Everything is fair in love
By Niranjana
Date: November 13, 2020
Ch. 5Who is the Girl?

Part 5

NK: Someone Stabbed Dhruv.

Arnav's shock was not estimated.

Arnav (shocked): What!!! When? Where? How? Who stabbed him?

NK: I don't know Naanav. His friends left him at the entrance of the City Hospital. Doctors are treating him.

Arnav: What doctor told?

NK: It's critical.

Arnav: Dhadi knew it?

NK: Not yet.

Arnav: That's good. We will say her after knowing his condition.

NK: Will you come?

Arnav: Yah... I'm coming.

NK: ok...

He cut the call. Arnav looked at Khushi for a while who was lying on the bed unconsciously. He sighed and went to the doctor.

Arnav: Doctor, I got an urgent work. I got to go. Inform me, when she gains consciousness.

Doctor: Sure sir.

Writing his number in a chit, Arnav gave it to doctor.

Arnav: This is my number. Ask her to call me.

Doctor: ok sir.

After settling the hospital bill, Arnav left the place half-heartedly.

City Hospital

Arnav saw NK rushing towards him. He looked stressed.

Arnav: What's all this NK?

NK: Someone stabbed Dhruv.

Arnav: Who? Why?

NK: I don't know anything Naanav. His friend messaged me few minutes ago, that they left him outside the hospital.

Arnav: Outside?

NK: Because it's a police case.

Arnav: Who messaged you?

NK: Dhruv's friend Akshay.

Arnav: Didn't you call him?

NK: After messaging me, he switched his mobile off. He should have ran away after dropping him in the hospital I suppose. Something must be serious Naanav.

Arnav: Do you know, where he went?

NK: As per Akshay's message, he went to attend Akshay's girlfriend's birthday party.

Arnav: In which place?

NK: Near Sarojini Nagar.

Arnav: Mmm. What's his condition?

NK: Treatment is going. No one came out of the OT yet.

Arnav: Mmm. Do you suspect anyone?

NK(disappointedly): Whom do we suspect? One or two? He never has been kind with anyone. No wonder, if his own friends would have stabbed him.

Arnav: We have to tighten his grip I suppose.

NK: That's what I'm saying from the beginning.

Arnav: Did you complete police formalities?

NK: Yah, I called the AC and told him.

Arnav: Did he file the case?

NK: Not yet. He said, he will talk to you.

Arnav: I will take care of it.

NK: Don't do that Naanv. Let them file the case. They have to investigate it. Then only we will get to know what's happening in his life.

Arnav: No need. We can do it by our source. Aman will do it.

NK: But why Naanav? He won't be controlled if we save him every time. Let him face it.

Arnav: We will also get effected. Not only we but also AR. I have established it putting lot of hard work. I can't let it ruined.

NK: Mmm. Shall I call Dhadi?

Arnav: Or else? Do we have any other choice? Go ahead. (he said sighing)

NK called Subhadra and told her the matter. Within half an hour, Subhadra reached the hospital all crying and she continued non-stop. But neither Arnav nor NK tried to console her. Somehow, she is the reason for his condition. Dhruv should have done something horrible that's why he got stabbed. But who stabbed him? Why did his friends leave him in the entrance of the hospital and ran away?

Arnav hung the call after elaborating everything to Aman. Within few minutes, Aman received a call from NK.

NK: Aman, I sent you Dhruv's friend's number. He is the one who messaged me about Dhruv. He switched off his mobile but you can trace him by using EMIE number.

Aman: Leave it on me.

NK: I'm going to RM. I will search Dhruv's room to see if I get anything from there.

Aman: Ok.

They hung the call. Arnav and Aman always like NK's stand. He stands for truth. NK was about to go to RM but stopped thinking a valid point. Where is Dhruv's mobile? He saw the Doctor coming from OT.

Doctor: No need to worry. Though the wound is deep enough, by God's grace it didn't damage any of his organs. He will be alright.

