Everything is fair in love
By Niranjana
Date: November 22, 2020
Ch. 13Shrub is missing

Part 13


Dhruv finished the Haldi Ritual. He went to his room to wash his face. Dhadi took the haldi bowl and turned around. In that, she didn't see Arnav coming towards her, she banged on him and the Haldi bowl slipped from her hand and broken into pieces as it was a glass bowl.

Dhadi looked at the broken bowl getting horrified, so was Arnav.

Arnav: What have you done Dhadi....?

Dhadi: Oh my God... This is the remaining haldi of Dhruv. Guptas have to perform Khushi's Haldi with his.

NK rushed towards them hearing the bowl broken sound.

NK: What did you do Dhadi....? (sighed) When the time we started the rituals, everything is going wrong. What will we say Guptas? They will feel bad.

Dhadi: No... they shouldn't know this... Hari Prakash...

HP: Jee Dhadiji...

Dhadi: Clean it.

HP: Jee...

Dhadi: I will just come.

Dhadi rushed to the Pooja room and prepared haldi paste in another bowl. She came to Arnav and gave it to him.

Dhadi: Give this for Khushi.

Arnav: But the Groom's remaining Haldi should be applied to Bride...

Dhadi (helplessly): leave it. We can do anything. Don't say Guptas anything about it.

Arnav(shrugging his shoulders): OK...

NK: I will also go with him.

Dhadi: Ok go... but don't say them anything.

NK gestured like zipped his lips.

Dhadi went to her room feeling not good. NK is right. When the time they started the marriage rituals, nothing seems good.

NK took the bowl from Arnav's hand and headed towards the car. Arnav started the car silently.

NK: Do you think, Dhruv deserves a good girl like Khushi?

Arnav: According to me, he deserves none.

NK: But Khushiji deserves Goodman like you.

Arnav(smirking): I'm not that good.

NK: Not BAD either. Why don't you do anything to stop this marriage?

Arnav: What can we do? Dhadi trusts Dhruv more than she trusts us. Dhruv has manipulated her cleverly. And more than that, she knows that what he had done to Khushi. Then what's the point?

NK: You are talking like, they are more powerful than you.

Arnav: This is not a matter of power.

NK: Dhruv should remain sealed for his whole life. Or else he will ruin many girls life. I don't think this marriage will stop his dirty deeds. Please stop this marriage Naanav. I openly say I will do anything if you want...

Arnav: Try to understand reality. "Stopping this Marriage" won't be a solution.

NK: What do you mean?

Arnav: Let it happen.

NK: Either Khushi will kill Dhruv or she won't be a good Bahu of our family. She will give a tough time to us Naanav.

Arnav (smirked): Her HUSBAND is the one who should bother about it. You just stay cool.

NK (gritting his teeth): I hate you for this Naanav.

Arnav (with a lopsided smile): Thank you...


Arnav handed over the bowl to Garima. Taking the bowl from his hands, she asked them to sit. Garima about to go inside...

Arnav: Aunty...

Garima: Haan jee...

Arnav: How is uncle? Hope he is fine...

Garima awe stuck hearing that. Because even Subhadra had never asked about Shashi at least for once. She nodded yes...

Garima: He is fine...

Arnav: If my guess is right, you are not getting time to look after him in the marriage preparation work.

Garima: you are not wrong. All the works to be taken care of me and jeeji.

Arnav: if you don't mind, I can appoint a nurse for uncle.

Garima (elected): it's an ok beta, it's just three days... afterwards, we will become free.

Arnav: please let me know if any help needed.

Garima: Sure beta...

Arnav: Happy Haldi...

Garima thought something and touched the haldi paste by her thumb finger and kept it on Arnav's forehead.

Garima: Live long...

She blessed.

Arnav, as well as NK, got dumbfounded. Arnav didn't want Khushi to use "Dhruv used Haldi". But here, Garima applied the haldi on his forehead which is going to use on Khushi. And it was unexpected. He smiled inwardly.

At the same time, Preeto brought Khushi to the living room. As usual, she turned her face not giving heed to the GREAT Arnav Singh Raizada who is "useless", according to her.

Arnav stood forgetting himself as she looked so beautiful but she was not looking happy. She sat on the small stool ignoring him. Arnav's face got filled with a naughty smirk, seeing her contemptuous reaction.

Garima went to Khushi and started the Haldi ritual. Arnav was watching her in excitement. He smiled when Garima applied the Haldi on her cheek. Finally, Haldi ritual was also over as per system.

Arnav: Aunty... We are leaving...

