Everything is fair in love
By Niranjana
Date: November 18, 2020
Ch. 10That LOOK

Part 10

NK and Aman couldn't understand anything seeing Arnav's "don't care" behaviour. They got confused because this is not what they expected. They know Arnav has some feelings for Khushi. After knowing Dhruv's real face, how he is staying relaxed?

Aman knew NK's condition. He was broken, deep inside his heart, knowing about his brother's cruel side. He was suffocating to handle the issue. Aman came to NK's cabin and saw him sitting bowing down.

Aman: Are you alright?

NK raised his head, Aman saw him crying...

NK (with teary eyes): How could I? I'm ashamed of the truth that Dhruv is my brother. I can't believe that the person who was with me in my mother womb can do all this. How cruel Dhruv is. I can't digest the truth, Aman. I feel like killing him. He won't deserve a place on the Earth.

Aman: That's why Khushi tried to kill him. Poor girl. She failed.

NK: Maybe... I think, his "END" will be in someone's hand... Who knows?

He said gritting his teeth.

Aman: Relax NK...

NK: How could I...? Naanav gave us life. He accepted us as his brothers. Or else, we would have been Orphans, left with nothing. But Dhruv is not at all thinking all this. How could he be so heartless, cultureless, merciless...? (pause) How would those girls have felt? How badly they would have affected by his deeds? Thank God, our mother is dead, she would have broken if she is alive. Or she would have killed him by feeding him poison. (pause) We shouldn't let him win Aman. He has to repent. I don't want him to get married to Khushiji. She belongs to Naanav. She deserves happiness which only Naanav can give her.

Aman: We will do that.

NK: I can't believe, Naanav would be cool like this, after knowing the truth.

Aman: I'm not sure that he is cool.

NK: What do you mean?

Aman: Top surface of the Ocean looks calm but there is current deep under the water. No one could stand against it easily.

NK: You mean?

Aman: Something must be running in his mind.

NK: Are you sure?

Aman: Yup, he is not a guy who gives up easily.

NK: I don't want predictions. I want a solid statement from Naanav.

Aman: Then you will never get it. He is not such a person who blabbers everything to everyone.

NK: Are not we going to do anything?

Aman: Of course we will. No matter, either ASR does or not.

NK: What we are going to do?

Aman: As you said, we have to stop this marriage and get ASR married to Khushi.

NK: I have a plan.

Aman: yah tell me.

NK narrated his plan which made Aman delighted.

Aman: Wow NK... I want it to work.

NK: We should make it work.

Aman: We should know, what ASR is up to.

NK: Let me watch him and his moves.

Aman: I will do it in the office.

NK: Yah...


Dhruv got discharged from the hospital. He was resting in his room. Subadhra called Arnav downstairs. He came and sat beside her.

Suba: Arnav, I have called Panditji to fix the marriage date.

Arnav: Yeah, you told me yesterday.

Suba: Will you be here when he comes?

Arnav: Of course Dhadi. After all, I'm the elder son of this family...

He said seriously. Subadhra's happiness was not estimated. At last, she brought everything in her control....

They saw NK coming, getting ready. He stopped seeing Arnav with Dhadi. He wanted to know, what the matter is.

NK: Naanav, I'm ready. Let's go to the office.

Arnav: Dhadi wants me to be here as Panditji is coming to fix the marriage date.

NK frowned at him. What a man he is? He sat in front of him to watch Arnav's expression. But he only got disappointed seeing nothing on his face.

Subadhra rushed seeing Panditji coming. She greeted him with respect and brought him to the living room. She made him sit and she took seat in front of him.

She handed Dhruv and Khushi's horoscopes. Panditji took enough time to analyse them. He closed his eyes and thought something deeper.

Panditji: This guy should have touched almost death.

Dhadi nodded yes worriedly.

Panditji: He didn't get out of the danger yet. He may get affected brutally anytime.

Dhadi became horrified.

Dhadi: What are you saying Panditji?

Pandit: Yes... it was his rebirth. But his bad time chases him to kill.

Dhadi: Hey Devi Matha...Can't we do his marriage?

Panditji: of course, you can. But he has to be careful.

Dhadi: What should be done Pandiji?

Panditji: This house gave him life, protection. Until he is here, he will be safe. After that, we no need to bother. He will be safe under his wife's shadow. But, till his marriage got over, he shouldn't leave this house. If he goes out of this house, there is no guarantee for his life.

Arnav: How could it possible? He won't be at home at all.

Dhadi: No no Panditji. I will take care of it. Dhruv is my responsibility. He won't go against my words.