NK: Doctor, can I get his belongings?

Doctor: Yah sure.

He looked at the nurse and gestured her to hand it over to NK. But NK was disappointed as Dhruv's mobile was not there. There was only his chain, watch, ring and wallet.

NK: Didn't he have his mobile?

Nurse: No sir. This is what he had.

He searched his wallet but he didn't get any useful information from that. He reached RM disappointedly.

More to his disappointment, he didn't get anything from his room which frightened NK to the core. He searched his room inch by inch. There was nothing. He flipped his bed, expecting something under that. Nope. He didn't see anything there too.

He opened his laptop and surprised seeing it without password. That's when he understood, he won't get anything from that too. Still, he checked it. There, he saw few movies, Games and some decent photos with friends, nothing more than that.

How could anyone be so cautious? He knew Dhruv is not good, as, what he shows outside. If Dhruv could be so cautious to this extend then he was more dangerous than what NK thought.

City Hospital

Dhadi refused to go to RM even though her present was not needed in the hospital. Without any options left, Arnav and NK also stayed with Dhadi.

Next morning

Arnav dialed Dhanvandri Hospital Doctor number to know about Khushi.

Arnav: ASR speaking.

Doctor: Good morning sir.

Arnav: How is she? Did she gain her consciousness?

Doctor: Yes sir. She gained her consciousness last night.

Arnav: Is she alright?

Doctor: Ohhh she is not here.

Arnav (frowned): What??? Did she leave the hospital? When?

Doctor: sorry sir, we don't know, when she left the hospital.

Arnav: What do you mean, you don't know?

Doctor: She left the Hospital without anyone's knowledge.

Arnav(annoying): How could you be so careless?

Doctor: Sorry sir, when we went to her room to check her condition, she was not there. Don't know how she could leave when receptionist was sitting at the reception.

Arnav: When did you know?

Doctor: At 10: 30 pm.

Arnav(disappointedly): Didn't you give her my number?

Doctor: She left before I give sir.

Arnav cut the call frustrated. He got a chance to get her close to him but it went in vain. Where will he find her? In the signal...? Damn....


Dhruv shifted to the special ward as he gained his consciousness. Dhadi rushed to him and caressed his hair.

Dhadi(sobbing): What's all this Dhruv? Do you know, my heart stopped beating when I got to know about you?

Dhruv(in feeble voice): I'm sorry Dhadi. Because of me, you are facing problems.

He looked so weak.

Dhadi: Don't stress yourself beta. You should be in rest.

Dhruv: No Dhadi, I hurt you.

Dhadi: Who is the reason of your condition? Tell me, I will make his life hell.

Arnav and NK spared a glance with each other. They got confused seeing Dhruv started crying.

Dhadi: Beta, don't cry. Please. You shouldn't stress yourself. Be calm.

Dhruv: I love her so much Dhadi.

The trio were shocked by his confession. Subhadra was like "really?" Whereas Arnav and NK were like "LOVE and Dhruv? Damn..."

Dhadi: Love?

Dhruv: I wanted to confess her my Love Dhadi. I agree, I did few mischievousness in the past but I left everything just for her love. Still, she thinks that I'm the same Dhruv. She got scared when I approached her. when I held her hand, she stabbed me, understanding me wrong. I love her so much Dhadi. I can't live without her. I will die Dhadi.

Dhadi: But she stabbed you.

Dhruv: She has all the rights to do that Dhadi. She is my Angel. I would have died happily in her arms. But I'm not lucky enough to get the opportunity.

Arnav and NK were looking at him like what the hell....... They got irritated by his drama. Dhadi thought for a while and stiffened herself.

Dhadi: You trust me right?

Dhruv: Who else can I trust, other than you Dhadi?

Dhruv: then leave it on me.

Dhruv: But I love her so much Dhadi....

Dhadi: Who is she? What's her name? She asked sternly.

Dhruv: Khushi...

To be continued........

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