Everything is fair in love
By Niranjana
Date: November 12, 2020
Ch. 4Pleasant Meet



Aman didn't get anything even though after observing NK keenly. Why NK looks restless? He didn't even talk to Aman from the morning. What happen to him? What's bothering him? He went to his cabin. Without knocking the door, he entered inside. He saw NK leaning on the chair, closing his eyes.

Aman: NK...

NK jerked as he didn't notice Aman's arrival.

Aman: What happened? You didn't even sense my arrival? What's bothering you buddy?

NK: What else? (pause) Dhruv...

Aman: What he did?

NK: Not yet. But I feel, he is going to do something.

Aman: Why are you feeling so?

NK: I don't know why I feel like something is wrong.

Aman: What makes you think in the way?

NK: I heard him talking with his friend Akshay about, bringing a "girl" to party.

Aman(sighing): That's what he always does.

NK: When I asked him, he changed the topic like, he was arranging Alumni function. Is he a guy, who shows interest in Alumni function?

Aman (chuckled): Why not? If some beautiful girls join him?

NK(annoying): No Aman. I don't think so. He is planning something. He talked with Akshay very rudely.

Aman: Where is he?

NK: Don't know.

Aman: I think, we should insert a "tracking device" in his body.

NK: I wish, I can do that.

Aman: Don't be so thoughtful. Overthinking is injurious to health.

NK: I'm scared, that Dhruv shouldn't be injurious to Raizadas.

Aman(getting serious): I never saw you so restless.

NK: After Sweta's death, I can't take Dhruv easily. Because it's matter of girl's life Aman. Adding to it, he is dealing with drug dealers which makes me so worried.

Aman: Why not you ask his friend about him?

NK's face bloomed. He nodded yes excitedly and dialled Akshay's number. But, for their disappointment, he didn't attend NK's call. Being a stubborn guy, NK tried continuously. At last, he attended it.

NK: This is Nandkishore. Dhruv's brother.

Akshay: Of course I know Bhai. I have your number.

NK(mockingly): That's why you didn't attend my call?

Akshay: No no Bhai. Putting my mobile on silent mode, I was sleeping. That's why I didn't attend it. Sorry Bhai.

NK: Where is Dhruv?

Akshay: I don't know Bhai. I didn't see him from the morning.

NK: About which party, he was talking with you yesterday?

Akshay: Ohh that one... It's our college Alumni function Bhai.

NK: Did you guys fix the date?

Akshay: Not yet Bhai.

NK: Ok. Let me know the date.

Akshay: Sure Bhai.

They disconnected the call. Aman tapped NK's shoulder and left his cabin. NK also was little relieved as there was no contradiction between Dhruv and Akshay's statements.

At the same time, Dhruv smiled seeing Akshay, who disconnected the call and huffed in relief.

Akshay: I think, your brother is suspecting you.

Dhruv: He always does but who cares? (he mocked)

Akshay: Be careful Dhruv. You can do nothing if they catch you.

Dhruv: I'm Dhruv. Do you know its meaning? Pole star... immovable... Eternal...

He laughed spreading his hands.


After the back to back meetings, Arnav left AR. Enjoying the ride, he was driving back to RM. It was already late evening but he didn't feel tired as he likes driving. Avoiding hectic main roads of Delhi, he choose to go to RM taking diversions.

Suddenly, he saw a girl zooming towards his car from the left side lane. Arnav applied the sudden break before his car hit the girl.

He got horror-stuck seeing the same BLUE CROSS girl in front of his car... Same Khushi... She looked at him for a while. Her face looked horrified. She was breathing hard gulping. Arnav could feel uneasiness in her face. He got down from the car hurriedly. 

She was trying hard to keep her eyes open but she couldn't do it for long. Next second, she lost her consciousness. Before she fell on his car bonnet, Arnav caught hold of her nape in his left hand gently.

Arnav was stuck. Forgetting his own-existence, he was staring at her fragile face. How divine she looks... A lonely tear-drop slipped from her closed eye. Arnav's hand wiped it swiftly but softly. He came to his sense. His mind worked fast. He scooped her in his arms and made her sit in the passenger seat. After securing her by putting seatbelt, he drove off towards the hospital.

Arnav stopped the car in front of Dhanvandri Hospital and looked at Khushi who was resting her head on his shoulder. Can't he hold her like this for the lifetime?

Suddenly, a wired thought raised in his mind which he never liked to do. He removed his mobile and clicked a SELFIE with Khushi. Don't know what urged him to do so. He might have thought to surprise her by showing it in future. He kept his cheek on her head smiling. Reality kicked his mind. He jerked at his own wired behaviour. Why he is behaving weird whenever she comes in front of him? He unbuckled the seatbelt, holding her on his chest while smiling at his craziness.

He again picked her up in his arms. An adorable smile decorated his face when she clutched his shirt collar. He went inside the hospital, carrying her, wishing in his mind that, the length of the hospital corridor won't come to an end.

He felt a tug in his shirt collar, when he placed her on the bed. If it was a different situation, he wouldn't have been taken her hand from his collar. But, circumstance demanded it to be done. He removed her hand looking at her fainted form.

Doctor arrived there in few minutes.

Doctor: What happened sir?

Arnav: This girl fainted in front of my car.

Doc: Don't you know her?

Arnav got stuck at his question because he know her but he didn't know anything about her. What would he answer? Seeing confusion on Arnav's face, doctor stopped questioning him and started examining Khushi. Arnav waited there patiently.

Arnav started analysing the issue. He was worried for Khushi. "What's her problem? Why did she come running like that? Why did she look tensed? Did anyone chase her or what? If yes, then who were they?"

Chain of questions ran in his mind. He could help her if she wants. Would she share her problem with him? It's doubtful. She may hesitate to open it up with a stranger like him. But why not he uses this chance to wipe the "stranger" thought from her mind?

The problem; which is in front of her may get cleared by him. If it so, he will be there for her anyways.

Arnav's thought got broken by the doctor.

Arnav: Is she alright? Why did she faint?

Doc: it's because of over stress and she should have ran faster or longer.

Arnav nodded his head thoughtfully. He decided to ask her about her problem no matter either she would be ready to share with him or not.

That's when Arnav's phone began to ring. It was from NK. He attended it and sensed extreme tension in NK's tone.

NK: Naanav...

Arnav: What happened NK?

NK: Please, come to city hospital immediately.

Arnav: City Hospital? Is Dhadi alright?

Arnav thought that something happened to Dhadi.

NK: No no, she is fine. (Pause) Actually.... Dhruv is admitted in the hospital.

Arnav: What happened to him?

NK (hesitating): You just come here Naanav

Arnav: Tell me damn it.

NK's stance shocked Arnav to the root.

NK: Someone stabbed Dhruv....

To be continued......

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