Everything is fair in love
By Niranjana
Date: November 11, 2020
Ch. 2Blue Cross Girl

Part 2


A good looking guy; who was in average height, well-built body and light brown skin was standing in front of NK who was investigating him.

NK: What happened to Sweta?

Dhruv closed his face and started crying.

NK: Stop your acting.

Dhruv (with teary eyes): Acting? You have no idea that how much sad I'm. I can't believe that she is dead.

NK: Shut up. Why did you invite her to your birthday which was actually not your birthday?

Dhruv shocked hearing that. How Nk knew about it? He came to the composure making himself.

Dhruv: No no NK, it was not my birthday. It was her birthday. She is the one who invited me. Someone should have given you a wrong information.

NK: oh really? Her birthday is next month and I saw it in FIR copy.

Dhruv: Really? But how do I know why she invited me?

NK(cutting him): Listen to me. We have very worst past. Because of our mother, Ratna ma committed suicide. Still, ASR gave us life. We should be thankful to him.

Dhruv: Trust me NK. I didn't do anything wrong. Don't you know me?

NK: I know you. That's why I'm scared. I'm warning you Dhruv. This is the life we never dreamt of. Don't spoil ASR's trust on us by your own hands. And I won't let you do that. If you take any step which can ruin our reputation then you will face very worst NK. I will do anything to save this family's pride. Remember that.

Subhadra Raizada who heard their talks came to them. NK's nerves tightened seeing her as he knew what she does.

Dhadi: Nandkishor, Is this what a brother does? How could you doubt your own brother? That too for someone's death?

NK: That girl Sweta, committed suicide Dhadi.

Dhadi: Which Sweta?

NK: The one with whom he did mischievous. The one who gave police complaint on him. The one to whom he apologized.

Dhadi: She is dead, of course it's so sad. But why are you accusing him?

NK: Two days before, he invited her to his birthday party which was not his birthday. She didn't come out of the house after that birthday party but only her death news. His father filed case, only because he is strongly suspecting Dhruv. What will you do now?

Dhadi: I will deal with it.

NK: You will even deal with it but you won't let me inquire him? Why Dhadi?

Dhadi: Because I trust my grandson. He won't do such a cheap thing.

NK: I will be happy if he worth it. I will be happy if he won't disappoint you. but I'm sorry Dhadi. You will surely repent one day.(looking at Dhruv) Don't think, I know nothing about your activities. Consequences will be worse if I catch you red handed.

Dhruv swallowed his uneasiness. NK left the place dishearten. Dhadi looked at Dhruv. He touched her feet, kneeling down in front of her.

Dhruv: Thank you Dhadi, for trusting me.

Lifting him by his shoulders.

Dhadi: Why are you giving chance for people's thought? Be careful. You are under your brother's radar. Don't forget that.

Dhruv: Why should I be careful Dhadi, when I don't do anything wrong?

Dhadi (proudly): That's my grandson...

She touched his head making him smile.

This is what happens in RM often. Subhatra's over concerned mind towards Dhruv was shielding him from every problems which irritates Arnav and NK to the core. And Dhruv was utilizing it very cleverly. He knew how to tackle Dhadi which Arnav and NK failed to do.


Arnav was going to the conference with Aman. NK already left as he had some work on the way.

Aman: Did you ask Dhruv anything?

Arnav(concentrating on road): No.

Aman: Why?

Arnav: What's the use? Anyway, he will lie. Then what's the point in asking him?

Aman: Doesn't mean you stay quite.

Arnav: I saw NK warning him last evening.

Aman: What did he say?

Arnav: As usual he started his drama.

Aman: I got confused when he apologized to the girl in front of everyone because he is not that kind.

Arnav: Mmm.

Aman: Do you have any idea, what would have happened to Sweta?

Arnav: I'm blank in that matter.

Aman: As I investigated, he has contacts with DRUG DEALERS.

Arnav: What???? Drug dealers? No way... no way....

Aman: Yes, he is dealing with drug dealers which is highly dangerous.