Panditji: Then, no problem.

Arnav: But please, fix the nearby date. Because we can't stop him for long.

Dhadi feels so delighted by Arnav's care for his brother.

Panditji: Sure. There is a SUB MOORAT in next week. Can I fix it?

Dhadi looked at Arnav.

Arnav: Yeah... you can fix the date. Just tell me what I have to do. I and my manager will take care of everything.

Dhadi felt proud of Arnav whereas NK was fuming in anger. Let them do whatever. At last, "his" plan will be succeeded.

Panditji's phone beeped with message tone. He took it hurriedly and checked it. His face lit seeing a bank statement

"10,00000 credited".

He left RM happily.


Arnav and NK Started helping Subadhra in Marriage preparations which made her happy. And they spent time in RM which made Dhadi double happy. She felt proud about her grandsons. After all, they are Dhruv's brothers.

But Dhruv was not at all happy, as he has to be at home until the marriage. He was hell frustrated not going out. He felt like a prisoner.

Marriage rituals started...

Subadhra wanted to show Guptas that how wealthy Raizadas are, through SHAGUN. She brought a jewellery shop to RM. Before she calls Arnav, he came to the living room and sat beside Dhadi.

Arnav: Hogaya? (done?)

Dhadi: I don't know, what to select. Everything seems good.

Arnav: Then take everything.

Dhadi( chuckled): you are so mean...

Arnav: I can help you if you don't mind.

Dhadi(excitedly): Why would I mind? In fact, I will be thankful to you if you help me.

Arnav: my pleasure...

Arnav started selecting jewels not showing hurry.

Dhadi amazed by his patience. Because whatever he selected for Khushi, looked unique.

Dhadi: I think, we should gift to Khushi's mother and Buaji too.

Arnav: Sure...

He took a few more from them and handed over it to her.

Dhadi (sighed in relief): Thank you so much Arnav. You have lessened my burden.

Arnav: Don't be so formal Dhadi... after all, I'm Dhruv's brother.

Dhadi: We have to go to GH tomorrow.

Arnav: I know. Do you want help to pack these things?

Dhadi: I will do it through Prakash brothers. Ask Aman to send good sarees from AR.

Arnav: Sure. I will send a few sarees from AR's collection.

Dhadi: Ok...

Arnav: I'm leaving. Send the jewellery bill to AR.

He left to AR and Subhadra felt proud of him.

Next day in GH

Gupta women welcomed Subhadra Raizada who was standing with her Grandsons Arnav and Nandkishor. They took seats and Garima called Khushi to bring tea. NK switched his gaze towards Arnav who was looking at Kitchen entrance. Khushi came with the tea tray and served it to Raizadas without looking at them. As usual, Khushi looked gloomy. But no one cared about it.

Dhadi: Sit with us Khushi.

Khushi sat beside Dhadi straight opposite to Arnav. Subhadra gestured NK to bring the gifts. He brought it from the car and kept in front of Khushi.

Subhadra Raizada keenly watched Guptas reaction after gifting them. Somehow, she succeeded too. Garima and Buaji got awe-struck seeing Dozens of expensive sarees and verity of Diamond, Gold and Platinum jewels... costed few crores.

They shocked seeing them not only gifted for Khushi but also for Garima and Buaji which Guptas had never seen before. Guptas didn't even imagine that someone could spend in crores just for SHAGUN.

The only person least cared about those expensive things was the Bride... Khushi. Will these things help her to break her fate? Or would she like to wear those things when she is going to be caged? She understood one thing, she will be a bird inside a Golden Cage. She didn't even like to raise her head to see Raizadas.

NK got confused seeing Arnav smiling at Khushi who was looking down sadly. He felt like, he wanted to clutch Arnav's collar and asked him that "what the hell is there in your damn mind?"

Raizadas got ready to leave RM.

Dhadi: We are taking your leave.

Garima: Jee...

They stood to leave and moved towards the entrance. Arnav felt something deep in his heart and he turned towards Khushi.

 He got stuck seeing her glaring at him. His stomach got mixed up by "that kind of look". What does that look mean? Does she want to tell him something? Or scold him? What amazed him more was, she didn't even like to break her glare from his face. 

Arnav wanted to take a seat and let her glare at him. But "time" didn't permit him to do so. He took steps towards the entrance half-heartedly. He stood at the doorstep and looked at her again. She turned her face to somewhere angrily who was looking at him till then.

Seeing her anger, Arnav left GH all smiling.

To be continued...

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