhadi's car being parked in front of a house. They got down from the car and headed towards the house. They got stuck hearing argument, which was going inside the house. It was not so hard for them to understand that the girl's family doesn't like this marriage, especially the gir,l who stabbed Dhruv.

The argument is going between three woman and the one is "the girl; who stabbed Dhruv" but they had no idea about the other two.

Inside the house...

"Khushi, please try to understand, they are powerful in the society. We can't expect mercy from them".

"Amma, Why not you guys understand me? He is a rogue. He had ruined many girl's life. I will die instead of marrying that Rakshas".

She pleaded crying.

"Don't say like that beta. Poor like us have no other choice".

"What will you do if I kill him after marriage?" – she asked getting anger.

(Arnav was shocked hearing this. He looked at NK who was also in the same state.)

"it will happen for sure if I marry him. Mark my words. His wish will never come true. I rather be in jail than his wife".

"Khushi please try to understand."

"Haan Khushi, Your Babuji is already paralytic attacked and also a heart patient. He won't be alive if you go to jail".

(Raizada brothers felt so bad for their helplessness.)

"His Dhadi will be here anytime. If she hears you arguing then don't know what she will do"

"Like Grandson, like Grandmother. I thought only that Dhruv is Rakshas. But Nope. Whole family is same. Heartless, ruthless, merciless, arrogant. I hate Raizadas" – Khushi shouted.

(Arnav gritted his teeth.  What Dhadi will achieve, making this girl as her bahu?)

"Just stop it Khushi. Can't you do this for your Babuji?"

"Ok fine. I will marry him. But I will never come here after my marriage. No matter how much I suffer with that Rakshas. You too shouldn't come to meet me even if I die"

She rushed to her room sobbing.

NK hit his own head whereas Arnav felt bad for that girl. His anger with Dhadi raised into no limits. But where is she?

He ran his eyes around the house and saw Dhadi in the small temple which was little far away from GH. He rolled his eyes.

NK: Making people live in hell, what the hell she is praying? Will God fulfil her wish? Disgusting.

He said with annoyance.

Dhadi came towards him with smile on her face.

Dhadi: When did you come?

Arnav: Just now.

Dhadi knocked the door. Buaji opened it. Subhadra herself entered inside. She didn't wait until Buaji welcomed her. Arnav and NK followed her.

Dhadi: Hope you people have decided GOOD (pause) for everyone.

Buaji didn't say anything. She was not ready to talk to this wicked woman.

Garima: We are ready for the marriage.

Arnav saw her gulping down. Her teary eyes pricked him. Dhadi's face lit as her trick worked.

Dhadi: I'm glad about it. And I'm really sorry for my rude behaviour. Sometimes, we have to do such things for our family's betterment. My family and grandsons are everything to me. We are going to become a family soon. So it will be good if we share good bounding.

Not only Guptas but also Arnav was pleased with Dhadi's kind words. He could see glimpse of satisfaction on Gupta women's face. But NK didn't give any damn to her kindness.

Dhadi (pointing at Arnav): He is my elder grandson Arnav Singh Raizada, and he is Nandkishore.

Arnav: Namaste.

Garima & Buaji: Namaste.

Dhadi looked at NK disappointedly who was silent without greeting Guptas. She removed a set of bangles from a small bag.

Dhadi: These are our family bangles. I would like to give these to my Bahu. Will you call her?

Garima nodded yes and went to Khushi's room. Arnav became curious to see the bravest girl, who stabbed Dhruv.

Garima: Khushi...

Showing her palm, Khushi stopped Garima.

Khushi: I heard everything.

Saying she stepped out of her room.

Arnav felt like he is falling from the cliff and he is getting down and down and down... He was staring at Khushi's paled face... puffed up eyes... gulping his emotions.

NK was doing nothing but looking at Arnav's horrified face.

Dhadi: I'm sorry Beta, hope you will understand me.

Seems like, Dhadi's words didn't make any difference in Khushi. She didn't say anything nor did she look at Subhadra. Dhadi took her hands one by one and inserted the bangles.

Dhadi: From now, you are RAIZADA bahu.

Khushi raised her hands and looked at the bangles. Tears slipped from her eyes and fell on the bangles which stabbed Arnav's heart deeper than Dhruv's knife wound.

To be continued....... 

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