Garima: Jee beta... Thank you.

Arnav: mention not.

He left the place not before stealing Khushi's glance.

A day before marriage

NK was pacing in front of Aman who is munching chips relishingly. NK snatched the packet from him and threw it on the floor. He stepped on the packet and crumbled it.

Aman: What the hell... It's a foreign chip damn it. I specially brought it through my friend. I was waiting for that for ten days.

NK: A girl's life is in stake and you are worried for damn chips...

Aman: Relax NK...

NK: I hate both of you. You react the same as Naanav.

Aman: I have finished everything to stop the marriage. OK???

NK (excitedly): Really? When?

Aman: What do you think of Aman?

NK: Damnnnn you... I love you man.

He hugged Aman and shouted.

Aman: I did that because ASR loves Khushi.

NK: What's your plan?

Aman: My men will kidnap Dhruv before Marriage.

NK: Wow... And ask them to "LOOK AFTER" him well.

Aman: As much as possible.

They laughed.

Marriage day

Subhadra gave Arnav a sherwani, who sighed looking at her.

Arnav: Dhadi, don't you know, I don't feel comfortable in this dress? I will be fine with my suit.

Dhadi: This is our family wedding. All the cameras and eyes will be on us. So please, be like the Groom's brother.

Arnav rolled his eyes high and took it from her hands. Subhadra smiled with satisfaction.

In Dhruv's room

NK came to Dhruv's room all frustrated.

NK: What the hell are you doing?

Dhruv: What are you talking about?

NK: What your ex-girlfriend is doing here?

Dhruv: Who?

NK (sarcastically): Yah... if you have only one "Ex" then you would have remembered her right away. I'm talking like you have only one "Ex". (He dragged him towards the window) Look at there. (Dhruv's face lit seeing the girl. He suppressed his emotions) It's your Wedding today, still, you want all this shit?

Dhruv: Trust me. I didn't call her. Don't know why she is here. Let me ask her.

NK: No need. I will send her back.

Dhruv: Please NK. Please... Let me talk to her. I will come soon.

NK: Are you mad? What if anyone sees you?

Dhruv: Don't worry. I will go by the back entrance.

He left the room hurriedly. NK saw the girl attending the call and moving towards the backyard of RM.

A few minutes later...

Subhadra panicked not finding Dhruv in his room. She called him twice from her mobile while searching for him in the washroom. As she didn't get any reply, she came out looking for him. To control her shivering hands, she pressed them together as she didn't find Dhruv anywhere in RM.

SHUB MOORATH (Good time) is nearing... Subhadra began sweating. NK came to Dhruv's room fully ready in his Sherwani.

NK: Dhadi, how I'm looking?

He asked spreading his hands.

Dhadi (ignoring his question): Nandkishor, where is Dhruv? He is nowhere in RM.

NK: Hasn't he come back yet?

Dhadi: Back? Where did he go?

NK: His Ex-girlfriend came to meet him. I warned him not to go but he went saying, "I will be soon".

Dhadi(sighed): But why did you allow him?

NK: As if he obeys us? Such a spoilt brat he is.

He shouted.

Dhadi: Ok ok... stop shouting and scolding. We are running out of time. Go and find him.

NK: From where do you want me to find him?

Dhadi: I don't know but I want him to be here now.

NK called him on his mobile and it was switched off.

NK (frustrated): Damn... it's switched off.

Dhadi: Ohh God... what can I do now?

NK rushed to Arnav's room, he found him with Aman doing marriage arrangements.

Arnav: Why are you rushing like this NK?

NK: Naanav, Dhruv is missing.

Arnav (shocking): What....?

NK: Yes Naanav. Please come with me.

NK caught hold of his hand and dragged him to Dhruv's room. He turned towards Aman and showed "Thumb up" winking. Aman spilt a winning smile at NK. Arnav became serious seeing Dhadi sitting on the bed nervously

Arnav: What happened Dhadi?

Dhadi: Dhruv is not at home. His mobile is also switched off.

NK told him about Dhruv's Ex-girlfriend.

Arnav: What the....kkk... is this the time to meet his EX?

NK: I already know, he is doing this to take revenge on Khushiji. That's why I don't want this marriage to happen. What now? What will you answer to Khushiji's family, who is already fed-up by your rude behaviour? They will be here anytime.

Aman removed his phone and pretend like passing orders to his men to find Dhruv. Taking his car key, Arnav was about to leave the room...

NK: where are you leaving Naanav?

Arnav (angrily): Where else? To find our awesome Brother.

He left RM all frustrated.

To be continued...

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