Everything is fair in love
By Niranjana
Date: November 20, 2020
Ch. 12Mehandi

Part 12 

Dhruv was suffocating like hell, sitting in RM. This is the first time, he stayed at home for long without going out. His phone rang and he bounced on the bed to attend it. He looked here and there seeing the number. He attended it hurriedly.

Dhruv: Where were you these days? (pause) Ok tell me... (pause) no, I can't come out until my marriage. (pause) What...? Really? When did she ask about me? (pause) Ohh God... what can I do now....? Her thoughts make my mouth watering yarr..... (paused, and sighed Don't ask me that. These people won't let me meet Khushi. I thought, I will get "chance" before marriage itself to show her, who Dhruv is. But my Dhadi is stopping me in the name of astrology. (pause) No... I can't... if I do that I will lose Dhadi's trust. If I lose her trust, then I will be left nothing. That's why I'm obeying her. (pause) This drama will come to an end in a few days... then no one can stop me.

He disconnected the call in frustration. At the same time, Arnav removed the earphone from his ear, shutting his laptop up smirking.

Arnav (in mind): Haan... this drama will come to an end in a few days...

Arnav received the call on his mobile. He attended it.

Arnav: Yes, Akshay...

Akshay: Bhai, as you said, I have recorded the conversation with Dhruv. I told him everything which you wanted me to say. I sent the file to your mail.

Arnav: Ok...

Akshay: Bhai, please don't say Dhruv...

Arnav (cutting him): I won't... Hope you will also keep the secret in between us.

Akshay: I swear Bhai. How will I forget how your men beat me?

Arnav: That will be good for you. Don't forget what I told you. you have to do "that" exactly on time.

Akshay: of course Bhai.

Arnav: You will get money after completing the task.

Akshay: Thank you Bhai.

Arnav: And remember, you are under my radar.

Akshay: Yes... Bhai.

He disconnected the call.

Though Arnav asked to record their conversation, he was not ready to trust Akshay. So, he is stalking Dhruv through a micro camera from his room.

Next day.

Subhadra Raizada came out of the Pooja Room completing morning Pooja. She saw Arnav going to AR.

Dhadi: Arnav, I wanted to see you.

Arnav: What's the matter Dhadi?

Dhadi: Today is Khushi's Mehandi.

Arnav: I have already sent the beautician.

Dhadi (happily): That's great.

Arnav: Anything else?

Dhadi: Groom's family should provide Bride's Wedding Lehanga.

Arnav: Ok...

Dhadi: I want it to be best.

Arnav thought for a while...

Arnav: Ok fine, ask Khushi to come to AR. I will ask our designer to take her measurements and get it ready.

Dhadi: I think, it will be better if Nandkishor goes to GH to bring Khushi to AR.

Arnav: He and Aman are busy in the marriage preparations.

Dhadi: I don't think, she will come on her own. Don't you know her?

Arnav (sighing): Ok fine. I will pick her up from GH tomorrow.

Dhadi: Are you sure Arnav?

Arnav: Do we have any other choice?

He asked like, he is not fine with it.

Dhadi: I'm sorry for troubling you.

Arnav: It's ok Dhadi. After all, I'm Dhruv's brother.

Dhadi: Do you want me to call Guptas?

Arnav: No Dhadi. I will take care of it. You just be relaxed.

He left RM.


Buaji frowned seeing a woman at her doorstep.

Buaji: who are you Nandhkishor?

Woman: Arnav Singh Raizada has sent me here to draw Mehandi on Bride's palm.

At the same time, Khushi came there.

Khushi: No need. My friend will draw Mehandi on my palm.

Woman: Sorry ma'am. I will finish the task which was being assigned to me. You can talk to Mr Arnav Singh Raizada if you don't want me to do it.

She took her mobile out and was about to dial Arnav's number,

Khushi: Wait. Letting you draw the Mehandi will be better than talking to him.

She went inside.

Buaji: Come inside bitiya.

The beautician came inside.

Buaji: please be seated bitiya. What would you like to have? Tea or coffee?

Beautician: No thanks. Please ask the Bride to come.

Buaji: Kusiiii... come fast. She is waiting.

Khushi came and sat beside the beautician.

Khushi: Simple design is enough.

She showed her disinterest.

Beautician: Jee.

She started drawing. Seems like, she was not ready to obey Khushi's order. Though she said YES to Khushi she drew extremely grand design leaving space in the middle for GROOM's name's first letter.

The beautician received a call on her mobile. She attended it.

Beautician (extending her phone): Ma'am, Arnav sir is on the line. He didn't get your landline number it seems.

Khushi (taking the phone from the beautician): Buaji... call for you...

Buaji (rushing to her): Who is that Nandkishor?

Exactly at the same time, the beautician asked her...

Beautician: what letter should be written?

Khushi (looking at Buaji): Arnav Singh Raizada.

The beautician wrote "A" on Khushi's palm.

