Everything is fair in love
By Niranjana
Date: November 19, 2020
Ch. 11Angry Lioness

Part 11 

KULDEVI POOJA is going to be performed in the Temple tomorrow. Dhadi wanted to perform it with Guptas. Because, she knew, how dissatisfied Guptas were. She made them little happy through Shagun, by gifting expensive things. Why not she continues such acts to grab Gupta's attention? So, she decided to use all the chances to influence them.

She asked Arnav to arrange it in Temple. Arnav made all the arrangements in the temple for Kuldevi Pooja and Dhadi was so pleased by his gesture.

Next Morning


Khushi got disappointed seeing a saree and jewels were being kept on the bed. She gritted her teeth and felt like crying as well. Why her fate challenging her like this? She is getting married to the guy, who she hates from the bottom of her heart. Her family is forcing her for that. They are not wrong. But why they are not understanding that it will be better to spend in jail than marrying that beast? She sighed at her fate, unaware of, what had already been written on her face.


Subhadra got downstairs to go to the temple. She didn't notice the slippery substance which was being spilt on the stairs. Her leg got slipped and she fell from the stairs. Hearing her scream, Arnav and NK rushed downstairs. They saw Hp helping her to get up. But she couldn't. Clutching her ankle, she again sat on the floor yelling in pain.

Arnav and NK rushed towards her and lifted her. They made her sit on the couch. Kneeling in front of her, Arnav examined her foot. Her foot swelled a bit and she looked upset. Arnav asked HP to bring oil and he massaged her ankle gently. Dhruv came there to see what happen to Dhadi.

Arnav: Don't worry Dhadi, you will be alright if you take rest.

Dhadi: I'm not worried about it. I have to go to the temple.

Arnav: How will you go? You can do Pooja in RM and ask Guptas to finish theirs in the temple.

Dhadi: It won't be good. They already are upset with me. We can mend them only if we spend with them.

Arnav and NK knew that she was not wrong. They heard their talks, that day, at Gupta House.

Arnav (sighed): But we can do nothing Dhadi. The situation is unexpected. They will understand.

Dhadi: Could you guys go to Temple behalf of me?

Arnav and NK spared a glance.

Dhruv (hurriedly): I will go Dhadi.

Dhadi looked at him sighing.

Dhruv: I can understand your curiosity but you can't. You are not allowed to go out until your marriage.

Dhruv: But Dhadi...

NK (cutting him): I and Naanav will go.

Arnav smirked inwardly as if he expected this.

Dhadi: Will you go Arnav?

Arnav (sarcastically): Me and Temple? No way...

Dhadi went silent. She knew Arnav. Going to the temple was never his cup of tea.

NK: Naanav, we will go before going to AR.

Arnav was not surprised. He knew NK.

NK (looking at Dhadi): But we will be there for half an hour only.

Dhadi (elatedly): It's enough... you both are going, it's more than enough for me.

NK nodded yes. They started after taking leave from Dhadi.

In Car

Arnav: What's all this NK? Dhadi thinks that she can mend things by showing money-power which disgusting me to the core. I'm not at all interested to do this.

He said as if he is not interested.

NK: As if I'm interested?

Arnav: Then why did you agree to go to the Temple?

NK: Only for Guptas. Didn't we see how displeased they were? And that girl Khushi? (Arnav gulped hearing Khushi's name and NK didn't miss noticing it) How poor she is... she openly declared that she hates Raizadas. That means, she hates me (pause) and YOU also. (he said sadly looking at Arnav who swallowed hard) Don't know what she will think if we give excuses for not going to the temple. We have to go, at least for her. I know we are not in her GOOD BOOK. She will think us rude if we don't go. We should not let it happen.

Arnav didn't utter a single word. NK was correct. The "LOOK which" she threw on him yesterday was the proof.

Raizada brothers reached the Temple. They saw, Garima and Buaji doing arrangements for pooja. But they didn't see Khushi with them.

 Arnav ran his eyes and saw her sitting under the tree staring at floor blankly. Arnav's heart ached to see her like that.

Buaji smiled seeing Raizada brothers.

Buaji: Namaste... doesn't your Dhadi come?

NK: Dhadi's ankle got twisted in the morning. That's why she sent us here. We can start Buaji.

Buaji: Jee Nandkishor...

NK: Wow... That's what my name is. After my Dhadi, you are only one who is calling me by my full name...

He smiled which made Buaji delighted.

NK: Let's start Buaji...

Garima rushed towards Khushi to call her.

Garima: Khushi, come fast, Raizada brothers are here.

