Everything is fair in love
By Niranjana
Date: November 14, 2020
Ch. 6Dead Line

Part 6

Arnav got horror-stuck hearing the name "Khushi". He became tensed like ever before. Sweat beads occupied all over his handsome face. Would she be his Khushi? He thought for a while... Not at all... She couldn't be. The girl who saved a puppy, not caring about getting hurt, would have never stabbed Dhruv, just because he held her hand. No... no way... after all she is a Blue cross member. She don't dare hurt anyone that easily.

And more than that, Dhruv got stabbed near Sarojini Nagar whereas he met Khushi in the other area which is far away from Sarojini Nagar. So, she must be some other Khushi. He consoled himself.

Bur he didn't know, he was being watched by his brother Nandkishor. NK saw, how Arnav's expression changed horribly hearing Khushi's name. Arnav never reacts for anything in this way. "Sweat beads" on his face told him, how tensed he is. Arnav's nervousness made, NK more nervous. Could both the Khushi is same? He excused himself from Arnav.

NK called Aman and told him the matter. Aman became more nervous than the duo.

NK: Please, do back check as soon as possible.

Aman: Yes, we shouldn't wait for Rohan.

NK: Why not we approach Blue Cross Society? Can't we get her information there?

Aman: Yes, that's a good idea. I will do it.

NK: Yah.

They disconnected the call.

Laxmi Nagar

A woman in early forties was crying like hell. The other woman was consoling her sitting beside her.

Woman: Please be strong Garima. If you cry like this than who will console Sankadevi?

Garima: I never thought, one day, my daughter will dare to kill someone.

She said in between her cry to her husband's sister Madhumathi.

Madhu(angrily): What else do you want her to do? He would have ruined her if she had not stab him. I would have also do the same if I had been in her position.

Garima: I spoilt her life by sending her to the party. She was not ready to go the party Jeeji. It was me, who insisted her to go. See, where it led her to...

Madhu: Look Garima, happened is happened. We have to think to handle the situation.

Garima: I'm scared Jeeji. I can't think anything.

Madhu: I think of taking her to Lucknow. What say?

They heard knock at the door. Madhumathi frowned seeing an unknown woman, who was standing at the door step, without any expression on her face.

Woman: Namaste.

Buaji: Namaste. I'm sorry, I can't remember you.

Woman (sternly): It's because we never met before.

Buaji: Ohh... tell me what can I do for you?

Woman: Can we talk inside?

Buaji: I'm sorry. please come in.

Buaji was about to say "please be seated", but stopped and became furious because of the woman's next sentence.

Woman: I'm Subhadra Raizada. Dhruv's grandmother.

Buaji(getting angry): What!!! Are you belong to that rough's family?

Dhadi: Watch your language.

Buaji: Of course I do. Or else I utter worse words than this because he deserves it. How dare he touch my niece?

Garima and Khushi came out hearing loud tone of Buaji.

Dhadi: It's me who should be angry on your niece because she tried to kill him.

She said looking at Khushi who was in extreme wrath.

Buaji: Because he won't deserve to be alive.

Dhadi: But he is... still. Your niece took him wrong. I don't say he was right but there can be another side of the coin.

Khushi: Which side are you talking about?

Dhadi: That, he loves you so much.

Khushi(sarcastically): Love? Hua... (Sneering) Does your grandson know the meaning of the word LOVE? Forcing someone to bed is what called love? He tried to make me faint with chloroform.

Subadhra was shocked by the truth. That was unexpected. She didn't know, there is another side of the coin which is unknown to her. Did Dhruv do that to this girl? She was tongue tied but she couldn't back off now. Because Dhruv loves Khushi. Dhruv might be done that in out of love. After all, he is a small boy. Didn't he say, he will die without Khushi? Love; which she has for Dhruv made her BLIND.

Khushi: What happened? Why are you silent? Did you get hit by another side of the coin?

She mocked.

Dhadi: I think, seeing him with chloroform, you should have mistaken. I won't say he is not wrong but he loves you that's what matters to me.

Khushi (frowning): So?

Dhadi: I want you to marry him.

Khushi(shocked): Whaaaat? Marriage? With that Scoundrel? Never. She shouted.

Dhadi: Then be ready to go to jail in "attempt to murder case".

Guptas shocked to the core. What a woman she is?

Buaji: Are you threatening us?

Dhadi(sternly): Think whatever. This is my final decision. I give you twenty four hours to decide. Marriage or jail, choice is yours.

Khushi: What will you do if I file rape case against your grandson?

Dhadi: Try it. We know how to face it. Do you know who his brother is? Inquire about Arnav Singh Raizada and about his power in the society. You will get to know, what really he is. He will make the case "nothing" using his power. I know I should not talk like this but I want my grandsons happy. I believe, Dhruv will change if he marries you because he uttered only your name after gaining his consciousness. He loves you so much. Think with your cool mind. (looking at Garima and Buaji) advise her, because it's elder's duty to make her understand the consequences of the issue. Hope you know what will happen if a young girl goes to jail. Twenty four hour is there for you to decide.

She left GH smirking, leaving horrified Guptas.

Khushi sat with thud seeing her beloved women numb. Somehow, she understood what they will say. But, they themselves were not clear, what should they decide.

City Hospital

Dhadi was feeding juice to Dhruv when Arnav came there with NK.

Arnav(looking at Dhruv): How are you?

Dhruv: Better.

Arnav: Why did you call me Dhadi?

Dhadi gestured Arnav to come out. He followed her.

Dhadi: I want to talk to you.

Arnav: I'm listening.

Dhadi: I went to meet the girl today.

NK: Which girl?

Dhadi: The girl who stabbed Dhruv.

Arnav: Ohhh...

He said without interest.

NK: It's obvious that you save him every time. This time also you should have asked her not to file case against him I suppose.

Dhadi (smirking): No. I gave them "choice to choose".

Arnav: What do you mean?

Dhadi: I went there to ask their daughter's hand for Dhruv.

Arnav(horrified): What??

Dhadi: Because Dhruv loves her so much. Didn't you see how he cried?

NK: Did they agree?

Dhadi: No. That's why I gave them twenty four hours DEAD LINE to choose.

Arnav (frowning): Choose what?

Dhadi: Marriage or Jail?

Arnav (gritting his teeth): Are you....

Dhadi: I have no choice Arnav.

NK: Are you insane Dhadi?

Dhadi: Mind your tongue Nand Kishore.

NK(angrily): I won't. This is the limits Dhadi. How could you do this to the girl who hates Dhruv?

Dhadi: He loves her.

NK: But she stabbed him Dhadi. Can't you understand how much she hates him?

Dhadi: She will be alright after their marriage.

NK(sarcastically): Oh really?

Dhadi: They seems a conservative family. She will accept him whole heartedly in future.

NK: This is injustice Dhadi. Forcing a girl who is not ready for marriage is certainly an injustice.

Dhadi was silent. She looked at Arnav who was looking at her with different expression. There... she saw loath. She felt, she lost her respect completely.

Dhadi: Why are you silent Arnav?

Arnav: I'm not ready to waste my energy in arguing, because it will only be useful if the person is unaware of what she is doing. But you know very well that you are doing wrong. Still, you are doing this for your grandson. Go ahead, but you will repent. Mark my words.

He left the place with seething anger. NK followed him after throwing an angry glare on Dhadi.

To be continued........

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