Khushi was looking at Buaji who was talking with Arnav on phone. The beautician started drawing Mehendi on Khushi's feet.

Buaji: jee baubuwa. Jee... ok... She will be ready.

Khushi frowned hearing "she will be ready". About whom Buaji is talking? Buaji disconnected the call and forwarded the phone to the Beautician.

Buaji: Thank you bitiya.

Beautician: No mention...

Her concentration went back to Khushi's feet. Buaji looked at Khushi who was waiting to know what the matter is.

Buaji: He will come tomorrow to take you to AR as your measurements needed for your Wedding Lehanga.

Khushi (frowning): What...? I won't go.

Buaji: Then, how will your dress be in your size?

Khushi: Ask him to send someone here.

Buaji: if you don't want to go, say it to him.

She went inside shrugging her shoulders.

Khushi (looking at the beautician): Give me his number.

Beautician: Who's number ma'am?

Khushi: Arnav Singh Raizada's number.

Beautician: Don't you have his number?

Khushi: No.

Beautician: unbelievable.

Khushi frowned at her. The beautician told Arnav's number. Khushi dialled his number from her mobile.

Seeing Khushi's number, Arnav got amazed.

Arnav: Hello...

Khushi: Ohh.. this is.

Arnav: Tell me Khushi...

How did he know that it's she? Khushi got a hiccup. She closed her mouth with her palm. She sensed that her palm was being filled with Mehandi. She removed her palm from her mouth. That's when she saw the letter "A" was being written on her palm.

Khushi (shouting): What's this.....?

Arnav: What are you talking about?

Khushi: I'm not talking to you. (showing her palm to Beautician) What's this?

Beautician: "A".

Khushi(rolling her eyes): Why did you write "A" on my palm?

Beautician: You told "Arnav Singh Raizada" when I asked you the Groom's name...

Khushi: I just said, "he is on the line". (She sighed.)

Beautician: I thought, you are answering me. But, writing the Groom's name is custom ma'am.

Khushi: But he is not Groom.

Beautician: Ohhh... I'm sorry. I will change it. Tell me, what the Groom's name is?

Khushi: No... you no need to write his name. Just change it as a design.

Beautician: Don't you want to write the Groom's name?

Khushi: I said No. (murmuring) he and his name...

Beautician: Ma'am, your phone is ON.

Khushi looked at her phone widening her eyes.

Khushi: God... Hello...

Arnav: How did she write "A" on your palm?

Khushi was tongue-tied. This Arnav Singh Raizada.....

Khushi: it's a misunderstanding. She has changed it as a design.

Arnav: Design? Didn't you change it as D?

Khushi: I'm not interested.

Arnav (smirking): Why did you call me?

Khushi: I won't come tomorrow...

Arnav: Why?

Khushi: Send someone to take my measurement.

Arnav: everyone is busy in AR as we have to complete a project.

Khushi: Can't you send ONE person?

Arnav: I told you, everyone is being assigned with certain work. Only I'm free. I will come if you don't mind.

Khushi(shocked): What...?

Arnav: I said, as a designer...

Khushi: Why...? Don't you (she stressed) have any work?

Arnav: This is my work.

Khushi: what do you mean?

Arnav: I made myself free for this marriage.

Khushi: whatever.

Arnav: will you come or I should come to take your measurements?

Khushi: I will come to AR.

She disconnected the call leaving smiling Arnav. Khushi looked at her palm. Though "A" was not much visible. At the same time, it was so much visible to Khushi.

Next day...

Dhadi dialled GH. Buaji lifted the receiver.

Buaji: Kon hai Nandkishore? (who is speaking Nandkishor?)

Dhadi: Subhadra Raizada...

Buaji: Jee... Namaste. tell me.

Dhadi: Arnav is coming to pick Khushi up to AR. Send Khushi with Arnav. He will drop her back in an hour.

Buaji: Jee... Thank you.

She cut the call in irritation. Only she and Garima know that how difficult it will be to deal with Khushi. She was tensed as she didn't know that Khushi agreed to go to AR.

Buaji(sighing): Don't know what Sanka Devi will say.....

Garima: Who was that Jeeji?

Buaji: That "weight headed woman".

Garima: Anything serious?

Buaji: Arnav is coming to take Khushi to AR for her lehanga measurement.

Garima: Oh God... she should not show her frustration on him...

Buaji: She is Raizada Bahu... let them deal with her.

Garima went to Khushi's room and got surprised seeing her getting ready.

Garima: Where are you going Khushi?

Khushi: Where else...? AR.

Garima (happily): I'm happy that...

Khushi (cutting her): I'm happy that you are happy (pause) at least...

Garima: Khushi...

Khushi (showing her palm): I'm tired of everything. Let's happen, what has to be...

Garima felt helpless and left her room. Hearing calling bell sound, she opened the door, guessing that, it should be Arnav. And she was right.

Arnav: Namaste Aunty...

Garima: Khushi is getting ready. Please come inside.