Khushi (without expression): So? So what if they are here? Will, they put me in jail if I don't come?

Garima (whispering): Khushi please... please control yourself. (Khushi turned her face annoying) They are here for our Pooja. We should respect them.

Khushi: Respect should be given, according to their actions not by completion.

Garima: Khushi, please... they will get hurt if they hear you.

Khushi: What about me? Am I not hurt?

Garima: We agreed with this marriage...

Khushi(cutting her): Not "we", it's "you" who wants this marriage.

Garima(sighing): Yes, it's me who wants this. Now, you are going to be Raizada bahu. They have a reputation in society.

Khushi: Damn their reputation...

Garima: Beta please, we can't understand something which happens to us. We should accept it as our fate.

Khushi looked at her disappointedly and about to say something,

Garima: We can argue later. This is not the time for it. Come.

Garima clutched her hand and dragged her inside. But the mother and daughter had no idea that their talks were heard by Raizada brothers. NK looked at Arnav whose gaze was rooted at Khushi's angry face.

Buaji: Panditji, Groom's family also here. We can start Pooja.

Panditji nodded yes and started his work.

Khushi didn't want to do Pooja because she was hell angry with Devi Matha. What's the use of praying Devi Matha if she doesn't save her from that rouge? She stood glaring at DM.

Khushi (in mind): I won't worship you anymore. Because you won't deserve it. You are making my life hell, tying me with that scoundrel. Is he my worth? A rogue? Then be it. If this is what your wish then I don't have to worship you anymore. Let it happen, what had been written in my fate.

She saw panditji coming with Pooja plate. As no one expected...

Panditji: Live long together forever.

He blessed while showering sacred rice on Khushi and Arnav, thinking that Arnav is a Groom. Every one of them was stunned. Khushi looked at Arnav frowning while Arnav read her expression without showing anything on his face. NK surprised seeing Arnav not defending.

Buaji: Panditji, he is Groom's elder brother.

Panditji: Ohh I'm sorry. I thought he is the Groom.

He said casually and left the place.

 Arnav didn't take his eyes off Khushi but Khushi didn't give any damn to it as she was not interested at all.

NK: We are leaving Buaji.

Buaji: Jee Babuwa... thanks for coming.

NK: It's our pleasure Buaji.

Buaji: Jee babu...

Arnav and NK headed towards the parking. Arnav was about to open the car door, he heard...

"Ek Minute" (one minute)

He turned around and dumbfounded, seeing Khushi was standing. He turned back and saw in the confusion that if there is anyone behind him. But nope. She is calling him only. NK got down from the car getting curious.

Arnav: Me?

He asked her getting amazed.

Khushi: You are Arnav Singh Raizada, Right?

Arnav was looking at her face without answering.

Khushi: Do you think, you are a big tough man? Your Dhadi told us, you are so powerful in the society that you can make anything possible. Is this the way of using your power? Forcing a girl for marriage with a rogue? Is this what you want? Can't you use your power to save a girl's life? What so damn powerful you are? Your Dhadi flaunted a lot about your family reputation. Let's see, how you will save your reputation when I kill him. And this time, he won't stay alive. I bet, your power can't save your brother from me. He is going to die in my hands, mark my words. Try to save him using your power.

Arnav and NK stood all shocking. She supposed to leave the place and stopped.

Khushi: One more thing, tell your brother that what I just said.

She rushed out of their sight.

 Arnav spared NK's glance who was standing with his dropped jaw. Arnav started the engine gesturing NK to sit in the car.

NK (seriously): Until today morning, I worried about Khushiji. But now, I pitied Dhruv.

He changed his expression and laughed.

Arnav: Do you think, this is a matter to be laughed? She doesn't know about Dhruv's real face but we do.

NK: what else do you want me to do? And what we can do? Poor Khushiji, how depressed she looks? If she is so much angry with you, I mean, with Dhruv's Brother Arnav Singh Raizada, than it's not hard to realize her hatred for Dhruv. Dhruv thinks all the girls are same but he doesn't know that he is trying to bottle the cyclone. (pause) Naanav... as Khushiji said, why not you use your power to save a girl's life from a rough like Dhruv?

Arnav drove the car silently. NK was hell confused seeing him not reacting for anything. NK knew Arnav likes Khushi. But, how could he be quite letting her life ruined?

No one can understand Arnav Singh Raizada. Dhruv should be kept in distance, not only from Khushi but also from every girl. For that, he has to be prisoned. It was done in the name of Astrology by the Great ASR. That was the first step of keeping the beast in his control. Don't know, what are there in his mind to make Dhruv impotent.

To be continued.....   

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