Arnav: But I had never seen him consuming drugs. He always stays steady yaar. Then how it can be possible?

Aman: What if he uses those drugs for some other process?

Arnav: What do you mean?

Aman: I suspect, it does something with Sweta's suicide case.

Arnav(sighing): Damn.... This Dhruv....

Aman: If he get caught by the police then even our POWER can do nothing. It will affect us badly.

Arnav: I know but I don't know how to handle this problem.

Aman: NK is the only solution.

Arnav: NK knew about it?

Aman: I hinted him.

Arnav: Really?

Aman: Yup. He became furious.

Arnav: That's why he looked so furious yesterday? I saw that in his tone when he warned Dhruv.

Aman: what happened then?

Arnav(sighed) As usual, Dhadi gave her entry in the wrong time.

Aman: Why don't she understand that she is leading him in the wrong way?

Arnav: Some people will understand, only when everything slipped from their hand.

Aman: But what will be the use of it?

Arnav: Nothing but heartbreak.

Aman: I can't believe a twin brothers can be completely opposite from everything.

Arnav: yah... I wonder... NK is totally "fair-and-square" but Dhruv.... "Snake in the grass".

Aman: Yup.

Arnav tried his level best to cross the signal, before it turned into "RED" because it was one of the main signals in Delhi which takes 120 long seconds to turn into GREEN. But Arnav was late. He couldn't cross the signal and it stopped them showing RED. Arnav hates RED when it appears as a STOP signal. He punched the steering wheel in frustration. So did Aman who was on the passenger seat.

Arnav: This is what irritates me a lot. Damn...

Aman: As if I'm enjoying.... He countered.

They have to wait two minutes. They saw some girls collecting donation, from those, who were sitting in the cars and bikes. Arnav's face lit up seeing BLUE CROSS sign on the donation boxes.

Without showing curiosity, his eyes searched for someone, who he knew from the "Blue cross" society. Being a good friend, Aman didn't miss to notice it. He also started running his eyes silently.

That's when, someone knocked Aman side window, coming from behind their car. Arnav lost his breath for a while seeing the same girl, who asked donation, showing the box through the glass window, slightly bending down. The same gir,l who saved the puppy, was standing with a fainting smile.

Aman slowly switched his gaze towards Arnav who seemed lost. He lowered the window. He pretended like searching money in his pocket and pouted at her showing his empty hand. He gestured her to ask Arnav. She nodded yes and moved towards Arnav. Arnav's eyes travelled with the girl who was nearing him step by step. He lowered the window and gave her 2000Rs note. The girl's face brightened instantly. She removed a Blue Cross sticker from her suit pocket and pinned it on Arnav's coat.

Arnav's eyes got stuck on her face with an adorable smile. Aman got amazed at the scene. Arnav's eyes fell on the identity card which was hanging on her neck. "Khushi Kumari Gupta".

Khushi: Thank you sir. (She smiled at him.)

Arnav nodded yes. She moved to the next car all smiling. No need to say, Arnav's eyes followed her. Seems like, he was not on the earth. Aman smiled at him.

Aman: Isn't she so beautiful?

Arnav: And she has very attractive eyes.

Aman raised his eye brows. "Attractive Eyes"? Damn...

Aman(curiously): Are you attracted?

Arnav: Mmm.

Aman: Gosh, we should have asked her name.

Arnav: Khushi Kumari Gupta.

Aman(shocked): How do you know?

Arnav: I saw her identity card.

Aman (teasingly): Yah, after all you are the great ASR.

Aman saw the signal turned into Green but Arnav didn't notice it. His gaze fixed on Khushi who was crossing the road, seeing the changed signal. Aman touched Arnav's shoulder and asked him to see the signal. That's when Arnav came out of the spell. Aman smiled at him mockingly.

Arnav: What???

Aman: Nothing. He said controlling his smile.

Arnav started the engine trying hard not to react. He didn't forget to steal Khushi's glance, before moving from the place. And Aman observed it too.

To be continued.......

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