Arnav came inside and took a seat.

Garima rushed to the kitchen and came with the cup of coffee in two minutes as the milk was already hot. Arnav took the cup and started having it slowly, running his eyes. When he put the empty cup on the tea table, Khushi came out of her room as if she waited for him to complete the coffee. Of course yes. She stood leaning on her room door until he finishes the coffee. She didn't want to stand in front of him until he finishes the coffee. But what will she do in the car?

Arnav: we will be back soon Buaji.

Buaji: Jee babuwa.

He started towards his car and stood opening the front door for Khushi. Avoiding him, Khushi opened the back door and sat inside. Arnav stood looking at her, folding his hands across his chest, keeping the door open. Khushi looked at him like "what?"

Arnav: I'm not your driver.

Khushi turned her face to opposite side irritatingly. She looked adamant so was Arnav. Seeing him not moving, she got down from the car. Shutting the door with a bang, she came to the passenger seat all the way glaring at Arnav.

Khushi (murmuring): Haughty head.

Arnav smirked and started the engine.

Arnav: Put your seat belt.

Khushi (putting her seat belt): Seems like, they won't let me be free in simple things too.

Arnav (looking at the road): You will be safe if you are inside the belt.

Khushi (gritting her teeth): See, who is saying... The lion is talking about Deer's safety.

Of course, Arnav is Lion and Khushi looks like Deer. But the way she compared it pricked him. Seems like, he has to pass a long way to reach the destination. He saw a boy coming towards his car, calling "Khushi Didi".... Arnav applied the break. The boy came to Khushi's side.

Khushi (frowning): Nishan... what happened?

Nishan: I have missed my school van, can you drop me?

He asked panting hard. Khushi looked at Arnav.

Arnav: Get in...

That's when Nishan saw Arnav.

Nishan: Khushi Didi, Jeejaji is looking so handsome.

Khushi (irritatingly): He is not Jeejaji.

Nishan: ohh but he is looking like a Groom.

Arnav faced a tough time to stay with a stern expression. They dropped Nishan near his school lane. After that, neither Khushi said anything nor Arnav talked. Doesn't mean Arnav didn't steal the glances of Khushi. Khushi turned her face towards him feeling his gaze for two or three times. But Arnav acted cool like, he was concentrating on the road.

They reached AR. Arnav called the designer and asked her to take Khushi for the measurement. Within a few minutes, the designer finished measuring Khushi. Khushi was asked to sit in the reception. She was treated with apple juice by AR staff respectfully. She ran her eyes all over the office. It was not hard for her to understand how big that Emperor is.

That's when Aman and NK saw Khushi when they crossed the reception. They looked at each other and again Khushi.

NK: Is she Khushiji?

Aman: No doubt.

They rushed towards her.

NK: Khushiji you here?

Khushi: I came here to give measurements for Lehanga. She said looking at somewhere.

NK: But, I would have picked you up if you had said.

Khushi: Your brother told me, everyone is busy in your next project.

Aman and NK spared a glance like, which brother and which project?

NK: You mean, Dhruv?

Khushi: No.... your big brother...

Aman&NK: You mean ASR/ Naanav?

Khushi (frowning): Who are they?

Aman&NK: Arnav Singh Raizada...

Khushi: Exactly.

NK: Did he pick you up?

Khushi nodded yes.

Aman: From GH?

Khushi nodded yes again.

NK: Will he drop you again?

Khushi looked at them like, are you mad?

NK: We don't know that you are coming here...

Aman: Yes, we are so busy.... (in feeble tone) with no work.

NK nudged him.

They saw the receptionist coming.

Receptionist: Ma'am, the car is waiting for you.

Khushi stood on her feet, after keeping the juice glass on the table. She came out of AR towards the car and saw Arnav sitting inside the car, waiting for her. This time she sat on the front seat, putting seat belt not giving him chance to order her. They started to GH.

Aman and NK stood like a statue, seeing Khushi with Arnav.

NK: Aman...

Aman: Mmmmm

NK: Actually, what's happening?

Aman: I have no idea.

NK: What Naanav is up to?

Aman: Only God knows.

NK: How could he do this?

Aman: He can do anything.

NK: I really can't understand him.

Aman: that's what ASR...

NK: Is he really preparing for Dhruv's marriage?

Aman: Maybe. Maybe not.

NK: urrgggg... this Naanav... Why not he join hands with us?

Aman: Because he, not NK...

NK glared at him while Aman ran from there laughing.


Their journey was silent. Though they didn't talk, Arnav's mind was not quite. Several things were running in his mind. The girl sitting beside him was the sole reason for his restless mind. He dropped her at GH. Without bidding bye to Khushi, he left the place immediately. Of course, Khushi didn't mind it though. He searched her once... He rushed behind her like a crazy person once... But, when she was sitting close to him, he was not in the condition to talk to her. But everything will get finished in three days... just three days...

To be continued..........

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